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LA Politics: There Are Changes Coming


RantZ & RaveZ - The final results from the June 7th Los Angeles Primary Municipal Election are in and the future of Los Angeles’ Political Leadership is in for some DRASTIC and RADICAL changes as we move to the November General Election. 

It is reported that a dismal 28.48% of eligible voters voted in the recent primary election.  Not a very impressive showing by citizens who allegedly care about the critical issues impacting the Los Angeles County and City region of So Calif.  Everything from Crime, Homelessness, Traffic, High Taxes, Quality of life and beyond.  All those pestering and irritating issues that we tolerate and live with daily.  

One would think since Mayoral candidate Rick Caruso dropped around $40 million in his campaign for Mayor that he would be miles ahead of Karen Bass who spent around $5 million dollars on her run to become the next Mayor of L.A.  As the official election returns now show, Bass is leading with 43.11% compared to Caruso with 35.99%.  We know that Caruso comes from a very successful business background and is not as well-known as Bass who was a member of both state and federal elected government offices.  We will see what happens down the road as we enter the general election campaigns over the next few months.  With Caruso’s wealth and strong desire to lead Los Angeles out of the current negative environment with many criminal and social concerns, my money is on Caruso to bring Los Angeles back to a place of prosperity and safety for all.     Stay tuned and VOTE when those ballots arrive for the General Election.  Your quality of life and the safety for you and your family are at stake.  If you chose not to vote, don’t complain when you become the victim of a crime or are afraid to venture out of your home after dark. 

There are the traditional voters in Los Angeles.  Liberals, Progressives, Republicans, Democrats no Party Preference, and those who don’t care about anything other than themselves and don’t vote or care about what happens in or around Los Angeles. 

There is a growing Progressive movement in Los Angeles politics to move from the traditional and established roll of representing everyone in a council district and working with various departments and groups to that of a hostile and combative attitude toward the police and other elements of the “Establishment” at  City Hall.  This is reflected in the recent campaigns of candidate running for office in Los Angeles.  In a few cases, established councilmembers are being challenged by the new Progressive attitude toward the current way Los Angeles government is run.  We will see how this turns out in the November election.  I encourage you to check out the candidates before you cast your vote.  This will be a critical time in Los Angeles elections.  Remember that one Mayor and 15 elected officials are responsible for running all municipal operations in Los Angeles from A to Z.  Airports to the Los Angeles Zoo and everything in between including Fire, Libraries, Sanitation and Police.  

The 2022-23 L.A. city budget is $11.8 BILLION DOLLARS!  That is a lot of tax dollars that needs to make Los Angeles a better and safer place for all.  

Now for the current candidates you will be voting for in the General Election.  For the first time in memory there are a number of Progressive candidates in the run to gain a seat at City Hall.  Some of the candidates want to DEFUND public safety and direct the dollars to various community programs.  Time will tell how this works out.   

In the race for City Attorney there is Progressive candidate Gill with 24.22% of the vote vs Hydee Soto with 19.90 %.  Clearly Hydee Soto is a well-qualified candidate and highly respected attorney.  My vote is with Hydee Soto. 

In the race for Controller there is Progressive candidate Meja with 43.12 % and long-time politician Koretz with 23.67%.  In this race I am not recommending anyone.  I will leave that box blank with NO Recommendation.  Neither candidate is qualified to be the next City Controller. 

In the 1st Council District Progressive candidate Hernandez 54% won in the primary and will take the seat currently held by Councilmember Cedillo 45.96% who was running for his final term. 

In the 5th Council District Yaroslavsky 48.97% faces a runoff with Yebri 29.69%.  Both are good candidates. 

In the 11th Council District Darling 34.67% is up against Park 28.97%.  Since Darling is supported by Bonin, I am supporting Park for the seat. 

In the 13th Council District Soto Martinez 40.63% is forcing Councilmember O’Farrell 31.65% into a runoff. I know O’Farrell and am banking on him winning the race. 

In the 15th Council District McOsker 37.69% will face Sandoval 29.36% in a runoff.  My support is for McOsker.  

In the race for L.A. County Sheriff, I am supporting Sheriff Villanueva 30.66% vs Luna with 25.85%.  Ask any Deputy Sheriff you happen to meet who they support for Sheriff of L.A. County.  The troops have rallied strong support for Sheriff Villanueva. 

Additional election information will be brought to you in the coming months.


(Dennis P. Zine is the author of RantZ & RaveZ.  The column is published twice a month to enlighten you on issues impacting Los Angeles and America.  Dennis is a 54-year active member of law enforcement and a retired elected public official.)    

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