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Top Job Boards to Land a Job in California


EMPLOYMENT SEARCH - According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has had around 1 million job openings a month in 2023. California is lacking in employment opportunities (with new ones being created every day). However, the question remains: What is the best way to find out about job openings in California?

In this short article, we’re going to take a look at the top job boards for people looking to land a job in California (both privately-run job boards and state-run ones as well). Stay up-to-date on job opportunities in California, and put all the chances on your side to land the job you want.


Finding jobs on Lensa is easy thanks to its intuitive AI-powered search engine. Lensa prides itself in putting the latest technological advances in AI and machine learning to the service of job seekers – the goal being to not only help job seekers find a job, but to help them find the right job: one they are ideally qualified for, that they will excel in and will provide long-term growth opportunities.

Beyond searching for job opportunities in California, on Lensa’s website you can also:

  • Take a workstyle assessment test (in the form of a game) to reveal your soft skills and the type of work environment you are likely to thrive in
  • Watch videos and read articles on tips to help you land your dream job
  • Sign up for email alerts for jobs in your sector and/or location

California Job Department

Despite its officious-sounding name, California Job Department is a private entity not associated with the State of California. The site is powered by Jobcase, Inc. but caters specifically to the California job market.

Job seekers can browse the many employment opportunities the site hosts in a number of ways.

  • By city (with the state divided into 40 different cities)
  • By company
  • By industry (featuring 23 different industries ranging from military-specific occupations to arts, design, and entertainment)
  • By job title

The site also provides job seekers with a number of valuable resources to help in their job search.

  • Articles on resume writing
  • Sample resumes and cover letters
  • Links to guides on how to prepare and nail the job interview
  • Salary calculator
  • A payscale cost of living calculator
  • And much more…

AJCC (America’s Job Center of California)

Not only can you find out about current job openings at your local AJCC, but you may even be eligible for financial assistance in training to level up your resume. This is especially the case if you are interested in a job in a high-growth sector such as healthcare, transportation, or information technology.

To date, there are 191 AJCC locations throughout California, with 17 in Los Angeles County alone. At your local AJCC, you can benefit from the following services:

  • Career planning and skills assessment conducted by dedicated professionals
  • Help with drafting a resume
  • Notices about job openings in both the private and public sector
  • Information and assistance in obtaining financial assistance for job training


Much like the AJCC, CalJOBS is run by the state. CalJOBS is the State of California’s online website aimed to provide both employers and job seekers with resources to help them navigate the state’s workforce service.

By visiting the CalJOBS website, you can:

  • Conduct industry- or location-specific job searches
  • Find out about education or training programs
  • Create resumes and cover letters
  • Research prospective employers
  • Gain insights into the current job market and employment trends
  • Set up alerts for job offers in your field and/or location
  • Apply directly to jobs you find through the site
  • Find resources and information regarding unemployment insurance


For job seekers looking for employment opportunities specifically in Los Angeles County LAcareers.com might be worth checking out. Unlike some of the more popular online job boards, posting a job offer on this portal does cost the employer a little bit of money. (This goes a long way toward cutting down on – if not outright eliminating the spam offers that often clutter the more popular websites.)

The drawback to this online jobs portal is that job offers stay on the site from 60 days up to a year (depending on the package the employer bought). Additionally, the website design leaves a lot to be desired (in case you are nostalgic for 1990s-style websites).

In Conclusion

All of the job boards featured in this short article are completely free to use for job seekers. To further increase your chances of landing the job you want in California, take each job board for a test run, sign up for job alerts, and don’t stop until you’ve found and landed the job you want!




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