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Apps for Remote Work-Week



AT HOME WORKERS - Working from home has become the norm in 2022. 

Most of us are working from our bedrooms, and we notice that the lines between professional and personal become really blurred when you're living and working from the same space day in and day out.  

But, this doesn't mean that being productive when you're working from home isn't an issue. Actually, you can face a lot of different distractions, be it from family members or just your phone; for this reason, we have reviewed great apps that will brighten your day, help you reach your goals, and have fun along the way.  

Mobile Games 

You can still have fun on your break when you're working from home. We get that it can be boring and repetitive, and you might miss-manage your time and end up working more than you are supposed to work, but it's important to take regular breaks in order to give your mind some time to process everything that has happened so far, recharge, and have fun with your favorite mobile games. 

If you're not into gaming, then you can easily find mobile games from an array of categories, including first-shooter games, action games, puzzles, and many, many different options.

Moreover, if you are not interested in mobile games but you want to play games of chance, then you will be happy to know that there are hundreds of different casino sites which host blackjack, roulette, and everything in between. All you need to do is signup on Novibet and you can start playing right away.


Trello is an app that a lot of people use for their jobs, but even if you don't use it for your day-to-day job, it can really be helpful to stay on top of your goals, personal projects, or even professional tasks.

It uses Kanban boards to accurately provide a detailed overview of your current and past tasks or chores. It is also synchronized with the web and desktop version as well as a mobile app which means you can easily use it on the move or whenever you need your account.


If you're curious about how you can improve your language fluency, just by practicing with Duolingo every day, then this award-winning mobile application has the perfect features for you.  It has quizzes, fun games, and tests that will help you achieve your goals and also communicate more fluently. It covers a great range of languages, and the lessons can be offered in your native tongue. 


Sometimes listening to music can be a great way to recharge and stay focused for a longer period of time. Spotify allows you to personalize the creative playlist that will really get you in the right mood. So, if you are looking to take a break and even have a workout and there are short energizing playlists that will help you reach that goal. 

The machine learning algorithm will shower you with personalized recommendations regarding new artists, lesser-known genres, and even special playlists with your favorite songs. But, what's more, you can also listen to podcasts on Spotify. There are literally thousands of podcasts in every category imaginable, from podcasts on cryptocurrencies to celebrities, literature, personal development, and anything else.  




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