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Anatomy of Medical Harm in America (from the plaintiff’s side)

HEALTH & WELLNESS - You’re a healthy person with an active life. On your list of things-to-do, (right before throwing a graduation party for your kid, getting your Masters Degree, or moving out of town for that long-awaited job promotion), is to get that back surgery your doctor has been harping on, or a breast reduction for structural reasons to relieve ongoing pain. 

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Liposuction: Is it magic?

HEALTH & WELLNESS - What functions do fat cells perform? What happens to a body left with fewer fat cells? Are potential customers fully informed about the range of outcomes before they agree to this aggressively marketed surgery? Are doctors regulated when they harm consumers?

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New Year’s Thoughts from a ‘Boomer’ Doc

WELLNESS--The words of the year as 2019 ends appear to be “OK Boomer” and “woke.” To this Boomer, it appears that the younger generation is blaming us for all the Evil in the world, from their perch of “woke” moral superiority. They consider us to be out of touch and over the hill.

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5 Herbs for Better Brain Health

WELLNESS--Does your brain feel tired, lethargic or overtaxed at times?

Do you feel that your brain cannot comprehend and sulks in your tiresome routine? Is focusing difficult for you paired with a weak memory?

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Can't Sleep? Do This and You Will

WELLNESS-Sleep is essential for our bodies to function. When we can’t get the rest we need, our emotional, mental and physical state can be so profoundly affected that it can be dangerous.

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