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Reader Sees Pitbull Story from a Different Angle


VOICES--I was just reading up on a CityWatch article and noticed some troubling information.

First off, the source Dogbites.org was used but this website is a known slander site that promotes false information in order to create a witch hunt for pitbull type dogs and should be thrown away as a reference. The information on their side has notably been proven false on numerous occasions.

DogsBite.org chronicled this entire era: 

Best Friends received some of Michael Vick's pit bulls -- 21 "sanctuary" dogs deemed too unstable for adoption. The group believes that pit bulls seized in dogfighting raids can be rehabilitated and adopted out as pets. DogsBite.org believes this policy is dangerous and irresponsible." 

Best Friends has shamelessly capitalized on Vick's dogs. Each dog also came with a $18,275 dowry, as part of the sentence deal worked out with Michael Vick. The sizable press campaign around the "Vicktory" dogs has undoubtedly brought in substantial donations and Best Friends has cashed in on the fanfare. Yet months before acquiring Vick's dogs, Best Friends refused to take in 40-plus pit bulls seized in their own state from a hoarder

 While I understand this may be an opinion piece, it’s slandering a well-respected animal rescue that has saved thousadns of animal lives. This is something I have personally witnessed when I was with them in Houston after hurricane Harvey helping the displaced animals.

 It’s also being assumed that the salary of the CEO, which is over $200,000 is extremely outlandish and irresponsible compared to other nonprofits when, in fact, the salary falls within the median range of nonprofit CEO salaries (salary.com). I simply urge you to review this information and possibly edit or issue a retraction of the false information. I would hate to see an organization that has taken dogs from death’s door to healthy and thriving be hurt by such false claims. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

(Cierra Voelkl offers a different perspective on a CityWatch pitbull story. She can be reached at [email protected])