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Stakeholder:  I cannot get Monica Rodriguez to reply to my letter, can you help?



Dear Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez: 

I own an industrial building in Pacoima and run Hanson Rivet & Supply Co with 35 employees there. We have been at that location for 18 years. For the last several years we have had a horrible problem with people living in old broken-down motorhomes parked on the street in front of the business. The LAPD tells us they are not allowed to enforce the laws to get them to move. The city council sends the sanitation department out once a month to clean up the trash but within 24 hours it’s a total mess again. The "street dwellers" are dealing drugs and stolen merchandise. These are not genuine "homeless" people that are down on their luck. If they were I would be feeding and taking care of them myself. These people choose this lifestyle. The more you give the "street dwellers" the more people will choose this lifestyle. It takes "though love", which I am sure you are familiar with, to push people to get their lives together. Giving them money and places to live will not fix the problem. 

My employees are scared to come to work. Our customers are shocked at what they see when they come to our business. Especially since our building and parking lot are always clean and freshly painted. We have pride in where we work. I hope you have the same pride in Pacoima. 

PLEASE Councilwoman, instruct the LAPD to enforce the laws and clean up our street. 


Jim Williams





(Jim Williams is the COO of Hanson Rivet & Supply Company.)

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