The CityWatch Top Stories of 2023


MOST READ - As we reflect on the year 2023, CityWatch brings you the 10 most read stories that have shaped our city, from political dramas to societal challenges and heartfelt letters. Here are the standout stories that captured the attention of Angelenos. 

They are listed from #10 to #1.

You can review them by clicking on any of these links:

#10 - “Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities” and the Case of Abigail Martinez

Marc Ang

#9 - MWD Governance - How’s Adel Hagekhalil Doing?

Tony Butka

#8 - San Francisco Is Dying. Is LA Next?

Mark Dutton

#7 - Pit Bull Attack at L.A. Animal Services Shelter Severely Injures Employee, Volunteer – Will New GM Respond?

Phyllis M Daugherty

#6 - Another Media Feeding Frenzy – Judge Cara D. Hutson

Richard Lee Abrams

#5 - Student Suicides at Harvard-Westlake.  No Coverage in a One Newspaper Town

Yuval Kremer

#4 - We Know Who Killed Sheriff Deputy Clinkunbroomer, but Who Murdered Him?

Richard Lee Abrams

#3 - Former LA Chief & Councilmember Bernard C. Parks Re. Mark Ridley-Thomas’ Trial and City Hall Corruption

Bernard C. Parks

#2 - Mayor Karen Bass Betrays Los Angeles

Yuval Kremer

#1 - Pit Bull Owned by Girlfriend of Detroit Lions’ David Montgomery Attacks Neighbor and Dog

Phyllis M Daugherty

And there you have the 10 most popular stories on CityWatch according to our readers.

(Jim Hampton is the Publisher and Editor of  Jim has over 40 years experience in radio broadcasting, marketing and content creation.  He helped Ken Draper launch CityWatch on the web nearly 20 years ago.)