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Why Depression Makes You So Damn Tired All the Time

WELLNESS--Fatigue, like stress and busyness, has become a default state for many people. The feeling, characterized by extreme tiredness and low energy, usually occurs after an especially mentally, emotionally or physically draining experience. (Think: hectic work travel or an illness.)

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California’s Secret to Healthy Living: Immigration

WELLNESS--What makes California the very picture of healthy living? It’s neither sunshine nor silicone implants.

Our health secret is actually immigration.

While the President and others falsely blame immigrants for being sources of disease (including smallpox, which was eradicated in 1980), Californians have long known that immigrants make us healthier. (Photo above: Joe Weider, one of the famous brothers who immigrated from Canada and got Americans interested in bodybuilding, stands next to the future governor of California.) 

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6 Stomach Pains You Should Never Ignore

WELLNESS--For most people, stomach aches are a regular part of life. But beyond the acute, temporary discomfort that we’ve all experienced, there are also several forms of abdominal pain that can be a sign of a serious health issue and shouldn’t be ignored.

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6 Must Vaccines for Adults

WELLNESS--Doctors stress that you need to stay on top of immunizations for your health ― even as an adult.

We may not like hearing it, but it’s true: Adults aren’t off the hook when it comes to vaccines.

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What Research Says About Sticking to New Year's Resolutions

WELLNESS--It's January 1st, which means everyone has a fresh opportunity to tackle their latest resolutions and improve their lives in some way, whether it be eating healthier, running more frequently, or finally cracking open Mark Twain's three-volume autobiography. Unfortunately, research shows it's unlikely most will actually stick to those personal pledges.

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The One Word You Shouldn't Say to Someone with Anxiety Or Depression

WELLNESS--Take a moment to imagine yourself in the lowest mental state you could possibly be. Removing yourself from your bedsheets to move your body feels about as excruciating as climbing Mount Everest barefoot. Or maybe out of nowhere your heart starts thumping so fast that your breath hitches in your throat and your lungs can’t get air.

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So, THAT'S Why Your Hands Get Sweaty When You're Nervous

WELLNESS--Does this sound like a familiar scenario? You’re standing at the front of the conference room, running through a presentation for your bosses and co-workers. It’s an important meeting and the stakes are high. Your heart is racing and your palms start to sweat. You wipe them on your pants and continue, but you’re embarrassed by how clammy they are, especially as they cause you to fumble with your notes, almost dropping them.

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The Difference Between an Anxiety Attack and a Panic Attack

WELLNESS--If you experience anxiety, just flipping on the news these days can be enough to make you feel incredibly anxious for a brief period of time (or even for the rest of the day, let’s be real). Other times, overwhelming, anxious feelings can come on suddenly and without provocation.

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You Don’t Need a Breakthrough, You Need a Microshift

WELLNESS--If you’re stuck in life, it’s probably because you’re waiting for the big bang. The breakthrough moment in which all your fears dissolve and you’re overcome with clarity. The work that needs to happen happens effortlessly. Your personal transformation rips you from complacency, and you wake up to an entirely new existence. 

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