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‘Best Friends’ Pit-Bull Politics Ignores Attacks, Deaths, Cruelty


ANIMAL WATCH - Best Friends Animal Society appears to be in the midst of a political campaign to revoke the rights of cities, villages, towns and states nationwide to pass or enforce Breed Specific Laws (BSL) for public safety, including prohibiting Pit Bulls or other dangerous dog breeds.

The multi-million dollar non-profit organization that begs for money each time their website is entered, claims it can save all animals. But, the failure of its “No Kill” policy for shelters was announced in its own media release and discussed in last week’s article, 'No Kill' Has Failed.  ‘Best Friends’ Leaves LA City Animal Services Shelter, Annenberg Steps In

Best Friends’ national “No Kill” program has finally been revealed as inhumane.

“No Kill” means holding animals in cages and kennels for months or years and is a cruel living-death for unadoptable dogs and cats—and agonizing for shelter staff and volunteers. Pit Bulls, especially, are kept in isolated kennels after vicious maulings, attacks and “canine homicides” of adults and children who believed the dog just need love. 

Prior to the statistics showing that you cannot continue to stockpile known-aggressive dogs and unadoptable cats in the limited amount of space of animal shelters and the homes of “rescuers,” Best Friends was announcing that the entire nation would be “No Kill” by 2025.

Best Friends—Really Animal Experts?

A current Amazon review of the book, “Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgment,”which changed its name on Louisiana corporation records several times and finally to Best Friends Animal Society, describes:

“The Process Church of the Final Judgment was the apocalyptic shadow side of the flower-powered ’60s and perhaps the most notorious cult of modern times. Love, Sex, Fear, Death is the shocking, surprising, and secretive inside story of The Process Church, which was later transformed into Foundation Faith of the Millennium, and most recently as the Utah-based animal sanctuary, Best Friends.” (Read more here.)


If Pit Bulls killed only the dog fighters who breed and raise them for their aggression toward other dogs, we wouldn’t be having daily conversations about the victims—other than to address the atavistic, sick (but lucrative) “sport” of dog fighting, and its cruelty to animals.

But, with almost daily reports of attacks and deaths of innocent human and animal victims, we have to wonder why Best Friends Animal Society is involved in attempting to revise laws through legislative bodies all over the country—and without a vote by residents—to repeal breed-specific legislation. BSL allows various degrees of prohibitions against  owning/keeping certain breeds—primarily Pit Bulls, but also other dangerous dogs. These safety measures were put in place by the communities where the voters pay taxes (and ultimately foot the bills for any attacks that take place on municipal property.)


Family Pit Bull “Snaps” and Kills 89-Year-Old Grandmother

On August 10, a frail and helpless Las Vegas grandmother, 89, identified as Joan Caffiel, was mauled to death by the family’s Pit Bull inside her home—with a caretaker present, Las Vegas Police Department reports.

The dog involved was Buck, a “rescue” pit bull. “There was not a mean bone in that dog’s body, that dog would sleep with us every night, and he loved grandma,” the grandson said.

But on that day, Buck had a strange way of expressing his love.

In a later report by 8NewsNow, relatives say ‘Buck’ was 8 years old and had been a family dog for six years. Prior to this incident, he never shown any signs of aggression. “But on Tuesday, Buck snapped,” the report states.

The pair were described as “being close,” according to the family. Buck would often cuddle up next to her. “They would be nose to nose every day on the bed right there,” said her great-grandson.

On Tuesday morning the caretaker, Kelly, left the woman and the Pit Bull in the bedroom and went to the kitchen, according to the News report.

 “I heard like a strange noise,” said Kelly. She returned to the bedroom, where Buck was attacking Caffiel.

“He had her by the neck and was dragging her body to the second room.”

Kelly said she tried yelling at Buck, but nothing worked. “At that point, he was pretty much eating her alive,” according to 8NewsNow report.

Kelly called Caffiel’s family and 911 right away and said when police arrived they got a hold of Buck, but the damage was already done, and the victim was pronounced dead when emergency services arrived.

Buck was taken away by Las Vegas Animal Control and placed on legal hold during the investigation.

