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‘Alternative Facts’ from LA:  City Claims Trailhead Gate to Hollywood Sign It Permanently Closed is Really ‘Open’

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Last night, Friends of Griffith Park (FoGP), together with the Griffith J. Griffith Charitable Trust, and the Los Feliz Oaks Homeowners Association filed an appellate response in a continued effort challenging the City of Los Angeles’ 2017 decision to close the Beachwood Gate to the Hollyridge Trail in Griffith Park.  Today’s response challenged several half-truths and inaccuracies that the City Attorney has continued to claim in its appeals brief filed in November 2018. 

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Destroying the Village (Ports O’ Call) to Save the Town

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--When I first moved to Pedro in 1973, there was a lying crook in the White House, massive demonstrations in the streets of America and an unpopular war in a distant land. The wisdom of pursuing that war and its most infamous alibi that “we had to destroy the village to save the town” was as arrogant and stupid then as it is now. Not much has changed except the players in this rather dark Shakespearean drama and the village this time is our own. Back to square one, it seems. The past is our future. 

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