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A homeless encampment on first street across from city hall in downtown Los Angeles.

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RV’s & campers continue to toil along Venice just a block from the beach, when will this eyesore be finally corrected?  


Exiled On Main Street? 

There's So Much Methane in This Arctic Lake That You Can Light the Air on Fire


Permafrost Showdown

Surprising Rising Seas “Must Reads”

Vigilantes and police attacked the 2024 student anti-war encampment at UCLA (photo right), just like the police attacked the Occupy Wall Street encampment at LA’s City Hall in 2009 (photo left).


The Ceasefire Triangle

Don't Arrest the Homeless—House Them!

the Weingart Center, a 19-story tower, located at 555 S. Crocker Street, replaced a surface parking lot 




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The ENABLERS Act:  Is the American Bar Association’s Opposition to Transparency in Financial Transactions Warranted?

IN THE SENATE - H.R. 5525 of the 117th Congress is the ENABLERS Act—an acronym for Establishing New Authorities for Businesses Laundering and Enabling Risks to Security.

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Clive Charles Hamilton, Professor, Australian author, and public intellectual

DC DISPATCH w/Sara Corcoran