The family does not want Buck euthanized, the report states. However, there was no mention of which family members would now take him into their home.


A Florida postal worker who was attacked by a pack of five dogs died from her injuries, authorities said.

 (Author’s note: Although the breed of the dogs is not provided in news reports, they can be seen here and appear to be Pit Bulls—which are commonly called “mixed breed.”)

 WTLV reports the incident occurred Sunday afternoon after the woman, Pamela Jane Rock’s USPS delivery vehicle broke down in a rural area in Putnam County. As she waited for assistance, officials say all five dogs broke through the fence of a nearby home and started attacking her.

Neighbors tried to intervene, but by the time deputies arrived, the 61-year-old had already suffered traumatic injuries. 

“She had one arm amputated before she passed, and they had her other limbs in slings trying to save them. Her heart stopped twice, and her blood pressure was all over the place,” Rock’s niece, Kaydee Richley, told WTLV.

 Richley said her family is still in shock. “They were negligent in the care of their animals. They did not just attack her, they were ripping her apart,” Richley said.

“She just started this job in December. She had finished up her training and she was just so excited for this new adventure,” Rock’s niece told WTLV.

 Deputies applied tourniquets and provided first aid until rescue units arrived. Rock was transported to a nearby hospital and then flown to a trauma center in Gainesville in critical condition. She succumbed to her injuries Monday evening, the sheriff's office said.

 Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Chief told CNN it wasn’t the first time animal control has been called to the area where the attack took place. He said the five dogs that attacked Rock will be euthanized, and depending on the evidence, the owners could face charges.


 A 59-year-old man was attacked by five Pit Bulls while walking to have coffee with his sister. “I really don’t remember what was running through my mind but survival,” he told KLFY10News. They threw me down twice and I just kept trying to keep them from getting to my artery. One of them came and tried to grab me in the neck on the left side, he told reporters, “I reached out and grabbed her and she caught me on the ear.”

 Read original story: Man hospitalized after attacked by 5 loose Pit Bulls near Sunset.

 The victim has identified himself to News 10 as Johnathan Zenon, 59, and shared graphic pictures of his wounds from his hospital bed with TV New Orleans


 Statistics have been kept by leading organizations (including DogsBite.org and National Pit Bull Victims Awareness), extracting information from media releases, police reports and court documents. There is no excuse—the evidence is overwhelming and the dead or mutilated bodies of living victims (humans and animals) are strewn around the world.

2020 analysis and 16-year period summary (DogsBite.org):

46 U.S. dog bite-related fatalities occurred in 2020. Despite being regulated in Military Housing areas and over 900 U.S. cities, Pit Bulls contributed to 72% (33) of these deaths. Pit bulls make up about 6.2% of the total U.S. dog population. 

During the 16-year period of 2005 to 2020, canines killed 568 Americans. Two dog breeds, pit bulls (380) and rottweilers (51), contributed to 76% (431) of these deaths. 37 different dog breeds were involved in the remaining fatal dog maulings.

Why does Best Friends need to interfere around the country with communities being able to determine their own future regarding whether they want to risk Pit Bulls living next door?

See also: Pit Bull Attack Epidemic Spreads Worldwide – 87 Human Victims in US, Canada in 2 Months 

Advocates countered that it would be more cost-effective and efficient to address the issue at the state level. One cited a model calculated by Best Friends Animal Society. 


Last year two bills were sponsored to specify that local governments can enact laws regarding dogs, but those laws cannot target any particular breed. Their bills would negate any breed-specific bans and regulations in the state. 

Others argue that the issue was about property rights and that absent a clear threat to people’s safety, dogs can’t just be taken from their owners. But others argued breed-specific legislation has been proven to increase overall safety in some areas. 

In last year’s depate one Representative observed, “I’ve always said we’re always all for local control, until we want to take it away.” 

Rep. Craig Fishel, said that as a former local elected official, he found it offensive that state representatives thought they knew better how to keep his community safe. 

Advocates countered that it would be more cost-effective and efficient to address the issue at the state level. One cited a model calculated by Best Friends Animal Society estimating that Missouri spent $8.9 million on enforcement of these laws. 

