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Why is Democracy Bad?


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Why is Democracy bad?

Short Answer: The Masses are Asses 

Is America a Democracy? 

Short Answer: No, America is not a democracy. 

Although America is a Republic and not a democracy, we do have a democratic element which threatens to destroy the nation.  As anyone who finished grade school should know, when Benjamin Franklin was asked after the Constitutional Convention what sort of government had been formed, he replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  The US Constitution clearly rejected a democracy, but people prefer the lie told 10 million times over the truth. Most politicians instinctively hate a Republic because it thwarts their power lust, whereas a democracy is the short road to the hell of authoritarianism and/or totalitarianism. 

Our Republic is based on the Declaration of Independence which stated that: 

(1) All men are born with equal individual inalienable rights including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Happiness. 

That means that no king, no priest, no other human being despite his power, wealth, or social position has more or better inalienable rights than any other person.  It definitely, 100%, absolutely does not mean that each person would, should, or could experience equality of outcome.  That would be similar to deciding after a football game, that no matter who scored the most touchdowns, the scoreboard would show a tie game. 

(2) Governments are legitimate to the extent that they protect individual inalienable rights.

The founding fathers were highly educated in political philosophy while today’s masses know zip, nada, less than zero about political philosophy; most do not even know that it exists.  Although Lord Acton’s famous phrase, “power tends to corrupt and absolutely power corrupts absolutely,” was not penned until 1887, that fact was known from ancient times.  Thus, Constitutional Convention created a government which balanced power against power in order to prevent too much power from accumulating in one person or persons.           

The Declaration also stated that a legitimate government needed the consent of the governed, and hence today’s political nightmare.  The democratic institution of elections appears inescapable as one way for the consent of the governed to make itself known.  Even then, the Founding Fathers knew that democracies easily devolve into authoritarianism, since the mass are asses. Thus, virtually no elected office was chosen by the popular vote except for the House of Representatives and its members have the shortest term of office – two years. Why so short? Because the masses are asses and will elect idiots, charlatans, and power-mongers to office.  Since the people also tend to be fickle, a short term was thought to be wise so that people can vote out the scoundrels whom they had just voted in. 

The Senate, which originally was not popularly elected but chosen by state legislatures, had the longest term – six years.  As we discovered, the corruption in state legislatures was deemed worse that direct voting for Senators; hence, the 17th Amendment. 

The branch of government which was most protected from the evils of the democracy of elections was the US Supreme Court. The President would nominate but the Senate would confirm or reject the nominee.  When the Framers wrote the Constitution, they relied on their belief that the Court was so insulated from the passions of the people and so devoted to the rule of law, that the justices would not be swayed by public opinion or personal benefit. With life time tenure, the justices would protect the Republic and inalienable rights. As we should realize by now, the masses have managed to taint the US Supreme Court. 

Why the Masses are Asses 

Not only are they vastly ignorant of the rudimentary facts of a Republic, they vote their passions based upon absurd lies, myths and deceptions.  There was a time when even the average citizen could realize when a politico had gone too far.  Senate Joe McCarthy (R-Wis) had his run in the mid-1950's with his witch hunt for Commies. Sen. McCarthy was brought low by not only his predatory abuse of others, but by the simple question of attorney Joseph Welch in a rare radio and TV broadcast in 1950, “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?”  That question along with Edward R Murrow’s expose of McCarthy resonated with the American people and McCarthy was done.  Today, Americans have lost their sense of decency and they clamor after whatever politico tells the boldest lies and places nothing before his wining the next election. 

The worst subverter of the Republic has been former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, with her polarizing and anti-individual rights Woker DEI agenda.  See Pelosi most dangerous person on the planet   The nation, however, is focused on two other mass prevaricators of lies and deception  – Donald Trump and Joe Biden. 

