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Neighborhood Politics

Two CD13 Landmarks Preserved

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Working with our community partners, we took action this week to preserve two landmarks in the 13th Council District.

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Alert! Eviction Ball Ready to Crush More than 150 Hollywood Hills Tenants … Time Running Out!

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Affordable housing is vulnerable to new development in the highly sought Hollywood Hills west area. 

On Tuesday, October 18, the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council (HHWNC) unanimously opposed the proposed demolition of 1719 –1731 Whitely Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028. The project has stirred up the community since March 2016 and has been debated numerous times at Neighborhood Council committee meetings.

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Mar Vista: DWP Upgrades Aging Water Pipes

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Water service reliability has increased in the Mar Vista area and surrounding communities thanks to the rehabilitation of the Grand View Regulator Station by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) crews. The 66 year-old Grand View Regulator Station is one of the first stations to be rehabilitated under LADWP’s five-year $2.4 billion Water Infrastructure Plan, which aims to also replace or upgrade mainline pipes, trunk lines, large valves, pump stations, water meters and in-city reservoirs and water tanks.

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Clock Ticking on Trump Impeachment Campaign

IMPEACHMENT EFFORT GROWS--West Valley Resistance is a grassroots community organization who spearheaded the passage of the impeachment resolution in the L.A. City Council, is standing up to defend the integrity of our American Democracy. This local group joins a nation-wide call for a Congressional Investigation. It is urgently necessary to determine whether sufficient grounds exist for the impeachment of Donald Trump. 

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Ban the Weed or Take the Money: Proposition 64

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--The city of Carson is considering its options regarding recent changes to statewide cannabis regulation: ban commercial cannabis in a city-designated “drug-free” since 2008, or take what could be considerable tax revenue. 

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Housing for Trafficking Victims

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Councilwoman Nury Martinez instructed the City’s Housing and Community Investment Department during the city’s budget sessions, earlier this year, to develop housing for human trafficking victims. Today, the Los Angeles City Council’s Housing Committee approved the department’s request to release a proposal to develop housing for victims of human trafficking. 

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West Adams Blvd Busts a Move 

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Interview with Rick Ross from Delicious Pizza. One of the main organizers of a huge block club event that brought attention to the exciting revitalization of the strip of West Adams Blvd just west of Fairfax. 

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LA Archdiocese Launches DACA Renewal Workshops

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is launching a series of workshops to help improve understanding of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protections and immigration relief in general.

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Crime Alert​

NORTH HILLS WEST NC--Today at around 9:30 AM three persons were spotted in our neighborhood.  Neighborhood being (Kinzie, Swinton, Frankirst, Itasca, Valjean, and Sophia).  

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Welcome Mid-City Heights

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Residents in the area bordered by Hauser on the west, West Blvd. on the east, Washington on the North, and the 10 Freeway on the south have had a dream come true. They have successfully secured the name Mid-City Heights for their community.

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LA’s Past Providing ‘Life and Laughter’ in the Present

GELFAND’S WORLD--There have been a lot of songs and stories about the early days of Hollywood, but what about before Hollywood was Hollywood -- when it was still the wild west? What about the original cast of characters -- the real characters, not the ones on screen -- people who were by parts murderous, playful, scheming, loving, and thieving? In today's account, we are interested in the people who populated the area to the west of Western and to the north of Wilshire. There is a clue to our story in the name Eugenio Plummer, after whom Plummer Park in West Hollywood is named.

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Goodbye San Pedro

THE CHAPMAN REPORT--“Remember when we had all that fun here and we went to Ports O’ Call?” my sister recalled recently at one of our very last dinners at our cozy San Pedro house. “Remember we watched the boat parade and had drinks over at the Oyster Wharf? Remember? “We used to have so much fun in San Pedro.”

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Making Traffic Studies More Understandable

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--To meet a California mandate, the City of Los Angeles will be approving a new method for measuring traffic impacts of development projects.  There’s no stopping the new method. However it can mask traffic problems of development projects in our neighborhoods and take pressure off developers to mitigate these problems.

