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Researchers' Opinion: Pros and Cons of Studying with Music for College Students


Listening to music is enlightening. You listen to new lyrics, new sounds, new tempos, new beats, and new combinations of these all.

As a student, you have probably already done this. Listening to music while learning, reading books or studies, commuting, traveling between classes, and so on. Listening to music can help you detach from reality, immerse yourself in a new universe, and expand your perspective. 

However, what do researchers say about studying while listening to music for college students? Can you learn and study effectively when you listen to music? Of course, this has both pros and cons, so there is no clear answer to this question. Let’s explore and delve into both sides of the story. 


Relieving Stress 

Most students feel stressed by the expectations of their teachers and families or friends. Exams, lots of assignments and essays to write, and classes to attend, all put pressure on students. So, you might easily start feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and clouded judgment when you start studying for exams. Listening to music is associated with a boosted mood. Indeed, music can help you have a more positive mood, something that influences how you study and learn. 

Your brain will be flooded with endorphins when listening to music, the hormones that make you feel good. This means that you will be more creative, focused, and determined to learn. Sometimes, you may be asked to write essays on music, so you need a little bit of inspiration to get it going. You can discover various music essay samples for free that will help you start working on your academic tasks and complete them successfully. Students are always looking to get good grades but also find music to be inspired by. 


Another great advantage of listening to music when studying is that it helps you focus. Of course, it highly depends on the music genre you are listening to. But it actually helps you focus by blocking other noises that might distract you. Most students learn in libraries, cafes, or dormitories. 

Either way, these are spaces where there is constant noise and movements, sounds that can easily distract you from your tasks. So, listening to music helps you focus when you are learning and this helps you progress academically and complete your tasks. 


Lack of Concentration 

You might feel confused as we mentioned above that music can help you focus. An important distinction and observation that must be made are that it is the music genre you are listening to that makes the difference. Researchers have noticed that if you listen to music with lyrics, your brain will try to focus on the lyrics, distracting you from your tasks.

A decrease of 10% in productivity has been noticed in the case of students who listen to music with lyrics when studying. However, listening to music has advantages too, and if you want to counteract this disadvantage, you should choose instrumental music. However, researchers recommend complete silence when you engage in complex tasks and assignments. 

Bad Memories Coming Back 

We all have both good and bad memories and some of them might be associated with certain places, sounds, or songs. When you listen to music when you study, you might have a playlist or just allow Spotify or YouTube to play similar music. You may end up listening to songs that trigger bad memories, changing your mood at the same time. When you are in a bad mood, it will be more challenging to focus. Your motivation will dwindle and you might start feeling stressed. 

Final Thoughts 

We all listen to music all day as it is so deeply ingrained in our lives. We hear music when we go shopping, drive the car and play the radio, watch a football game, and so on. Music is everywhere and it makes our lives whole and beautiful, but it is also a form of art that helps you express your emotions and feelings. But, is listening to music a good or a bad thing when you are studying in college? 

Well, researchers say that it comes with both advantages and disadvantages for students, so it would be essential to find a balance. While listening to music helps you relieve stress and focus on your tasks, it can have the opposite effect too.


(Mary Cardoza is a content writer and blogger. She loves listening to music and her favorite music genres are techno, indie, and rock. Mary loves playing the piano.) 



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