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Corruption Continues in Carson

SOUTH OF THE 10 - Dear 2UrbanGirls, HELP!!!  Our City needs your help! Misuse of public funds! 

Bullying! Corruption! Racial discrimination! Harassment! Incompetence! Quid Pro Quo!  Criminal negligence!  Waste of taxpayers’ money!  These are some of the things I’ve heard and articles I’ve read following your blogs..

I am a recent retiree who still loves Carson! With all the illegal mischief being committed by the plotting City Manager (Carson Karen) and HR Manager both endorsed by the Mayor and her lapdog, Cedric Hicks, it is no wonder our city is still regarded as the regional “backyard dump” in the southbay.  Our city is no longer the disposal garbage site but the dumping ground of felons. Consider the trail of continuing illegal activities and behaviors by Sharon Landers and Faye Moseley endorsed by the “Mayor” Lula Davis-Holmes.

  • The conviction of Faye Moseley HR Manager for stealing money for lavish excursions, dinners and other personal things.  The HR Manager is ordered by the court to pay back $86K to a non-profit organization. HONESTY and INTEGRITY are required in her job as a Manager of Human Resources.  The excuse that the crime was committed in her private life is a cover-up by the City Manager and the Mayor. If this is the new standard in the City, people who are registered sex offenders can now be hired by the City to work in Parks and Recreation with your kids!

View the November 2021 court filing here

  • City Manager approves the HR Manager to use city money to pay for airline tickets to fly friends from out of state to apply and be hired for the City.  This was never done before in the City. A year ago, 2UrbanGirls published an article of the HR Manager hiring people illegally.  Employees are saying it is even worse behind the scenes and it is! This is unacceptable and we are grateful to Councilmember Hilton who bravely came forward to shed light on these situations in our city.
  • HR has a pattern of disciplining and terminating out-of-favor employees for fake charges despite the HR Manager herself committing serious crimes like using taxpayer’s money  for her own personal benefit with the consent of the Carson Karen, Sharon Landers.

In the recent and still ongoing “stink” in the City of Carson, the City Manager ordered the mass distribution of hand sanitizers by Art Natural which is proven to have cancer-causing agents in its content that the FDA banned! This company is also the cause for the channel mess and they are heavy donors  to Lula’s pockets.  Thank you Mayor and Council Hicks for the “Free hand sanitizer” that causes cancer. 

The Mayor has been enabling the Carson Karen and a corrupt HR Manager and she needs to be held responsible for this situation.  It is  Lula  and Cedric Hicks’ fault for creating a hostile workplace. It is very clear that City employees are scared and terrified. It scares me that the City Manager and HR Manager are still employed by the City and the Mayor is not willing to listen to City employees . 

The Mayor believes she is above the law and can do anything she wants. The newly elected Councilwoman and existing Council will need to hold her responsible for all of this because our community will not tolerate this type of behavior and harassment. I was able to escape, I don’t believe others can. Perhaps, a copy of this in your blog and LA County Public Integrity Division needs to be alarmed to this mayhem. I am hoping and praying that our home – the City of Carson – will not be sinking deeper into the abyss of dysfunction, criminality and disgusting government tactics.  


Carson employees


(2UrbanGirls has been cited in CityWatchLA, Compton Herald, Daily Breeze, Daily News, Inglewood Today, Intersections South LA, KCRW, KPCC, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, LA Watts Times, Mercury News, Orange County Register and The Atlantic.)