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Say No to Outrageous Hikes on Land Appeal Fees

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--The city is trying to increase the land use appeal fee 20%.  They think that’s fair. Well, it’s not.  We the taxpayers pay our elected officials to do their job. And, when we the taxpayers appeal their poor decisions, we should not have to pay again.

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Neighborhood Council Veep Steamed! Claims Impact Statements Not Posted, On-Line Voting was “Disaster”

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS—(Editor’s Note: This letter on Neighborhood Council elections and related matters was provided to CityWatch by the author.)  Dear Councilmembers Ryu, Cedillo & Wesson -- Attached please find the Opposition CIS from the HCNC for this matter.  It was not placed in the file despite submission and confirmation and now represents the 2nd time a CIS we filed was not placed in the council file.  

Aside from the attached email, I am speaking for myself as community leader and advocate. 

I SUPPORT only the action to postpone the elections to 2019. 

I OPPOSE online voting for NC's.  (While I supported this previously the system is complete disaster and needs to be removed until an independent analysis can be commissioned). 

I vehemently OPPOSE another dollar being dumped into DONE staff or elections particularly after the farce that went down over the Skid Row NC. 

I further OPPOSE any future funding for elections until such time that an independent panel made up of independent election experts and NC Board Members selected by NC's themselves be created to analyze and recommend a standard and criteria that is not flexible for abuse and is clear to all people running and voting. 

If anything, very serious consideration must be given to the removal of Grayce Liu as GM for sheer incompetence, cronyism and partisanship.   

There is a growing movement amongst Board Members all over the City to organize for her removal.  That process has already begun. 

Addressing just a few items:

  • Liu has become far too "important" to return emails or phone calls from Board Members who openly oppose her.
  • Ms Liu fabricates contact with staff so she can officially close unanswered requests
  • We are forced to work with staff members both at DONE and the City attorney's despite numerous requests to be removed and complaints being filed with the Office of Personnel
  • Evidence of fraud in both the election process and funding have been ignored by both Ms Liu and Senior Staff
  • Just in my 3 year tenure alone, we are on our 4th DONE Staffer
  • Ruling politically instead of properly, ethically and procedurally, despite the recommendation not to by an independent panel on the Skid Row NC matter.
  • The mission of the NC's seems to be completely lost on Ms Liu, who treats our Boards as an extension of the Mayor's office and its policies.  It is not.  The NC's as you know, are deliberately independent bodies that were formed to allow communities to organize for themselves and to tackle issues unique to their neighborhoods creating a check and balance for the City.

I and several of my colleagues, would like the opportunity to sit down and meet with you to discuss the direction of DONE and the possibilities of a full restructuring of the organization so it is removed from the hands of burned out bureaucrats.  

I apologize for dumping this here, but there needs to be a clear understanding of the reasons we are here.   

I and my colleagues would welcome a time we can meet with you and staff to discuss next steps. 


Laura Velkei



(Laura Velkei is 3rd Vice President of the Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council. She can be reached here.)  


Crenshaw Mall Redevelopment: ‘Urban Cleansing’ by Another Name

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Gentrification is the greatest threat to the stability of the Crenshaw community. The biggest gentrification project we face is the proposed renovation of the Crenshaw Mall. If this project is built as currently proposed it would rise up a gentrification tsunami that will push out Crenshaw’s tenants, low-income residents, and vulnerable homeowners. Accordingly, Crenshaw Subway Coalition opposes the Crenshaw Mall redevelopment project as currently proposed…and if you care about the community you should too.

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A Few Bad Apples?


NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--When referring to Short-Term Rentals (STRs) in Los Angeles, one City Councilmember said, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.” The Council must enact rules that recognize the difference between individuals responsibly engaged in sharing their private homes and the “bad actors” commercially exploiting short-term rentals. 

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