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Did the Cops Really Kill George Floyd in Minneapolis?


GUEST COMMENTARY--Merely labeling the Minneapolis police, who killed George Floyd, racist ignores the underlying real cause of these ever more frequently occurring and regrettable situations.

In a reality where our society has historically only "nurtured" inferiority in our Black and Latino populations, through quantifiably inferior and still segregated public education, like LAUSD that makes no attempt to educate these minorities to their innate human potential. 

So, the predictable result is that unformed Blacks and Latinos are more likely to subsequently run afoul of the law, when they exit school without a basic education or any legal job skills. 

But this predictable reality of higher percentages of uneducated Black and Latinos committing more crime is not politically correct to acknowledge, even when these Black and Latinos are terrorizing their own communities. 

This means they are statistically more likely to wind up in an often life-threatening confrontation with police. Given that the civil service exam score to become a cop is the lowest required of any civil servant, can you really expect marginally intelligent cops to put their lives on the line to try and distinguish who's the good law abiding minority and who's the bad guy? 

In the final analysis, it makes me question just how superior the morons running this society are, since this obvious reality never seems to occur or be appreciated by them. 

The hidden and unstated reason that we continue to fail to nurture the vast majority of our Black and Latino minorities to their potential is that if we did and they did well, we would finally have to come to terms and deal with over 400 years inhuman treatment that is the complete contradiction of our often espoused democratic and religious values.

((Leonard Isenberg is a Los Angeles, observer, and a contributor to CityWatch. He was a second- generation teacher at LAUSD and blogs at perdaily.comLeonard can be reached at [email protected].)



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