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No Amount of Gaslighting on the Economy or Trump Sham Trial Obsession Will Change Voters' Perceptions


MARC'S ANGLE - There is a concerted effort among the media, not just left wing but the supposedly nonpartisan mainstream media, to pull the wool over the public they are trying to manipulate into voting for current failure of a president, Biden.   

The media is so unhinged and intent on hating Trump, that they are not even attempting to hide their bias or gaslighting. Or maybe that emotionality is overriding any logical thought, like we saw with Robert DeNiro’s latest outburst. Even CNN had to admit the optics on that were terrible.  

While the media is focused on a sham trial that more than half the country can see as a clear “going after political enemies” agenda, regular people across the country from urban enclaves to suburbs to rural areas, are more concerned with the shuttering of 99 cents stores, longtime restaurant chains going out of business due to minimum wage hikes and a terrible economy and increasing threats to law and order and safety.  

Political prognosticators on the left and right are busy overanalyzing first world problems while average Americans are fatigued by inflation and rising costs, $5 gas in California and fast food meals north of $25 for two.  

Frankly it’s insulting that these elitist “journalists” and talking heads think that we all have so much time and energy and brain space to even care about a witch hunt on a private citizen, who currently holds no political office. Even those who don’t have a particular affinity for Trump can see how wrong the whole trial was.  

In fact, this over zealousness in going after Trump is backfiring on Democrats and in the latest poll from I&I/TIPP after the guilty verdict, actually shows Trump gaining support as a newly minted felon. 

Of course I expect the elite media to obsess over Trump’s trial to distract from the terrible economy. It is after all, a hallmark of the elite: wrongheaded priorities.  

But what perturbs me more than anything is the complete disingenuousness of many in the media who dare tell us that things are going well. The talking points from the Biden campaign are record low unemployment and supposedly record jobs created.  

That is not just a delusional lie because everyone on the ground can see we are suffering. Layoffs, high inflation, demand shrinking for goods and services, curtailed vacations this summer (as more people opt to staycation) are real indicators of a weak economy.  

However, more importantly it is an intellectually dishonest manipulation of statistics. Labor bureaus stop counting unemployed after they fall off the workforce and their benefits have expired. So things are really that bad because people aren’t working, and not just for a year or two, but we are talking about 4 or 5 years out of work. 

Jobs created? Many of these jobs are not sustainable. With Biden and Newsom hostage to the climate agenda, halting the Keystone pipeline jobs and reversing Trump’s progress in the Rust Belt, is not only life-shattering for much of the working class but has contributed to our dependence on foreign sources for oil. Electric cars, they say, are the solution.  

This year has been evidence on the problems wrought with EVs and now Biden and Congress want to levy a tax on those EVs and components, leading to once again, the average person, unable to afford the already unaffordable EVs. Not to mention the carbon footprint on the EVs, especially the ones that burst in flames during cold weather. So much for being for the environment.  

Enough of these boneheaded ideas. Democrats have shown they can’t govern and have failed miserably after being entrusted the drivers seat for this country. The “D” seems to stand for destruction. “R” should be for rebirth. Vote like your life depends on it. Certainly the Rust Belt is.  

No matter the gaslighting Democrats try on the population, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and even Minnesota are going to vote Trump this year. And many working class people across the country will be doing the same. November will not be surprising, but it will to the left’s hype machine that is out of touch with the average American. 

(Marc Ang ([email protected]) is a Southern California based community organizer, the President of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance in Orange County and founder of Asian Industry B2B. He has a heart for promoting quality education, practical societal solutions, business-friendly legislation, charitable causes and law and order. Marc has made front page news on LA Times and New York Times for his activism and leadership in the SoCal Asian community. He is also the Vice President of the American Independence Party in California. Marc’s book “Minority Retort” was released in 2022 through Trinity Broadcast Network.)