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FUNDRAISING - In an age where news is dominated by big corporations and sensational headlines, independent journalism plays a crucial role in providing balanced, local coverage that holds local government accountable and addresses the pressing issues of our communities. CityWatch, a prominent voice in Los Angeles, has been at the forefront of this noble endeavor. However, like many independent news outlets, we rely on the support of our readers to continue this invaluable work. This is why CityWatch is asking for your support through donations, whether on a monthly or one-time basis.

Local Writers, Local Topics:

CityWatch takes pride in its commitment to Los Angeles. Our team of local writers focuses on topics that directly impact our daily lives – from housing crises and transportation challenges to environmental concerns and public health issues. We address local issues and ensure that our readers are well-informed about what's happening in their community.


CityWatch doesn't just report on the issues that affect all LA stakeholders, we investigate, ask questions, and scrutinize the actions of local government officials. We have been able to uncover corruption, conflicts of interest, and mismanagement of resources. This level of accountability is crucial to maintaining the integrity of our local institutions and ensuring that they work for the benefit of all Angelenos.

Independent Journalism:

Independent journalism is the backbone of a healthy democracy. It offers an alternative to mainstream media, which can be influenced by corporate interests. CityWatch's independence allows us to offer articles without fear of censorship, ensuring that the public receives an unfiltered perspective on important issues.

Bridging Information Gaps:

CityWatch plays a pivotal role in bridging information gaps in Los Angeles. We cover stories that may not receive attention from larger media outlets, ensuring that residents are aware of critical developments in their neighborhoods. This inclusive approach to reporting fosters a sense of community and engagement among readers.

Quality Reporting:

To maintain the high standards that CityWatch is known for, we need your financial support. Donations, whether on a monthly or one-time basis, help fund investment in our technical platform, cover operating costs, and future expansion, insuring that CityWatch remains accessible to all. Your support directly contributes to the continuation of quality reporting.

We thank you for your continued readership and support.  Help us keep CityWatch's mission alive, serving as a vital resource for the community by addressing local issues, holding local government accountable, and providing a platform for informed civic discourse.

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