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Los Angeles Politics:  Where the Dregs Rise to the Top


THE VIEW FROM HERE - This rule of politics explains why most voters end up voting for the lesser of two evils.

When an objective person views politicians, they discover that the ranks are populated by unsavory characters.  In 1887, Lord Acton stated the more basic rule which explains how so many disreputable people do so well in politics. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  In any system where the main allure is power, the brightest, the most knowledgeable and the most decent will be under-represented. 

The Founding Fathers attempted to provide a governmental framework where cooperation, integrity, and courage were highly esteemed values.  For that reason, they not only did not create a democracy, but went to strenuous efforts to steer the nation away from a democracy by creating a republic. In a republic, the constitution is the supreme law of the land; in a democracy, the transitory whim of the majority of the voters is the supreme law of the land.  As a result, men and women of ill repute favor a democracy over a republic.   September 12, 2022, Democracy Destroys Cooperation, Integrity, and Courage 

When gaining the most votes becomes of paramount importance, deceiving the voters becomes vital.  Both GOP and Dems hire pollsters to ascertain what themes will gain them the most votes. Then, with no regard for anything other than their own election, the results of that research become their campaign promises. 

A Quick Look At Los Angeles 

The November 2022 election will not alter the fact the Los Angeles has a corrupt feudal system of government, where each district-fiefdom is ruled by its lord or lady.  They are all owned by the same ruling aristocracy, The Developers.  The system’s essence is that each councilmember must vote Yes for each and every project which another councilmember places on the city council agenda.  No matter who is elected, the corrupt feudal system will thrive and Angelenos will suffer.    September 15, 2022, Voting A Democracy Does Not Make 

The two dregiest of the dregs in the upcoming election are Rick Caruso for LA Mayor and Prop 27 to loot billions of dollars from California’s economy. 

TrickyDicky Caruso 

From the outset Caruso has foisted lie after lie on Angelenos.   One lie is his pretending that he is a Democrat when he is a Republican.  Then, came his big lie about reducing LA crime when he was on the police commission. 

“After Caruso took credit for the declining crime while he was head of the police commission, CityWatch pointed out that Caruso played no role in the decline in crime which started several years before he joined the commission and continued for years afterwards. https://bit.ly/3rzZiwY April 14, 2022, CityWatch, Did Rick Caruso Stop Violent Crime as Head of the Police Commission? Bratton said on Sunday’s April 24, 2022 Conan Nolan’s News Conference KNBC, that the drop of crime which LA had during Caruso’s time on the Police Commission continued for years after Caruso had left.  The false impression was that Caruso had done such a fantastic job that LA had the benefits for years. In reality, it was mere luck that Caruso served in the middle of a national, state and local down-turn in crime, which had a lot more to do with demographics than policy.”    April 25, 2022, CityWatch, Will Rick Caruso Be Elected LA’s Mayor on June 7? 

Then, TrickyDicky said that he would offer the homeless an emergency cot, and if they did not take it, he would have the LAPD arrest and throw them into jail.  Since pollsters said homelessness was the number one issue, Caruso promised to solve it in the time-honored fashion of predatory abuse of the most vulnerable among us.  Being a vicious predator to gain votes is nothing new. Nor, are bold face lies new.  There is about as much chance of arresting and jailing enough LA’s homeless to make a dent in the homeless population as housing them on the moon.  Not only is it illegal since an emergency cot does not satisfy the court’s order that there must be alternative housing, but also Sheriff Villaneuva controls the jails.  The county jail has been under court order to reduce its inmate population for years. When Caruso said he would arrest and jail thousands of homeless, he knew that the County jail was chronically overcrowded and under court order to reduce its inmate population, especially the mentally ill.  The overcrowding has been a legal quagmire for well over twenty years.    March 30, 1997, LA Times, Mentally Ill at Risk in County Jails, Study Says, by Tina Daunt and  October 31, 20026 The Newstand, Judge Forces LA County to End Jail Overcrowding, by Shreema Mehta.  The situation is worst today September 17, 2022, LA Times, Federal Judge Imposes Limits on L.A. County Jail after ACLU Sues over ‘Barbaric’ Conditions, by Gregory Yee  

People with Integrity Are Not Serial Liars 

Caruso knew for a fact that jailing homeless people was an impossibility, but Caruso says what he thinks will gain votes.  With over 40,000 homeless, how many does Caruso plan to lock up to shrink their numbers on the streets.  One Thousand? Two thousands? Twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) so that every jail bed would have a homeless person and the murderers and rapists would be roaming the streets? Who thinks Sheriff Villaneuva would succumb to pressure? 

The Evils of Social Work 

Let’s be honest. Caruso’s giving Garcetti’s Charity Fund $125,000 is nothing but a bribe which is called a donation in a crimogenic city. About this he brags? 

Caruso, however, has found a new evil - social work.  Leaving aside all his lies about Karen Bass’ scholarship being some secret insider scam when in reality it had been fully disclosed to everyone and Congress had officially sanctioned the scholarship, what sort of person attacks a woman who undertakes the extra burden of graduate school studies so that she can better help people?  Caruso is the person in the mayor’s race whom is famous for buying people. Karen Bass is the person who is famous for going everywhere and meeting with everyone to gain the widest possible knowledge about what works and what does not work to improve quality of life for everyone. Yet, Caruso vilifies her, in hopes that it will buy him votes.  

The Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Award Goes to Prop 27 

On Prop 27, the voters are not being fooled.  In its September 2022 poll, the Public Policy Institute of California found 34% of likely voters support it, but  54% oppose it. Even many pro-homeless housing advocates do not support it.  The essence of Prop 27 is bribery. “If you let us, out of state corporations, rip off California for hundreds billions of dollars, we’ll pay billionaire developers 10% of our take — maybe. Do not read the fine print.”  

Here’s how crooks construct affordable housing. (1) demolish rent controlled units throwing the poorest people onto streets, (2) take five years to construct a new project with 35% affordable housing while charging the taxpayers $1 Million for every $250,000 homeless unit constructed. 

Although the November 2022 elections will not alter the crimogenic nature of our government, we do not have to vote for the worst of the worst. 

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].   The opinions expressed by Mr. Abrams are solely his and not necessarily those of CityWatch.)

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