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Crime Trends are Up.  Will Election Make a Difference?


RantZ and RaveZ - The L.A. voters have set the tone for the November General Election.

Is it about Apathy, Frustration, or just too busy to take the time to Vote for the future of Los Angeles’ political representation? The following reflects results of the June 7 primary election. Returns are as of 6/7/2022 11:45 pm. 

The top two vote getters running for L.A. Mayor was not a surprise to me or others who follow L.A. politics. With Rick Caruso and Karen Bass in the race for L.A. Mayor, we will see all the stops pulled out to garner support, endorsements and ultimately the vote from Los Angeles residents who care about their quality of life and the future of Los Angeles. Will the Homeless population continue to grow and occupy more sidewalks or will something finally be done to provide care and compassion to those who have resorted to living on the sidewalk, street and alleys of the once beautiful City of Los Angeles?

Will the increasing crime trends continue or can safety finally return to the city with the LAPD properly staffed with personnel and equipment? Will the Angels finally return to the city of the Angels? Only time will tell and your vote in November can and will make a difference. 

The latest LAPD crime trends continue to show increasing numbers in a variety of categories. As of 5/28/22 the LAPD Citywide Profile reports the following:  

Sworn Personnel 9352. This is down from 10,014 in 2017. 

2020 vs 2022 Crime Numbers.

Homicide: +33.9%.

GTA: +34.7%

Shots Fired: +60.9%

Shooting Victims: +64.5% 

All voter results can be obtained online at “Results.LAVote.Gov.” 

The Los Angeles City Council will see the return of some current members and some new members to the Council.

District 1. Gilbert Cedillo will return to office with 53.40% of the vote.

District 3. Bob Blumenfield will return to office with 68.26% of the vote.

District 5. Katy Young Yaroslavsky looks headed to the council with 50.93% of the vote.

District 7. Monica Rodriguez returns with 70.88% of the vote.

District 9. Curren Price returns with 66.78% of the vote.

District 11. There will be a runoff between Erin Darling with 32.65% and Traci Park with 30.50% of the vote.

District 13. Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell 37.66% will face a runoff with Hugo Soto Martinez 34.46% of the vote.

District 15. There will be a runoff between Tim McOsker 38.78% and Danielle Sandoval 29.85% of the vote.

Measure BB. Passed 66.31%. Provides a benefit to Los Angeles based business operations when bidding on city contracts.

Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Sheriff Alex Villanueva 34.38% will face a runoff with Robert Luna 24.53%. This will be an interesting campaign.

Los Angeles County Assessor. Jeff Prang 45.78% will face a runoff with Sandy Sun 24.26%.

The Good News for those of us who are concerned with public safety.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled from office. 60% voted to remove him. This should be a warning to Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón that his time in office is running out. As the co-chair of the Gascón recall movement I am very happy with the San Francisco voters who want to live in a safe city. 

I will have more election information in future RantZ and RaveZ. 

(Dennis P. Zine is the author of RantZ and RaveZ. The column is published twice a month to enlighten you on issues impacting Los Angeles and your community.  Dennis is a 54 year active member of law enforcement and a retired elected public official.)

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