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Mayor Karen Bass and Woker Racism


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Why Congresswoman Karen Bass voluntarily gave up her seat with considerable seniority in Congress is not clear, but she chose to return to Los Angeles and run for mayor. Surely, she knew that the city and the judiciary had become crimogenic institutions, devoted to manufacturing homelessness and other forms of poverty as fast as possible.  While everyone said the major issues were homelessness and corruption, none admitted that in the reality, there was but one real problem, i.e. corruption. Homelessness was merely the most visible manifestation of corruption. 

Garcetti corruptionism was killing Los Angeles as a viable urban environment.  The various faux FBI prosecutions for petty corruption targeted individuals who posed a threat to the Garcetti machine, which was predicated on the criminal voting trading system outlawed by Penal Code § 86. Garcettism’s purpose could be stated in one word: “Manhattanization.” One could also say, “Densification.” Tweedle Dumb Tweedle Dee.  Over the last few decades starting with Mayor Riordan in 1993, Los Angeles had been monetizing land values the same as "spice" was processed in the 2021 movie Dune.  Even though LA is home to the real Hollywood, it does not appear that Los Angeles will have a Hollywood ending. 

For decades, Angelenos’ quality of life has played no role at LA city council.  All that matters is extreme densification which funneled wealth upwards to Wall Street. On paper, a 20 story building on a 100 x 100 ft lot in or near DTLA is worth a lot more than a two story garden office complex on a 500 x 300 lot in the north valley.  When offices are concentrated in DTLA, Bunker Hill, Century City or anywhere else, densification bring huge theoretical profits to Wall Street.  When poor people homes are destroyed for office or residential complexes, a significant percentage become homeless, but their plight is not a developer cost. If they die on the street outside the high rises, their deaths do not drag down the developers’ bottom line.  Reducing density by requiring set backs, adequate parking, lower heights also reduces the developers’ theoretical profits.  On paper density is king even when in reality, they are building into a glut. 

When the homeless encampments appear beneath freeway overpasses, that’s great for Wall Street.  The Garcetti machine used their suffering, their trash, their drug abused, and then their violence to stampede voters into giving developers billions of dollars to construct more density under the ruse of Affordable Housing.  Why the need for public funding?  Since the monetization of housing is based on fatally flawed data and a delusional belief that families want to live in tiny apartments and never build equity, the projects were going bankrupt.  Thus, the scam developed to get city funds to build Affordable Housing and then go bankrupt, keep all the city money which the city has to repay Wall Street, and then a kindly judge with an off-shore bank account will remove the Affordable Housing requirement and the developer magically has all market rate housing. Although the Ninth Circuit stopped his fraudulent scheme with In Re Sunnyslope Housing Limited Partnership, 859 F.3d 637 (2017), Los Angeles devised new ways to densify.  The result was such a huge loss of middle class Millennials that the entire state lost one seat in Congress.  Perhaps as a Congresswoman, Karen Bass understood how the forces of greed and corruption had driven Los Angeles towards third world status. 

Then, Came the Woker Racists 

One good thing under the Garcetti regime was that race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation did not matter.  When it came to sexual harassment the city was an equal opportunity place as we learned with mayor’s confidant Rick Jacobs and Officer Matthew Garza.  The city council itself was stuffed full of Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Gays, etc. The council presidency went from a closed-gay Italian Jewish Mexican to a veteran Black honcho Herb Wesson to the “tough girl’ Latina Nury Martinez.   

Then, on October 9, 2022, the city was rocked with a hideous display of Woker racism.  This particular Woker racism appears to have evolved and there is no need to assume that anyone started out in October 2021, when a secret tape recording was made of three Mexican Council members (Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo, and Kevin de Leon) and the President of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor AFL CIO, Ron Herrera, with a conspiracy to sabotage the 2022 City elections. (Technically, by birth councilmember Kevin de Leon is Chinese and Guatemalan but identifies by upbringing as Mexican.)  We do not know the full story because of the massive cover-up in order to protect the guilty parties.  LA’s Big Lie #2 is that the councilmembers were anti-Black and they disparaged the Black son of councilmember Bonin due to his race. 

The Worker Racism 

As long as Mayor Bass, the LAPD, La Times and others who know the full story with all the players remain silent, we’ll interpret the tea leaves to unravel the who, how, and why.  

(1) Taping anyone without their knowledge and consent is a criminal act. The penalty for making “shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) per violation, or imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison, or by both that fine and imprisonment.” Penal Code, § 632 

(2) The taping itself is a serious crime, but if no one ever heard the tape, then there’d be no harm.  Similarly, running a red light at midnight and not causing an accident merits a traffic ticket, but if one smashes broadside into a SUV and kills a toddler and his parents, it can be murder.  Thus, a crime’s seriousness is judged by its impact. There is no denying that the harm of broadcasting the tape has caused extreme harm to all of Los Angeles. Thus, the circumstances surrounding the crime are 100% relevant. 

(3) Due to the harm flowing from the foreseeable use of the tape, Angelenos are entitled to know “who knew what and when did they know it.”  Yet, we find a cover-up from the mayor office, from the LAPD, and from FBI.  Why? 

(4) The tea leaves scenario is that the tape was released due to Woker hostility towards traditional Hispanic liberals. One purpose was to trash the traditional city council Hispanics to benefit Wokers, of whom LA now has three: CD 4 Raman, CD 13 Soto-Martinez, CD 1, Hernandez.  The murky tea leaves indicate that it was not city council Blacks who were behind the charge of anti-Black racism. Rather, it appears to be a political sabotage by Wokers connected with the County Federation of Labor (Hello there, Soto-Martinez)  to use false charges of racism in order to drive Liberal Hispanics from the city council. 

(5) Anyone who thinks that the LAPD, Karen Bass and oodles of others do not know all the players in this racist charade to ruin the characters and careers would buy the Brooklyn Bride.  More despicable yet is the LA Times’ taking bows and accepting kudos for its Pulitzer Prize to spread this racist propaganda. 

Only Daylight Will Disinfect Us of this Woker Racism 

All Angelenos are entitled to a full and complete investigation of every facet of this racism, but all the city leaders cower in terror. Perhaps, there are more tapes which can be twisted and distorted to bring false charges of racism against the innocent.  How long will Angelenos submit to the Wokers’ playing the race card? We have the right to know exactly who made the tape, how someone named Martinez got a hold of the tape, how the tape got to KNOCK LA, which supported Soto-Martinez, why the LA Times had already concocted the false narrative of racism, and who has been involved in the cover-up.  No matter who did what, Angelenos have the unqualified right to know.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])

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