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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. DEI Manufactures Campus Anti-Semitism

Columbia students participate in a rally in support of Palestine at the university on October 12, 2023 in New York City. A counter-rally in support of Israel was also held by students across the lawn. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


THE VIEW FROM HERE - During Tuesday’s, December 5, 2023, Congressional hearings on campus anti-Semitism, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) asked each college president whether DEI was a substantial factor in campus Anti-Semitism. There were four acceptable answers: (1) Yes, (2) No, (3) I do not know, (4) I take the 5th Amendment.  None of the presidents would answer the question.

Woke has become the most used term for the political movement to polarize America.  Nancy Pelosi’s Identity Politics was based on the notion that when the minorities became the majority of the voters, they would vote away the rights of the Whites.  Voting away rights of a huge amorphous group of people was considered good based on Pelosi’s and her allies’ ludicrous claim that due to slavery all Whites benefited and all White America continues to oppress Blacks .  In order to throw all Whites under the bus, White Privilege,  White Fragility and the absurd 1619 Project asserted that all Whites owe their success and prosperity, not due to their own efforts, but rather due to the impact of slavery. Thus, current day American Whites owe reparations to Blacks.  It really does not take long to recognize that dividing Americans and especially college campuses into two groups, i.e., Oppressed and the Oppressor, would create inter-group hostilities and hatreds.

DEI Recreated The Stanford Prison Experiment

While the average person may not know about The Stanford Prison Experiment , there is no excuse for the presidents of Harvard and all the other Ivy League schools not to know.  The results were this: divide any group of people who are originally friends into the Oppressed, the prisoners, and the Oppressors, the guards, results in polarization and dehumanization.  The treatment of the student-prisoners was so unacceptable that the experiment was stopped after two weeks. 

Although the Woke DEI assert that the minorities are the Oppressed, in reality on college campuses, they are aggressors.  Campus DEI programs support the vilification of Whites in general and Jews in particular. A White student, who may inadvertently make a micro-aggression against a minority group, is likely to have the administration take action against him.  Jews were harassed out of campus organizations on the grounds that they were Oppressors of the Arabs, a favored “minority.”   (Interestingly, according to the Ivy League presidents, micro-aggressions are not free speech but calling for the extermination of Jews is free speech.)

DEI Lives in a Total Fantasy Land

There 15.2 million Jews in the world. There are 475 million Arabs in 22 Arab states and there are 1.7 billion Muslims.  About 2.45% (7.5 Million) of Americans are Jewish.  Nazi Anti-Semitism was devoid of factual and logic  in a similar way that DEI race theory is devoid of facts and logic that Jews are the responsible for the problems of American minorities and Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza.

Has anyone seen a campus DEI program which rejected White Privilege or which said that minority students should pay more attention to their own culture as an explanation for lack of success?  One cultural difference between Blacks and Jewish high school students is that Jewish students foster a strong pro-education peer group and Jewish students cooperate to help their friends do better.   Jewish peer group provides a culture where education is a high ideal.  Black students who may be smarter and brighter than White and Jewish students almost never have a supportive peer group.  Both Black and Mexican students complain that while they may not be members of a gang, the gangs are fact of their life.  When was the last time, a Black or Mexican street gang ran tutorial programs for Black and Mexican students? Yes, there are cultural differences between groups.  The fact that Jewish student peer groups support education is not a sign of Oppression of Blacks. However, DEI has one answer for Black under-achievement, i.e., White - Jewish Oppression.

Woke DEI Has to Discredit Jews as People

For the Woke DEI, it is imperative to marginalize and the attack Jews.  Jews rebut the entire Woke DEI narrative.  As the group which has been most victimized, Jews also have always strived to improve and take advantage of each opportunity to improve.  American Jews came as dirt poor immigrants, crowded into the Lower East side and other tenements.  Despite serious anti-Semitic barriers, the Jews earned their way up the socio-economic ladder and did other immigrant groups such as the Irish.  Jews, however, are the most scapegoated group in Western society; Jews have suffered the most oppression, but yet they reach the highest of echelons. The success of the Jews proves that the entire Woke DEI is 100% false.   See  Why Wokeism Hates

Woke DEI simply recasts Jews from a minority to the majority Whites, making Jews the most evil of all the Whites.  Don’t be surprised. Just as Woke Nazism was based on lies, Woke DEI is based on lies.  (Woke DEI and Nazi race theory parallel each other.)  The political agenda under Woke DEI is to for the Dems vanquish the GOP by having the minority groups to vote solidly Dem and oust the GOP from substantially all political offices.  The GOP is no better as they want to vanquish all Dems and take over the government.  Both are delusional, but the extreme polarization is real and this polarization threatens not only the United States but the entire world.

But for Wokeism, Hamas Would Not Have Attacked Israel

From the moment that one learned of the massacre, Hamas’ game plan was obvious – Wait for the Woke world to turn against the Jews so that Israel may not defend itself.  Every Hamas plan which the IDF has uncovered proves that from the very beginning, Hamas has used the traditional PLO strategy to place civilians (Human Shields), especially children in harm’s way so that the PLO and Hamas could scream about Israel’s murdering children.  For the Woke, the fact that Hamas uses the children as Human Shields which is a war crime is not relevant. This brings us to a vital aspect of Woke DEI, the PLO, and Hamas.

DEI, PLO, Hamas Deny Cause and Effect

Just as campus DEI deny that Blacks or Mexicans bear any responsibility for lower achievement, the Woke PLO and Hamas never admit that their prior actions required the Israelis to take self-defense action.  They complain that Israel maintains border check points and searches people entering Israel.  The Israelis have to have extensive searches of people coming into Israel from Gaza because so many Gazans will wantonly murder Israelis. Israel has to closely monitor what enters Gaza since the government of Gaza, Hamas, has declared its goal is to exterminate the Jews.  For the Woke, however, the prior behavior of Gazans has no connection to how they are treated. It’s like Charles Mansion’s screaming false imprisonment.  If a Jewish person on campus should point out that Black high school students would do better to play less basketball and organize more study sessions, he would immediately be labeled a racist.  All Wokedom would ignore the results of Black culture not supporting education.

Cardinal principles of Woke DEI are that (1) the oppressed bear zero responsibility for their condition and (2) bad behavior by the oppressed is not their fault, but it is a morally laudable response to their alleged oppression.

For years, the college campuses have fully adopted the Dems’ Woke DEI that the world is divided into Oppressed who are minorities, and the Oppressors, who are always the Whites with Jews being the worse. Let’s be realistic -- the Dem administrations give out tons of money to college campuses according to school’s Woke Coefficient.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The opinions expressed are those of Mr. Abrams and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com.  You may email him at [email protected])