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Déjà Vu Snafu


THE VIEW FROM HERE - The more things change, the more they stay the same. America is still ruled by lies, more lies, and endless lying from all sides.  Then, we wonder why we find SNAFU still surrounds us.  If there is a difference, it’s that things will become much worse.  But, is that really something new?  If you refuse to replace your brake pads because you think wear and tear is a capitalist conspiracy, is it really new when you blow a red light and mow down a young mother pushing her toddler in a stroller? 

The flip side of constant insane lying is that people never take responsibility for the havoc their behavior brings upon people. Of course, the dead mother and child are not your fault because you believed a conspiracy theory; it’s the capitalists who caused the deaths.   The Covid deniers who turned into vax deniers take no responsibility for the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Instead, they push the lie that the vaccinations caused the deaths.  

Closer to home in Los Angeles, all politicos push the completely discredited big lie that Los Angeles has a housing shortage.  Thus, we now must build affordable housing complexes in single family neighborhoods. Why? As Judge David O. Carter opined: Blacks are homeless because of white racists who live in single family homes.  He had no explanation why Whites are homeless.  He ignored that Los Angeles has over 93,000 vacant units. He ignores that Los Angeles, which is a minority run city, has destroyed tens of thousands of rent controlled properties.  Nine of the fourteen council members are minorities.  If you want to be very PC about it and count women as a “minority,” then eleven of fourteen are a minority.  At no time since 2001, has the Los Angeles city council not had heavy Black and Hispanic representation. 

Nor, is Los Angeles recently a minority run City. The current mayor, Karen Bass, is Black and she too endorses the Big Lie that Los Angeles needs more construction because 93,000 vacant units is not enough to house 42,000 homeless. Since LA has 2.5 ppl per household, we need only 17,000 units to house all the homeless. The prior mayor, Eric Garcetti claimed Mexican ancestry (but who believes anything he says?).  Before Garcetti, Tony Villaraigosa was mayor (2005-2013).  

Now, everyone from Mayor Bass down pushes Los Angeles’s second big lie, i.e., an audio tape shows that three Mexican councilmembers are anti-Black racists and should get off the council.  December 22, 2022, CityWatch, “Funny, Kevin De Leon Doesn’t Look Jewish” . The media makes light that the anti-Kevin forces staged their own violent insurrection at City Hall to stop the legitimate functions of government until Kevin de Leon’s election was overturned by forcing him to resign.  When councilmember Kevin de Leon stands up to the intimidation, he is physically attacked at a children’s Christmas Party, but media blames Kevin and not his attacker, Jason Reedy.  December 11, 2022, Lies Breed Violence . The LA Times has a long history of “blame the Mexicans,” going back tp the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943. Despite the video tape showing the unprovoked attack on Kevin, under our new mayor the LAPD is still dithering whether political violence is a crime.  If anyone who believes that the mayor is not playing behind the scenes race-baiting politics should pay closer attention. 

Recently, we have the ongoing lie that Judge Cara Hutson is responsible for the death of Sheriff Deputy Isaiah Cordero.   January 2, 2023, CityWatch, Another Media Feeding Frenzy – Judge Cara D. Hutson As with Kevin de Leon, cancel culture demands that Judge Hutson resign.  (It is ironic, however, that the California judicial system where facts and law play no role is under attack for one of the few instances when the judge did use facts and follow the law.) 

Lies Have Seized Control of The House of Representatives 

On January 6, 2023, the second anniversary of the violent insurrection to murder the Vide President in order to keep Donald Trump President, the House of Representatives put the supporters of the Biggest Lie of all, that is the November 2020 election was stolen and Trump is still President, in charge of the House.  The important fact is not that Matt Gaetz and Trump now control Congress, but who put them into power and why.  

As Nancy Pelosi points out, when the right wing GOP took control in the midterm elections during the Clinton and Obama administrations, both Clinton and Obama won re-election in large measure due to the horrible way the GOP Congresses behaved.  Nancy Pelosi has persistently pushed for the most extreme polarization in America politics under the delusion that when the minorities are the majority of the voters, the Dems can vanquish the GOP.  Like other treasonous power mongers, Pelosi firmly believes that destroying the nation so that she and the Dems can rule is a honorable goal.  The reality is that when it comes to morality, Matt Gaetz, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Marjorie Taylor Greene are fungible.  All they covet is power for power’s sake. 

GOP-Dem Cooperation Is Lethal to Pelosi’s Polarization 

When it is far too late, as it is with Pelosi’s sabotaging Trump’s impeachments in her belief it benefits her career if Trump runs amuck in the GOP, the public will learn that Nancy Pelosi prevented the moderate Dems from voting for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.  Since McCarthy’s sole ambition is to be Speaker, he would stick by whatever coalition made him Speaker.  Had 150 Dems voted for McCarthy, he would have had such an overwhelming GOP - Dem centrist majority that both extremes would have been excluded and America would have had a Centrist government. The majority of the GOP want to be free of the Alt Right and Trump. 

The Discharge Rule

The fact that Dems would have supported McCarthy for Speaker is shown in their naively bringing up the “discharge rule” where the House can consider a measure even if leadership does not schedule it for a hearing.  Using the discharge rule is like someone who cannot swim the length of his backyard pool thinking he can swim the English Channel.  The Dems who were too cowardly to buck Pelosi’s opposition to their supporting McCarthy for Speak will never survive Pelosi’s wrath if they use discharge rule to save the nation from the lunatics of the right wing Freedom Caucus. 


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].   The opinions expressed by Mr. Abrams are solely his and not necessarily those of CityWatch.)