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Anaheim School District Sues Juul … Why?


GUEST COMMENTARY-It is amazing to me how taxpayer dollars are thrown around for the purpose of perception. 

JUUL is a manufacturer selling to distributors who sell to retailers. The laws are very clear about how old you must be to purchase a vape pen. 

So why sue JUUL? 

How about making the local jurisdictions accountable to enforce the laws on the books? 

If you leave a restaurant drunk and have an accident, you sue the restaurant, not the maker of the alcohol. The focus should be clear, and the people should not be fooled by frivolous litigation. 

Liquor stores are policed. Cannabis shops are under maximum scrutiny. 

How about using the same rules for liquor and convenience stores that are used for cannabis? Then tax the vapes as you tax cannabis and use the proceeds for an enforcement agency to protect our kids. 

All of this would then make sense, but that is exactly why government will not do it.


(Jay Handal is a long-time community activist and is associated with the cannabis industry.) Prepped for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.



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