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Another Media Feeding Frenzy – Judge Cara D. Hutson


THE VIEW FROM HERE -Oh, how we love to feel so self-righteous. Give us a tidbit and we’re off on our vindictive witch hunts. This time the target is San Bernardino Judge Cara D. Hutson. She lowered the bail on a defendant, he bailed out, he shot Sheriff Deputy Cordero. Thus, Judge Hutson is at fault. Gather up the pitchforks and let’s mob the courthouse. Life is more complex than that.

CA Judge Cara D. Hutson

The California Judiciary System is a Crimogenic Institution Run by Thugs 

Most people do not know that the California judiciary is vilely corrupt, comprised of primarily two types of judges and justices: (1) vicious predators, and (2) cowards who remain silent. Due to the Thomas Girardi Scandal, however, the California judiciary is presently consumed with covering up its vast corruption of the judges in probate-conservatorship courts, family law courts, criminal courts and civil courts. 

Briefly, Thomas Girardi was one of Los Angeles most famed attorneys wining huge verdicts for victims. He is most famous to the public for advising Erin Brockovich, who obtained a $333 million settlement from Pacific Gas & Electric for contaminating their groundwater. What the public did not know and many other California attorneys did not know is that Girardi was paying off judges and justices from the plaintiffs’ portion of the lawsuits. He was also looting his clients’ funds to enhance the lifestyle of his wife, Erika Jayne of "The Real Housewives in Beverly Hills." Girardi is alleged to have maintained a brothel for judges and justice at his Yellowstone Lodge as a perk of staying on his good side. As evidence that judges are not too smart, it never occurred to them that their sexcapades were being videotaped.


Thomas Girardi  

After the Girardi Corruption was uncovered by a federal judge in Chicago, the California judiciary, which was controlled by former Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye, tried to squelch the scandal, but the Chicago judge reported Girardi to the Federal authorities and too many of Girardi’s victims renewed their clamoring for the Chief Justice Tani to resign so that a California investigation could be had. Chief Justice Tani had ignored over 150 complaints against Girardi involving hundreds of millions of dollars of missing client funds. Chief Justice Tani not only controlled the courts, but also the Judicial Council, the Commission of Judicial Performance, and the State Bar. Thus, she was able to protect corrupt judges and disbar attorneys who objected to corruption.


Former Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye

Role of California’s Crimogenic Judiciary and Judge Hutson 

Prejudice, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism share an essential feature – the individual is not judged by their individual character but by the group to which they belong. Judging a person by the alleged characteristics of an alleged group is per se bigotry, e.g. “Jews refuse Jesus Christ,” and thus, judges may rule against Jewish attorneys as non-Christian troublemakers. Chief Justice Tani supports this interpretation of Cal. Const. art VI sec. 10 last sentence. This philosophy also protects judges who are Friends of Thomas. 

Another group which is similarly judged on the basis of group membership are criminal defendants. I’ve heard assistant district attorneys, when face with clear exculpatory evidence, say, “Well if he didn’t do this, he did something else we don’t know about.” Police Testi-Lying is an art form under the same rational — if someone belongs to the group “defendants,” then they did something wrong. Thus, justice requires perjury. This bias arose during the Rampart Scandal where Officer Perez and his partner tried to murder Javier Ovando. When Ovando survived, they manufactured a bogus case of his attempting to murder them. Long story short, on November 21, 2000, Ovando received a $15 million settlement for his wrongful conviction. 

But for Officer Perez’ touching off the Ramparts Scandal and tipping off the public, Ovando would still be in jail. Thus, one can understand the panic which beset Chief Justice Tani and the rest the rapacious fiends running the crimogenic judiciary, when the Chicago federal judge caught Girardi. The Girardi Scandal could result in judges’ exposure. Thomas Girardi was quickly declared mentally incompetent. That means Girardi cannot finger any of the judges and justices who were beneficiaries of his decades’ long theft of hundreds of millions of dollars. 

No Matter How Bad a Group to Which an Individual Belongs, Each Person Gets Judged on Their Merits 

Currently, Judge Cara Hutson is being blamed for Deputy Isaiah Cordero’s death for reducing the bail of William Shea Mckay. Shall we judge Cara Hutson because she belongs to the pathologically corrupt judiciary? Shall we judge her because she appears white and she reduced the bail for a defendant who appears white? Or, shall we look at some facts – we can look at only some of the facts since all of them are not known. 

1). Is Judge Hutson a liberal soft on crime judge? 

Her page on the Robing Room has only three comments all of which were negative and all from defense side. For example. 

“Absolutely surprised how BAD Judge Hutson was. My client was so clearly innocent, the prosecutorial misconduct was rampant, and my client was fully acquitted in a 2 strikes case very quickly despite this judge's bad rulings, stupid comments and mistreatment of defense counsel, defense witnesses and perjury by the prosecution and their witnesses. After acquittal this judge called in officers of the law to "deal with defense counsel" because she did not understand she had NO jurisdiction to send my client back to the jail... per PC 1165, he can walk out with me! She refused, then disappeared and sent out a law enforcement negotiator.” 

There are no complaints by prosecutors. The Robing Room has no evidence that Judge Hutson is pro-defendant. 

2).  Why was McKay’s bail reduced? 

McKay faced several felonies but he was convicted of only “false imprisonment, evading a peace officer, criminal threats likely to result in death or great bodily injury and receiving stolen property. McKay was found not guilty of kidnapping and kidnapping to commit robbery or rape.” Judge Cara D. Hutson delayed sentencing at least two times after a motion was entered for a new trial. McKay’s original bail was set at $950,000 in June 2021.  After the verdicts, including his acquittal on kidnapping charges, Hutson reduced his bail to $500,000.”  December 29, 2022, LA Times, Gunman Who Killed Riverside County Deputy Should Have Been Jailed on ‘Three Strikes,’ Sheriff Says, by Richard Winton, Gregory Yee, Matthew Ormseth, Christian Martinez 

First, kudos to the LA Times for providing this vital data which other media ignored as they whip up another feeding frenzy of righteous indignation. 

Under San Bernardino County bail schedule, bail for kidnapping is $500,000 [Hutson set $950,000] abd bail for false imprisonment is only $250,000 [Hutson set $500,000]. Thus, both times, Judge Hutson has set McKay’s bail significantly higher than the bail schedule. Most of the media, however, give the false impression that Judge Hutson set him free. 

Second, these facts strongly suggest that Judge Hutson followed the judicial council guidelines, but on the more punitive side. When McKay had been acquitted on the most serious charges and his attorneys had filed motions for new trial, the trial court judge could have reduced bailed to only $250,000.

Yet, Judge Hutson set it at double the bail schedule. She did not give him a Get out of Jail Free card. She had presided over the trial. Thus, Judge Hutson saw things which none of us have seen. Suppose she was inclined to grant the new trial motion? In those circumstances, would one expect McKay to engage in criminal behavior before a new trial? 

Judge Hutson, like each individual, merits evaluation based on the facts, not on her membership in a corrupt institution. 

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].   The opinions expressed by Mr. Abrams are solely his and not necessarily those of CityWatch.)