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Dangerous Heat Across the Globe

CLIMATE WATCH - The planet is heating up like never before, as “ground temperatures” hit all-time records in the Northern Hemisphere as well as the Southern Hemisphere, and ocean temperatures threaten the world’s major fisheries of the Far North, which are imperiled beyond any known historical precedent. (See- The Oceans Are Overheating, January 14, 2022)

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The Oceans Are Overheating

CLIMATE WATCH - According to the Ocean Conservancy: From the beginning of industrialization until today, the ocean has absorbed more than 90 percent of the heat from human-caused global warming and about one-third of our carbon emissions.

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When to Build Sea Walls

CLIMATE WATCH - During the month of December 2021 two warnings of impending sea level rise were issued by highly respected groups of climate scientists.

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