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Group Rights Enshrine Bigotry


ONE MAN’S OPINION-For millennia, Western Civilization has relied on Group Rights in which each person’s rights and liabilities rested on the group to which he or she belonged.

Perhaps the most virulent forms have been slavery and anti-Semitism. The master-slave relationship denied the slave a status as human. In America, it has become closely associated with White Supremacy, although standing alone, slavery does not require a racial division. State sponsored anti-Semitism has been a curse on Western Civilization and it has been used by leaders worldwide to oppress the ignorant masses, while brutalizing, expelling and murdering Jews. 

Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Rejected Group Rights 

Despite the efforts to keep the nation based on individual inalienable rights, a lot of money and power are to be gained by derailing the country from its constitutional course and plunging it into an orgy of Group Rights.  

A nation based on individual inalienable rights sets its sights on what is best for its citizens and the laws take into account both individual rights and duties. Each man is judged by his individual character and not by the color of his skin or religion, etc. In such a land, one can speak of Truth, Justice and the American Way.  

Group Rights Repudiate the Declaration and the U.S. Constitution 

Under Group Rights the goal is to gain as much as possible for one’s group and everything else be damned. Society becomes like boxing matches where each side buys off the referees. The guiding light becomes “All is fair in love and war.” When a nation divides into Group Rights, each side is certain that the other is evil, and society advances towards war. You don’t really think the far right wing wants AK-47s to shoot bunny rabbits, do you? 

Demonize the Mexicans and The Jews 

One of the best ways to gain political power and money is to demonize another group and blame them for your problems. Trump chose to demonize Mexicans and praise Nazis as decent, although they had been marching chanting, “Jews shall not replace us.” Ho Hum, just wait for the news cycle to pass. 

Inspired by Trump’s blaming Jews as internationalists, a lunatic bursts into a Pittsburgh synagogue and murders eleven Jews. Ho Hum, just wait and the news cycle will pass. 

In Orange County, California, Blaze Bernstein is murdered for being both Jewish and Gay, but the media quickly shies away from questioning the young murderer’s priest’s tutoring the murderer in anti-Semitism and homophobia. Ho Hum, just wait for the news cycle to pass. 

California’s State Sponsored Anti-Semitism 

While individual acts of racism and anti-Semitism are secular evils, the real danger comes with state sponsored anti-Semitism. That psychological alienation between groups based on skin color, or nationality, or religion is inherent in Group Rights. Your group is holy, but the other group is the enemy. The horrible deep psychological response to murder is: “that’s one less of them.”  Group Rights leads the country into a Us vs Them warfare.   

California has had state sponsored anti-Semitism since 2015, but everyone looks the other way. It’s easy to condemn Tiki torch carrying Nazis, to go berserk over a teenage beer can swastika, and to condemn the defacing of synagogues by lone bigots, but when the governor and the courts declare anti-Semitism as the state’s official policy, all the loudmouths ready to condemn the lunatics, misfits and kids disappear. They’ve got a plethora of reasons not to be involved when the Governor supports the state policy that Jews who “refuse Jesus Christ” may be excluded from court hearings, that the courts may ignore evidence offered by Jews, and the courts may go so far as to falsify evidence offered by Jews. See my February 21, 2019 article in CityWatch, “Who’s the Greater Threat: Gavin Newsom or Alabama Publisher Goodloe Sutton?” 

Anti-Semitism in the U.S. Congress 

Where did Nancy Pelosi get the idea that she should appoint an anti-Semite to the Foreign Relations Committee? Maybe she learned from her relative and political cohort California Gavin Newsom that there is no downside to state sponsored anti-Semitism. California certainly got no kickback from the organized Los Angeles Jewish community. Which imperils life and liberty more: (1) a teenager’s swastika or (2) California’s policy which assumes its constitution authorizes discrimination against Jews? 

The California Commission on Judicial Performance and the State Bar back up the Chief Justice and the Governor.  When the anti-Semitism is state sponsored, objecting to it puts one into opposition to the power of the entire government. If you’ve a got case in court and your attorney complains about discrimination, don’t be surprised when your case is mysteriously thrown out of court.   

Group Rights Uber Allies: Why Gov. Newsom Will Never Repudiate Anti-Semitism 

In the grand political battle to seize control of the nation, neither the Democrats nor the Republics will relinquish their hold on their bases. Both the GOP and the Dems depend upon groups that hate Jews. As Newsom and Pelosi cater to their left-wing base, they feign self-righteousness over Rep. Omar but take no effective action.  

When the left wing of the Newsom-Pelosi base objects to a Congressional resolution condemning anti-Semitism but remains silent about Rep. Omar’s ever bolder anti-Semitic behavior, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), a fellow House Foreign Affairs Committee member, said: 

“I’m not Jewish. And I’m not a member of AIPAC. And I’m offended. You don’t have to be Jewish to take offense at age-old tropes and stereotypes that led to some horrible things in the 20th century.” (The Hill  (March 6, 2019) “Progressives Come to Omar’s Defense.”) 

Gov. Gavin Newsom, however, takes no offense at California allowing its courts to bar Jewish attorneys from hearings or to falsify evidence offered by Jews. In February 2019, California’s anti-Semitic policy passed its four year mark and its official anti-Semitism is more virulent that ever. The reality is that a nation cannot have Group Rights without promoting anti-Semitism.   

Some say, “It can’t happen here.” Well, it is happening here.


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: [email protected]. Abrams’ views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.


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