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SOHA Says No to Wiener’s SB827 … Here’s Why


VOICES--By a 13-0 vote the Los Angeles City Council has voted to oppose SB 827.

SB 827 is the Senate bill currently being considered in Sacramento that would radically change what Sherman Oaks and all of Los Angeles and California look like in the near future.

If passed it would remove local control over zoning laws, allowing 4-8 story apartment buildings in neighborhoods of single family homes that are within1/2 mile radius of transit (most of Sherman Oaks).

Since Los Angeles is built on a grid plan most of our city would be affected. To make it clear, this Bill would technically allow single family homes to be converted into apartment buildings with no local input or restrictions.

SOHA’s Committee on SB 827 is out in front of this issue and has already met with our Senator, Bob Hertzberg (photo above), who is opposed to the Bill and with Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian who is also opposed.  

Additionally SOHA has sent letters of opposition to the State Senators that sit on the Committee that is currently analyzing the Bill and all other important Senate leaders. 

This Bill would alter every community under the guise of much needed housing.  We at SOHA are aware of the need for housing and support reasonable development where currently allowed by local zoning.

Sacramento does not know the needs and concerns of our community and should get out of the land planning business. We will keep you informed of further developments.

(Sherman Oaks Homeowner Association.)