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About CityWatch


CityWatch is LA’s opinion, news and information website and newsletter.  CityWatch reports and provides perspective on the issues that face us in Los Angeles at the neighborhood level.  Our mission is to promote and facilitate civic engagement and neighborhood empowerment, and to hold area government and its politicians accountable.  We have a staff of expert journalists who report on what’s important to our community each week.

CityWatch is a multi-media website (text, audio/video) updated 24/7 on CityWatchLA.com and via e-blast twice weekly direct to over 90,000+ opt-in subscribers.  Our subscribers are among the most influential people in the city (politicos, developers, unions, business leaders, and everyday stakeholders).  They are interested in a growing LA and are actively involved at the rate of 610,457 hits per day and 65,000 page views per day (1,961,000 page views per month) on CityWatchLA.com.

CityWatch is published online 24/7 with twice weekly e-news blasts to more than 90,000 electronic subscribers.  The purpose of CityWatch remains unchanged: To hold City Hall accountable and to encourage grass roots civic engagement.


CityWatch was the inspiration of founder Mark Siegel, a long-time activist and political consultant. These were the pre-Charter years and Siegel was monitoring the work of the Charter Commissions. He called his reports Charter Watch. Neighborhood Councils were born when the Charter was approved in 1999 and Siegel's reports became CityWatch. He also helped found the Citywide Alliance of Neighborhood Councils at the time.

Siegel took a sabbatical from publishing in 2000 and with a new partner and editor, Ken Draper, CityWatch became a printed handout publication which was published bi-weekly to an email list of a few hundred. 

About Ken Draper

Ken Draper, Publisher, had a lengthy professional background in media and communications. He worked as managing consultant for Westinghouse Broadcasting Company’s chain of all news properties and Executive Editor of KFWB All News Radio, written for the Chicago Sun Times (among many) and created the Newsletter Network.

Ken Draper passed away in August, 2022.

About Jim Hampton

Jim Hampton, as the new Publisher, is continuing Ken's legacy.  Jim has been the Web & Content Manager and Director of Marketing for CityWatch since it was first launched on the Internet in 2003.  Hampton's background includes 40+ years in broadcasting, content development, sales and marketing.

About Our Writers

The CityWatch writers, columnists and contributors are selected based on three principles: professional background or expertise on the subject matter or value and clarity of the article submitted. The opinions, whether left, right or center, are their own and are not censored by CityWatch.

All accepted journalistic standards apply at CityWatch.

Submitting Articles for Publication

You may submit an article to CityWatchLA for review and publication. Please email to [email protected].  We do not guarantee a response to your submission.  

We do not compensate our writers.  Articles should be between 750 and 2000 words and submitted as a Word doc with any links embedded and no special formatting, such as indents. 

CityWatch publishes on Monday and Thursday evening.  Deadline for submittals is Sunday and Wednesday by 5pm.

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