CORRUPTION WATCH-Senator John McCain’s condemnation of Trump’s fawning over Vladimir Putin was mild when one considers the utter humiliation and degradation which Trump bought upon the United States.

VOICES--Good Luck, if you are middle class and searching for a new place to live in this City of “Angels”.

BALLOT CHANGE--The California Supreme Court on Wednesday decided to block a ballot initiative to split the state into three parts after the measure had gathered enough signatures to put it before the voters in November.

EXCLUSIVE TO CITYWATCH—-DEEGAN ON LA--A very controversial development project that would have sent housing units twenty-six stories into the sky in the Fairfax neighborhood was grounded today

GELFAND’S WORLD--After WWII, behavioral scientists concerned with how fascism arose in Europe tried various methods of testing people for authoritarian tendencies.

It may be en vogue among a certain group to express concern about the influence of Russian oligarchs within our political system,

GUEST WORDS--Snatching immigrant babies may have scored some points for President Trump with his base, but it was never going to light up the scoreboard like tackling black jocks.

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-As an officer in a neighborhood association, USC adjunct who taught courses of sustainable city planning, and a CityWatchLA columnist, I remain skeptical about market-driven transit oriented development (TOD).

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-In Los Angeles, like other large U.S. cities, residents and visitors are forced to make many sacrifices, most justified by public officials’ claims that local budgets are tight.

EASTSIDER-I know, it sounds like some crazed lefty conspiracy theory, but hear me out before you rush to judgment. I have a theory ... about that Military.

PARIS AGREEMENT AT RISK--On Thursday, over two dozen climate scientists sent a letter to California Governor Jerry Brown, urging him to phase out oil and gas production in the state before the start of the Global Climate Action Summit,

ALPERN AT  LARGE--From red, white, and blue to orange and green, the colors still are associated with independence ... independence from cars, or at least providing another option.

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