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Holiday Fundraiser To Send Transgender Youth To Free Camp


The Laurel Foundation has been providing mental health and social support programs free of charge to transgender/gender diverse youth and youth affected by HIV/AIDS for over 29 years, changing the lives of thousands of youth.

For 10 years, The Laurel Foundation has been a beneficiary of The Leslies’ Annual Toy Drive and Fundraiser, which collects holiday toys for the children and youth and funds to support The Laurel Foundation’s programs. 

This year the event will honor Jamie Lee Curtis with the Youth Empowerment Award for her ongoing support of causes to support and empower youth. 

In the words of a parent, here is why we need to support this cause: 

"The Laurel Foundation saved our child's life! You'll never know how much it has meant to us over the years for our child to be in an accepting, loving place where they can be themselves. The Laurel Foundation came along when they (and us!) truly needed someone to hold our hands and walk with us through the trenches. The Laurel Foundation brought light into the darkness that we all were experiencing. We grieved the loss of all that we had dreamt of from the moment we looked into our child's eyes when they were born and they were grieving the loss of their relationships with family and friends who didn't support them once they were out. When our child was at The Laurel Foundation's summer camp - Camp Mulberry, my soul was at ease and I knew that even for just those few days their heavy heart would be made light. There was so much pain surrounding are child's coming out journey. My husband and I were struggling to understand what was happening, we were in complete shock and disbelief when we found out. We were completely blindsided having no idea at all that they were struggling with their identity. 

It took a lot of work to re-shape and put our lives back together. We were all broken and The Laurel Foundation helped us heal along with extensive family therapy. Our child was in and out of mental hospitals from the age of 12 until the age of 16. They were depressed and suicidal for years. Sometimes The Laurel Foundation was the only thing they wanted to participate in. Thank God they are doing better now and we are blessed to be where we are." 

This year the in-person event will be held on December 4, 2021 at the Leslies’ home in Palm Springs, CA.  The event will have a full dinner and hosted bar with a Silent and Live Auction (one that everyone can participate in, as it is online too). 

For more information on how to attend the event, become a sponsor, donate, participate in the online auction or to donate a toy to the kids please visit ToyDrive2021.Givesmart.com or email [email protected]