Wed, Apr

A Tale of Twelve Voters


IN RHYME--Each stanza is a different personality profile of an American voter.

Happy Halloween : )

I must and will go vote today

and every single time.

Don't really know the issues

but the right to vote is mine.


I'm the uninformed voter and 

I don't know history.

And when the Civil War happened 

is still a mystery!


I'm Democrat for all my life,

dyed in the wool, you see.

And gunna vote on a straight ticket

for a Dem majority!


The GOP is where I stand,

I say this through and through.

And all you fans of CNN,

you really have no clue!


I don't believe in voting,

and frankly I don't vote.

Won't even read the paper,

don't care for what they wrote.


For me, it's all about the Earth,

Green Party works for me.

Even though we're a small group

it's where I have to be!


I don't believe in rule of law

and salute no flag nor land.

And when the anthem starts to ring,

I simply will not stand.


Although the US has some faults

it is the land for me.

Just go see a caravan

and ask a refugee!


We really need Obama back,

his class was off the hook.

He was so Presidential,

NOT like the big orange crook.


I must step up for Mr. Trump

although I am quite Center.

We voted for a President,

NOT a graceful mentor!


We're all about the 2nd A,

it is our cup of 'tea'.

It's how we gained our freedom 

and our sacred liberty!


I don't know what to do now,

I sit here undecided.

I'll just stay home today and watch

a nation more divided.



( Kevin Suscavage … Venter from the Centerhas written about politics on both sides of the aisle. He was involved with Patty Lopez’ successful CA Assembly campaign in 2014.)


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