This year, Missouri State Rep. Ron Hicks (R-Defiance) is sponsoring  HB 1657, which prohibits villages, towns, and cities from regulating dogs in a breed-specific manner. 


On March 17, 2021, after the death of a young student attacked by a Pit Bull, “Jayce’s Law” (H-4094) was introduced in the South Carolina legislature, with provisions for spay/neuter and also microchipping of pit bulls.

See:  Pit Bull Attacks are Not ‘Accidents’ 

“Rep. Elmore stated in his testimony, the only groups that oppose the bill are out-of-state—the same groups we deal with every year when fighting state preemption bills that would prohibit local pit bull ordinances: the Big Three: American Kennel Club (AKC) and Animal Farm Foundation, both New York-based, and Best Friends Animal Society, Utah-based.” 

“I see no standing for these three organizations,” he said. 

We asked, why would Best Friends Animal Society be in another state opposing “life-saving” spay/neuter and microchipping for Pit Bulls? (This also raises the question: Is donor money being spent for legislative purposes?) 

Excelsior Springs, Mo., ended its 35-year ban on Pit Bulls.

On August 3, the town of Excelsior Springs, MO, city council voted to end a ban on Pit Bulls enacted in 1987.

Excelsior Springs is a city but also part of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The municipal shelter in Kansas City is reportedly managed by Brent Toellner,  who is listed as the Senior Director of National Programs for Best Friends Animal Society. He, along with his wife, are listed as co-founder the Kansas City Pet Project KCPP) which  bid on the contract to run the municipal shelter in Kansas City, MO.

Kansas City is No. 5 in the U.S. Postal Service list of dog attacks on postal carriers in 2021.

In another part of the world, off-leash dog attacks horse in Sydney’s Centennial Park – WHAT WE CAN LEARN.


The alarming 45-second video captured the loose dog lunging for a horse in a designated on-leash area of a Sydney park. The horse ran in circles in an attempt to avoid being bitten, as several people tried to stop the dog. It appears the person who finally got hold of the dog may have been one of the owners.

At first, the owners fled the scene with the dog without saying anything, according to the horse owner. However, a later report on Tuesday, said the owners “have since come forward.” They have apologized to all involved and been fined $330, according to the report.

The owner of the dog reportedly went on Facebook to thank everyone who helped and begged dog owners to keep dogs leashed in the park and keep them off the horse track for the safety of the horses and the public.


Aug 3, 2022 — Footage of the  bulldog viciously attacking a horse in Centennial Park has sparked calls for some dog breeds to be banned in Australia.

Most animal behaviouralists argue banning specific breeds does not improve public safety, however many jurisdictions, including NSW, maintain the practice helps prevent dog attacks, writes Yahoo Environment Editor Michael Dahlstrom.

 “Councils have a range of powers to reduce the risk of dog attacks, including the ability to classify certain dogs as restricted, dangerous or menacing,” a NSW Office of Local Government spokesperson said.

Dahlstrom cites a case in 2011 in which a four-year-old girl was mauled to death by a neighbor's pet Pit Bull Terrier in her living room.

 This incident led Victorian authorities to make dangerous dog owners criminally liable if their animal kills a human or causes grievous bodily harm.

The law applies to animals declared menacing or dangerous, as well as restricted breeds. Owners are required to comply with safety requirements including housing, muzzling and identification, he states.

He contacted attorney Ike Nwokolo from Slater and Gordon, who was involved in the case and advises, “If banning dog breeds reduces the chance of an attack, it is about minimizing risk.”

 “Some American pit bulls have been known to attack, so my answer is what's the risk in being overly cautious, rather than leaving it to chance?” Mr. Nwokolo told Yahoo News Australia, adding that, “If such measures as are now required had been in place at the time the child was killed, she would be alive now.”

 “I say it’s better to take preventative action,” he told Yahoo News.

 Can America—and Best Friends Animal Society learn from others? Is their political activism the type of "lifesaving" people expect when they make their monthly donation?

(Phyllis M. Daugherty is a contributor to CityWatch and a former Los Angeles City employee.)