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Tyrants on the Bench: If the Public Only Knew


CORRUPTION WATCH-For decades, women and sometimes men in Hollywood suffered in silence at the grubby hands and other gross appendages of repulsive creatures like Harvey Weinstein.  Perhaps the most telling comment was made by Matt Damon who remarked that within five minutes of being with Harvey Weinstein, one knew he was a “asshole.” 

Matt Damon’s comment is pertinent because it constitutes an admission by a privileged person about what everyone knew was happening, but which people covered up. Self-censorship became a key to working in Hollywood. Would Good Will Hunting been made if Damon and Affleck had said anything negative about Weinstein? Would they have ever had Hollywood careers if they had even hinted at the obvious?   

Actors’ livelihoods come from studying how people behave. They often invent a back-story to explain their characters’ present behavior in a play or movie. Thus, when confronted with a vicious predator like Weinstein, a decent actor could divine Weinstein’s real-life back-story. Damon’s and Affleck’s failure to add two and two is not a criticism of them, but rather shows how we all behave when confronted by powerful predators. 

The Pussy Grabber-in-Chief, who is now the darling of Evangelicals, bragged he could do it because he was “famous,” but it was not fame that allowed Trump to be a predator. It’s power. 

The Courts Are Worse than the President 

The Presidency is not our most powerful institution. Rather, it is the predatory institution called the judiciary. That is where sexual predation reigns supreme and remains unchecked along with all the other forms of abuse. 

When it comes to the California courts, truth, justice and the American way are all dead. When one enters a California courtroom he or she is subjected to the capricious whims and disgusting predilections of whatever tyrant takes the bench. Judges want to uphold the appearance of impartiality for one reason – if the public learned how viciously judges behaved, it would demand reform.   

People Need to Understand the Reality 

(1) Blacklisting – attorneys who are vocal about miscreant judges are blacklisted. This means that other judges will rule against those troublesome attorneys just to silence them. Your attorney’s advocacy stops when he or she displeases the judicial predator. 

(2) The Commission of Judicial Performance [CJP] – the judiciary dominates the CJP. Its function is to protect the judges from the public’s ire over being abused.  

(3) The State Bar – the State Bar is crucial in protecting the judges. When an attorney should be so bold as to do something the judges dislike, the State Bar will disbar that attorney.  

(4) Imprisoning attorneys who complain – this tool is very effective in shutting up other attorneys. 

Perhaps the most famous victim is former U.S. Department of Justice Attorney Richard I. Fine who objected to the Los Angeles County Superior Court judges’ getting millions of dollars in illegal payments from the county and then ruling in the county’s favor. In retaliation for his revealing the bribes, Judge David Yaffe threw Richard Fine into jail.  

Judge David Yaffe was a particularly reprehensible miscreant. In one case, the City Attorney filed a declaration under penalty of perjury that no recording of a crucial hearing existed. When an employee at the City Clerk’s Office gave the “non-existent tape” to the Petitioner who then gave it to the court, Judge Yaffe immediately dismissed the case in the face of incriminating evidence. Perjury and concealing evidence meant nothing to Judge Yaffe. The villain was the petitioner’s attorney who had obtained a copy of the tape. Had Judge Yaffe solicited the perjured declaration? How did the city attorney know he could get away with perjury and concealing evidence?  

Interestingly, after Richard Fine had exposed the years of bribery of hundreds of Los Angeles County judges, the Commission on Judicial Performance did not find that a single judge had done anything wrong – not even Judge Yaffe who had retaliated by imprisoning Richard Fine. 

Where does a member of the public or an attorney go after becoming victims of judicial rape? Certainly not to the Commission of Judicial Performance or the State Bar. That is asking to be gang raped. 

Right now, death or retirement is what ends the reign of judicial predators. But that is a long time to wait, and scads of Predators-in-Training are eager to replace them. As Hillel said, we must ask ourselves, “If not now, when?” When do we begin the journey to rid ourselves of these vile overlords?  No one will do it for us. The time to act is now. 

Protest groups around the state are isolated and the vicious judiciary employs the Divide and Conquer strategy. People in Orange County, for example, know nothing of the history of CA Supreme Court Justice Cantil-Sakauye while she was in the Sacramento Family Law Courts. She’s been described as a cross between Imelda Marcos and Leona Helmsley with her special chauffeur from the California Highway Patrol.   

The road will be long and some of us will go to prison and others will die along the way, but if we do not act now, the judicial abusers will continue to dominate our society. 

Contact [email protected] and maybe together we can transform our culture so that being a predator is no longer a lofty goal.


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: [email protected]. Abrams views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.

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