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Tranquil Travels: Elevating Your Journey with the Ultimate Spa Experience


WELLNESS TRAVEL - Some of the girls start visiting spa salons on the eve of their vacation, since it is not always possible to take care of themselves while traveling, but they want to look perfect at the resort. Others, on the contrary, go on a trip with the goal of not only relaxing, but also spending time with maximum benefit, improving their moral and physical condition.

Depending on where you go on vacation, different options with spa services may be available. For example, the UAE is famous for its bath services in Dubai and massage. High-level specialists are ready to offer various procedures, including even such exotic ones as a massage with hot shells or a Moroccan bath. By visiting such places you can combine relaxation with taking care of your body and mental health.

 Let's look at the most popular spa treatments available on vacation.


You can enjoy all the delights of the hammam if you choose, for example, an Arab country as your travel destination. The hammam is a steam bath on marble slabs. After several visits to such a bathhouse, blood pressure decreases, physical pain ceases to be felt, and the emotional background noticeably improves. Thanks to the correct temperature in the hammam, a person can stay there for up to half an hour. In addition, in such a room the humidity level can reach up to 100%, due to which the skin is moisturized rather than drying it out under the influence of steam. In addition, the hammam has a beneficial effect on the skin because the body of the bathhouse visitor is washed with a foam massage. Peeling during this procedure will help get rid of dead skin particles. If the client wishes, the master can use massage oil, which will further help moisturize the skin.

Ayurvedic head massage

One of the traditional Ayurvedic procedures is called shirodhara. During this spa procedure, sesame oil is poured in a continuous stream onto certain areas of the forehead. At the same time, the visitor is given a light head massage. The maximum positive effect from the procedure can be achieved if you completely distract yourself and relax at this moment. It is best to go for the procedure at the very beginning of your vacation. This will help you cope with stress and get rid of sleep problems. Ayurvedic treatments come in various types; you can read more about them through the Armonia Blog, which contains information about various SPA treatments that are beneficial for both the body and the soul.

Energy baths with essential oils

Taking a bath with essential oils can provide many benefits, including stress relief. Depending on which oil was chosen for the procedure, you can achieve complete relaxation or, on the contrary, invigorate. As for the cosmetic effect such baths provide, they have a beneficial effect on the skin, help fight cellulite, as well as stretch marks and annoying extra pounds. Some of the oils have anti-stress properties. Others will help eliminate wrinkles on the face, while others cope well with colds. The effect of energy baths is both warming and cooling. Some even have stimulating properties. You can resort to such baths if you have muscle pain or fatigue, as well as to stimulate sexual functions.


A great way to pamper yourself on vacation is with moisturizing wraps. They help restore skin moisture balance and cope with sunburn. This procedure is ideal for those with dry and dehydrated skin. As part of this procedure, problem areas are wrapped in film, which creates a greenhouse effect, thereby increasing blood circulation and the work of the sebaceous glands, which remove toxins and waste from the body.

SOS procedures

It happens that after spending time on the beach, photoallergy develops or sunburn occurs. SOS treatments help eliminate discomfort and soothe the skin, as this SPA treatment uses aloe vera gel for massage or cooling massages with ice. You can resort to such manipulations at any time as the need arises. However, it will be best if you do not forget to use sunscreen.

Thus, vacation is the period when the person himself and all his time belong exclusively to him. Therefore, this time should be used wisely in order to surprise and delight others upon your return from vacation with a fresh and rested appearance, as well as an excellent mood and a high degree of performance.