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How Are Global Warming And Birth Control Related


OVER POPULATION - As of November 15, 2022, there are 7.8 billion people living on the earth, although scientists tell us that the earth has only enough arable land to support 3 billion people. And yet in the extreme polemic arguments, either for or against birth control, this is never considered nor is how this overburdening, through overpopulation of the earth, is really the main factor responsible for global warming.

Throughout human history with its endless wars and diseases, like smallpox, plague, and others, the human race often reasonably questioned whether it would continue to exist or go extinct, like other species, whose remains were the only proof that they ever existed. For this past historic reality, virtually all religions sanctified human life and talked of an afterlife heaven or nirvana, where there would be more than enough for everyone. Exceptionally, native Americans understood that you must “walk softly on the earth,” so you can have heaven on earth during your lifetime. But the European invaders and their monarchies did to the American tribes what they had already recently done to their own tribes that pre-existed the nation states in Europe and elsewhere outside the new world.

The many forms of birth control are now the key we have to create heaven on earth during this lifetime, if we reasonably and pragmatically examine the various realities that now exist, while applying the least intrusive and offensive form of birth control. And regrettably, women must be given primary access to these various forms of birth control, since they are the ones literally left holding the bag. A woman who already has six children, that she can't feed, should not be required to have yet another, because she has been denied adequate birth control.

The government funding all forms of birth control in the end is far less expensive than the government having to deal with unwanted children who are more likely to become unproductive members of society with a greater chance of costing the government even more money in welfare, incarceration, and other costs. And this is without considering how these consuming children will contribute to global warming and the potential demise of the human species on earth.

(Leonard Isenberg is a Los Angeles observer and a contributor to CityWatch. He was a second-generation teacher at LAUSD.)

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