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Canadian Gambling Preferences And Statistics


Gambling And Canadians: How Popular Is Gambling In Canada In 2023

Canadians always had an advantage over other countries regarding gambling: this country always had clear regulations and enabled local gambling houses to strive. However, more people today enjoy online casinos, especially apps like the Pin-Up casino. Did the popularity of online casinos change anything for Canadians? Let's find out.

Gambling Statistics In Canada

A big number of Canadians bet, with 60% doing so rather regularly. Each Canadian spends around 6.75 Canadian dollars per month on gambling: it is not a lot, but this small portion of funds has led to an increase in revenue from gambling for Ontario in 2020 (3.8 million Canadian dollars)). It's worth noting that this occurred during the COVID-19 restrictions, so it's no surprise).

Now, let's talk money in terms of the entire Canadian market. The internet gambling industry is growing, with 19.3 million active users: 56% of gamblers are men, and 43% are women: all these players gamble mainly in licensed casinos such as Pin-Up Casino.

Moreover, Canada's online gaming sector reached $1.2 billion in sales the following year (2021). Such data proves that the online market is developing (partially still because of COVID-19 restrictions). However, there is a problem: even in respectable casinos such as Pin Up, which offers safe gambling options, players struggle with addiction.

Despite this, 83% think individual responsibility is crucial in reducing excessive gambling (i.e., players should utilize trustworthy casinos like Pin-Up to manage their budgets and stop down games when they play too much).

And now, the most exciting part: what about 2023? Here's a shocker: in 2023, Canada's entire revenue from gambling reached approximately $16.6 billion. It is not yet known how much online gambling contributed to these numbers, given that 2023 is still ongoing and we will likely receive more data in 2024. But what is clear is that this growth can be linked to causes such as rising disposable incomes for Canadian citizens, technology improvements, improved regulations, and the entering of the market of more reputable casinos like Pin Up Canada.

Online Gambling In Canada

The online gambling market in Canada has grown significantly due to factors such as greater internet access, broad mobile device usage, and the emergence of licensed casinos like PinUp Casino. Moreover, online casinos in Canada seem to have great marketers as their targeted adverts have successfully drawn a bigger audience: take, for instance, Boba Fett from Star Wars, an all-time favorite.

Because of the combination of entertainment and gambling, internet gaming platforms have grown in popularity. Here are some statistics to support the claim: 55% of gamblers use online platforms and mobile apps to play slots or place bets. 


Land-based casinos will never grow out of popularity because such establishments offer more advanced, often luxurious, services. Players visit land-based casinos with friends and families to have fun and socialize. However, recent statistical data shows that more gamblers today prefer online apps as they are more accessible, fair, and have cool bonuses and interactive loyalty programs (not to mention regular tournaments and other fun options).



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