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Top 5 Online Casino Games with The Poorest Odds


ONLINE GAMING - Today, every adult that have internet connection, can visit a casino without leaving his home.

There is no need to put nice clothes on and go miles away from a house. Just open your computer or even a smartphone, find the site for gamblers, register there and play, taking fun of the process and making money when winning

Naturally, when we mention the money question, we must say that sometimes, every gambler loses. The sum of this loss can be different — from several cents to even thousands! Thus, the question appears: how can you minimize these losses and make more than you spend on your bets? 

Odds are very important

All casino games online are different — no one can argue with this statement. Besides, games are created the way to let a casino win more often than gamblers can do it. Otherwise, the house can be bankrupt. However, some games of chance bring players more benefits and money than the other ones.

The secret is hidden in the so-called “games’ odds” — the winning chances, which a game gives to a gambler. When players lose in a game often, we call it the game with a “high house edge”. Here, the advantage of a casino over its customers is very high.

Naturally, even the games with the worst odds are played: gamblers often play to get much fun and money is not so important for them. Meanwhile, all will tell you that winnings are very pleasant and beneficial moments. Ask a jackpot winner what he felt when he got his millions/ thousands. He would tell you that that was the coolest excitement and the greatest emotion he ever felt in his life.

Therefore, players must know the games, which give them the worst chances to win. It does not mean that they must give up playing them. Simply having the information, gamblers will know for sure what to expect.

Casino games with the worst odds — top 5

Reading the information below, you will understand which games bring gamblers more losses than other ones. In brief, these are slots, Poker, Keno, Roulette, and Sic Bo. Here we go. 


Gaming machines called slots usually are the most popular games among all internet players. It will be very difficult to imagine any casino that does not offer its customers to gamble playing slots.

There are many reasons to choose the exact slot here. Easy gameplay is the most important one. You should not be a professional gambler to play any slot. Everything is simple. Even a newcomer, a very young 18-year old guy, or a retired person can easily understand the sense of the game. You just pick the number of reels (sometimes, this option is missed as the reels’ number is never changed), make a bet, and push a button of Start.

However, this popularity never means that slots are picked for the reason of bringing more money than other games. The odds of winning a jackpot on such a machine equal almost 1 chance to 50 million! Just imagine how lucky you should be to hit this target! Certainly, there are many other pleasant prizes, which can be won while playing slots. These wins can come to you frequently and add much excitement. This is also a good reason to play slots. Here are the best free online slots.

Sic Bo

This dice game is chosen not very often (slots are played more frequently). It comes from Asia and in Europe, Australia and both Americas Sic Bo has fewer fans. Its sense is to predict which side, the player, or the banker will win, and which number will fall. 3 dice are thrown, and the game starts.

As soon as Sic Bo offers too many chances to win with different bets, the winning payouts also differ. The most frequent one is 1:1. Here, as you understand, you do not lose, but you also do not win. The largest payout is 180:1, but the chance of getting such a cool chance is so tiny, that it can be called a zero — 0.46% only! 


This is a very famous game. Those, who watched movies about James Bond, remember that the main hero often played Roulette and turned to be a winner. However, in real life Roulette players do not win so often and easily like it is shown in films.

In the long run, many players leave the Roulette table being losers. It is not so easy to guess the number, which will be chosen by the ball. However, if a person bets all money only on 1 number and this bet plays, he will get a great win! This win will be paid 35:1 (roulette has 36 numbers and zero). Meanwhile, the probability of getting this prize is as small as 2.6%. 


Keno lottery has already lost its former popularity. Years ago, millions used to play it, wishing to get the main prize, which size reached millions of dollars. Meanwhile, it is also presented at online casinos — the game still has fans.

The sense of the game is to choose a set of numbers (out of 80). Then the draw starts. The winning will depend on the quantity of numbers that you “guessed”. The smallest wins have pretty high 1:4 odds. However, the chance to get the main prize is miserable — 1: 8,911,712! 


Those, who play poker professionally, become famous players and they make millions and billions! However, they devote all their lives to the game. They study poker and learn the game trick constantly. They train to play poker many hours a day. Everything in their life depends on the game.

If you are not a Poker pro, the odds that you will win in this game are very small. Often, skilled players compete online with the beginners without leaving the latter ones chances to make at least some money. 




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