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Get the ‘H’ Out of Here: The Battle at Beachwood Canyon


WATCH THE WAR (VIDEO)—The mad-as-hell residents of Beachwood Canyon, Lake Hollywood Estates and environs have had enough. The Hollywood sign may be public but the neighborhood ain’t. It’s the NIMBY Hollywood sign neighbors vs. the rude and disrespectful international and local tourists. Some warn: look for blood in the streets. Or, on the trail. CityWatch contributor Andrew Davis … camera in hand … offers both sides of the Beachwood Battle … direct from the ‘war zone.’ 

First, meet Sarjane Schwartz.

Sarjane is a former actress and the president of the Hollywoodland Homeowner’s Association and … most will tell you … the Beachwood patriot who fired the first shot.


Here’s the rest of Andrew Davis’ video story on the Beachwood Battle:


  • Why is it so hard to get to the Hollywood Sign 


  • Tony Fisch: City illegally directed tourism to my neighborhood 


  • Christine O’Brien: Save the Hollywoodland Gifted Park 


(Andrew Davis is a videographer/producer, host of the Millennial Project and a CityWatch contributor.)

Continue to follow the Beachwood Battle on CityWatch. Your comments are welcome.



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