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Mayor Karen Bass’ Worst Nightmare


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Millennials’ homeownership, which is the lowest of all prior generations, is 50.1%, but in Los Angeles metro, the Millennial homeownership rate is 27%.  That makes Los Angeles the worst in the entire nation. Because homeownership rate is lowest where housing prices are highest, the city itself has an ownership rate much lower than 50% for the entire metro area.  April 18, 2023, Millennials Homeownership Report. The densification of areas such as East Hollywood has caused so many Millennials to leave that the homeownership rate would be less than 40% if they had stayed. Council District 13 councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez is an economic ignoramus who thinks East Hollywood needs more density to lower housing prices. April 21, 2023 Hugo S-M letter to PLUM 

When one looks through the window of Los Angeles’ low homeownership rate, one sees a world of unfathomable horrors, which are best exemplified by the new Hollywood Community Plan.  Not only do we find intentionally falsified data, city hall corruption, and the homeless crisis, but we see a judicial system which has become a criminal enterprise which has allowed mass incarceration of the innocent, the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars, unconstrained densification, and mass murder.  

If Garcetti had been the military general taking over as mayor, he would have been tried for war crimes.  While Garcetti might be able to assert that at the outset of his regime, he did not foresee the inevitable result of his densification would be the deaths of thousands of innocent people, but there would be no defense to his continuing his densification after he knew for a fact it was needlessly killing thousands of homeless each year. 

18 U.S. Code § 2441 (B) Cruel or inhuman treatment.— “The act of a person who commits, or conspires or attempts to commit, an act intended to inflict severe or serious physical or mental pain or suffering including serious physical abuse, upon another within his custody or control.” 

Tearing down the homes of poor families and throwing them on to the streets and refusing to provide any shelter, knowing for a fact that thousands will die due to losing their homes, qualifies as war crimes under 18 U.S. Code § 2441.  In brief, Los Angeles has been committing mass murder for over a decade.  The new Update to the Hollywood Community Plan doubles down on densification, leading to more homelessness and more needless deaths. 

One Example of the Judicial Corruption 

If the courts were not fatally corrupt, then developers and politicos would know their schemes would fail, but the judicial system is saturated with corruption. Attorney Thomas Girardi, for example, had 205 State Bar complaints about his continual theft of clients’ funds, and Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye protected him and all his cohorts in each case. In contrast, it took one federal judge in Chicago who had one case with Girardi to realize that Girardi was a crook and report him to the federal authorities.  Chief Justice Tani still did nothing. Chief Justice Tani had controlled all the judicial agencies.  Not only was Tani the head of the Supreme Court, and thus, the entire court system, she controlled the Judicial Council, the State Bar, and the Commission of Judicial Performance.  Attorneys who displeased her such as advising the courts that Garcetti’s 2012 Update to the Hollywood Community Plan was intentionally based on fatally flawed data, were disbarred.  Chief Justice Tani also supported the idea that judges have the right to exclude attorneys from their court rooms who are troublemaker Jews who “would refuse Jesus.” More than once, she agreed that State Const. Art VI, Sec 10, last sentence, gave judges the constitutional right to do whatever they wanted in their courtrooms including falsifying evidence.  After she could not stop the Girardi Scandal from breaking, she had Thomas Girardi quickly declared mentally incompetent to prevent him from (1) naming the corrupt judges, (2) identifying which judges got their mortgages by friendly attorneys, (3) disclosing the countries (Luxembourg  and Germany) off-shore bank accounts through which judicial bribes were laundered, (4) as well as fingering the judges and justices who attended Girardi’s sex ranch (where they allegedly were surreptitiously videotaped).   Eventually, the growing Girardi Scandal forced her departure.  

In Girardi’s defense, his corruption was in reaction to the hideously corrupt Lucas Court (1987–1996), where both injured plaintiffs and defendant insurance companies and other big businesses, whom Plaintiffs were suing, were financially raped.  One scam was this: Insurance company executives would hire local defense attorneys, who would run up the legal bills from which the attorneys would give kick backs to the executives who had hired them.  Then, they’d settle the case, paying off the judge and/or arbitrator.  Not only did the injured parties get less than a fair settlement, but the defendant companies got screwed. This type of corruption is called “Control Fraud.” see William K Black.  Control Fraud means that the executives loot the corporations which they control.  The Lucas Court went so far to protect executives who engaged in control fraud and upheld the firing of employees who objected to the corruption. Foley v. Interactive Data Corp. (1988), 47 Cal. 3d 654 

Even federal judges are not safe.  After Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski threatened to go public about then State Attorney General Kamal Harris’ role in the prosecutorial “epidemic of misconduct,” such as use of lying jailhouse informants, Judge Kozinski was forced to leave the bench. The vast corruptionism which runs throughout our society is not limited to California, but we are at the forefront. 

Back To Mayor Bass’s Nightmare 

Los Angeles Millennials have a low homeownership rate due to the obscene judicial and city hall corruption in Los Angeles.  While a family who moves to Austin may not know why LA housing costs are sky high, they realize that it would be economic folly to remain in Los Angeles. If they stay in LA, at retirement they will have zero equity as they will have been renters their entire lives. Furthermore, they will have paid outrageously high rents for substandard living in an increasingly violent city. The money which should have gone for the kids to attend summer camp or have braces will have been sucked up by Wall Street – assuming they can buy a home (usually with parents paying the down payment).  Anyone, who bought in Los Angeles in the prior 5 to 10 years, is carrying a mortgage which can be between $500K and $1M too high. They may have a decent home in Cheviot Hills, but they’re squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars on exorbitant mortgages. 

What Can Karen Bass Do About Fleeing Millennials? 

No city in the last four thousand years has been able to thrive without a viable middle class. When one looks at the “glory that was Rome,” one sees how the upper class lived, which was ignorant that its looting the middle class and poor set the stage for the empire’s demise.  Because our society breaks down population into generations, Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Millennials (1981–1996 ), Gen Z (1997–2012), etc., we can see what is happening.   The age at which a generation enters its child rearing phase, it stops its youth, hook-up life style, and goes after the detached home, with a decent yard for the dog and children.  Millennials want the detached homes which Los Angeles is destroying.  The houses which remain have their costs fraudulently inflated. 

Because Los Angeles’ high housing prices are driving out Family Millennials, the city is also driving out employers.  Neither will be returning.  Both the Millennials and the employers are forming new communities with higher standards of living than Los Angeles. Increasingly, they are seeking out the exurbs, where life is even better than in Nashville or Austin proper.   

It is not only the work at home “thinkers” who are moving. As they start new communities, they need plumbers, carpenters, electricians, day care workers, nurses, doctors, etc.  Remote work opens up thousands upon thousands of square miles for new settlements – a 21st version of the land rush stampedes we see in old cowboys movies with families racing across the plains to stake their 40 acres and mule.  Millennials are setting up the townships for Gen Zers who are following them out of the squalor of Los Angeles. 

The new Hollywood Community Plan magnifies all the lunacy of Garcetti’s plan and goes even farther in aggressively destroying single family areas. It would be reckless myopia to buy a house in an R-1 neighborhood because next year, a 4 story poverty project could be your next door neighbor.  

What Care Karen Bass Do? 

Speak out now against the Hollywood Community Plan and propose an immediate moratorium on any demolition of any residential structure and cease all InFill construction especially in East Hollywood.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])