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Separating Truth from Fiction: Change is Coming in California State and Local Politics


RANTZ & RAVEZ-I will begin with the most recent and amazing statement made by LAPD Chief Michel Moore in supporting and in fact defending LA County District Attorney George Gascón who is facing a Recall after a short time as the elected District Attorney. 

It has been the long-standing practice and tradition that the LAPD Chief remain out of politics and not get involved in supporting or challenging any elected or appointed official facing election to office – local, state, or federal. For some unknown reason, Chief Moore has crossed the line of being impartial to openly state the following: “Working as a team, I know that we can restore the sense of safety and the security that we all strive for here in this great city. . .So I stand here today and applaud the district attorney’s efforts.”  

Recall Campaign 

As many of you know, there is an aggressive campaign underway to Recall DA George Gascón from office. The campaign is well organized and led by survivors -- those who have been victims of violent crimes or lost loved ones to crimes in LA County.  

Tina Owen is the widow of LA County Sheriff Sergeant Steve Owen who was murdered in the line of duty. Desiree Andrade is the mother of Julian Andrade who was the victim of a gang murder. I have met both leaders of the recall campaign. They are sincere and passionate about the campaign and are dedicated to the memory of their murdered loved ones.      

Former LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley and I serve as Co-Chairs of the Recall Campaign. 

Many people have been directly impacted by Gascón’s filing policy and the direction he has taken the office. For example, once sworn into office Gascón immediately implemented the following policies:   

  1. No Death Penalty prosecution under any circumstance. No life without the possibility of parole. 
  1. Repeat violent offenders are treated as first time offenders, including murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and sex offenses. 
  1. No youth can ever be tried as an adult, regardless of the heinous nature of the crime. 
  1. No Prosecution of the following crimes: Trespassing, Disturbing the Peace, Driving without or on a Suspended License, Criminal Threats and Resisting Arrest. 

In addition to the general public’s concern about public safety in the City of LA and the County, the following cities have all voted “NO Confidence” for District Attorney George Gascón: 

Arcadia, Azusa, Beverly Hills, Covina, Diamond Bar, La Mirada, Lancaster, Manhattan Beach, Pico Rivera, Palos Verdes Estates, Redondo Beach, Rosemead, San Gabriel, Santa Clarita, Santa Fe Springs, Temple City and Whittier. 

The list continues to grow as more elected officials learn what Gascón is doing to destroy public safety in their community and throughout the County.  

Joining the many cities announcing their “No Confidence” in Gascón is the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Alex Villanueva. It is the Sheriff who is now tackling the homeless population in the City of LA. Sheriff Villanueva is a man of action who wants to get things done --  unlike the Los Angeles mayor and LA City leaders who have all neglected the homeless population and remain silent on the Recall Gascón campaign. 

Also remember that the shrinking and no longer important LA Times endorsed Gascón for District Attorney. Even the Mayor of San Francisco did not endorse Gascón when he ran for LA District Attorney. Time for all of you to “WAKE” up and not “WOKE” up and realize what is happening in our communities – the City of Los Angeles City and LA County.             

Like many of you, I am concerned about public safety in our region. With violence increasing, it’s time to Recall George Gascón from office and restore public safety for all of us.  

Crime is Up, Recruitment Down

The Office of District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of criminals, so here are the latest LAPD Citywide Crime Stats year to date as of 6/26/21: 

The LAPD has shrunk to 9,414 officers. As the months pass, the number of officers from the Chief to the Recruit in the Academy continues to fall lower and lower. . .  

Homicide 171 +24.8%.                          Shots Fired 1576 + 47.7%

Grand Theft Auto 10,819 + 8.8%          Shooting Victims 686 + 50.1%


If you live in Los Angeles County and are registered to vote, I encourage you to download a Recall Petition by going to www.RecallGeorgeGascón.com. Fill it out and mail. You can be counted as a person who is concerned about public safety for you, your family, and friends.  

The RECALL of multiple Elected Officials is moving along. The Voters are angry and tired of the same old political double talk. Talk with little to no action in resolving community issues.    

The public is finally fed up with the BULLS*** they have been fed by elected officials for the past years. As the saying goes, we are not going to take it anymore! Politicians, from the Governor to the local City Councilmembers, are all being asked what they are doing for the people of California and their municipal areas of the state.  

The Governor Newson Recall election will be held on Tuesday, September 14. This is not a Republican Campaign to get rid of the Governor. It is a “Peoples” campaign. People from the Democratic and Republican and all other parties are supporting the Recall. I urge you to get involved and vote. We need to show the Governor that he can’t buy our votes by passing out state money like he did when people took the COVID-19 shot. 

Looking forward to reviewing many more election items with you in the next RantZ and RaveZ.


(Dennis P. Zine is a former and retired LAPD Supervisor, former and retired 12-year Los Angeles City Councilman and current General Manager at Bell Canyon in Ventura County.)

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