Donald The Troubled 

It has been obvious since the 2016 election campaign that Donald Trump suffers from two personality disorders:  Histrionic PD and Narcissistic PD  . Briefly, a Histrionic must always be the center of attention and craves the cheers of the crowd and is easily manipulated, while a Narcissistic has a grandiose sense of entitlement and falls into Narcissistic rages when anyone disagrees with him.  Trump’s losing the 2020 election was a horrendous narcissistic injury from which Trump will never recover.  He has become a cult leader with a core following which is as deluded about reality as is Trump.  Part of Trump’s concomitant paranoia, however, is reality based. While Trump no doubt did play accounting tricks to conceal that he was behind paying off Stormy Daniels, DA Alvin Bragg’s bringing the case shows how far the US judiciary has fallen and that Bragg is such a craven buffoon that he fails to realize how much he has benefited Donald Trump.  The fact that any significant part of the American public believes that Trump won the 2020 election or believes that Bragg’s indictment is legitimate show the extent that public lacks enough seckel (Yiddish “common sense”) to be allowed to vote on anything. 

Joe The Woker 

At a time when America needed a President to be leader, Joe Biden is proving to be a coward, kowtowing to the worse in our political life, Wokeism. Whatever Wokeism pretends to be, under the guidance of Nancy Pelosi it has been a hideous repudiation of America’s core values.  Most Americans were unaware how Wokeism had penetrated our institutions until the presidents of Harvard, Penn State, and MIT appeared before the House Committee in December 2023 and said that calling for the extermination of Jews OK as it was a matter of context.  Unfortunately, the institutional rot which Woker Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) had brought to the universities was phrased only in terms of anti-Semitism.  Anti-Semitism = symptom, Wokeism = disease  Wokeism negates our core values.  Under Wokeism, individual rights are dead and people are not judged by their character or deeds, but by the group to which they are assigned: Oppressor or Oppressed. Jews and Whites are Oppressors and all minorities are Oppressed.  Due to the Woke Doctrine of Intersectionality, when any minority is involved, all other minorities must support the minority including Hamas which is worse than German Nazis.  Hence, we see fools marching under Gays for Palestine banners and women’s rights group supporting Hamas and political groups like Democrat Socialist of America (DSA) explicitly supporting Hamas.  

Joe Biden has completely caved into the Wokers.  Biden like Trump took an oath to protect the Constitution, and catering to Wokers who totally reject inalienable rights in favor of Group Rights violates his oath of office. Worse yet, Biden has been promoting vicious Woke falsehoods: He claims that the IDF has been indiscriminate its use of force in Gaza while Biden conceals the truth, i.e., that no nation has been more careful to protect civilians. Biden remains silent that the civilian death toll in Gaza is solely the fault of Hamas, while he lies that Israel is stopping humanitarian aid. This lie has been exposed over and over.  Hamas steals the aid, and if any reached civilians, it as due to Hamas re-selling it at exorbitant prices.  Then, Biden thought air lifting aid would stop Hamas from stealing the aid, but the aid fell on top of the Gazans. Biden complained that not enough aid was coming into Rafah through the Rafah Gate with Egypt, while concealing that Hamas, and not the IDF controlled the Gate.  When the IDF finally seized the Gate, then Egypt refused send any aid, but Biden again blamed Israel. Then, there’s fiasco with Biden’s $320 Million floating dock. It was absurd in the first place since it ignores the real problem. Hamas steals the aid before the civilians can get it. "The trucks get ransacked. They get attacked. When they do make it to the warehouse, it’s Hamas controlling the warehouses." But, Biden blames Israel for Hamas’s transgressions. See Gaza Dock Fiasco      

Perhaps, Biden’s most damaging falsehood is that Israel has rejected the Two State Solution, when Israel has accepted each Two State Solution, while the Palestinians have rejected each proposal in favor of the one state Palestinian state after all the Jews have been exterminated.  But what is poor, old Joe to do when he gets his marching orders from Nancy Pelosi and while he grovels at the feet of the anti-Semitic Squad? 

Biden leaves no room for the very few Palestinians who actually want a state rather than to exterminate Jews.  But for Biden’s support for Wokeism and his pushing Hamas’ propaganda, no country would be recognizing Palestine as a state now while Hamas is the government.  Biden’s lies about the Two State Solution  are far more lethal to the United States than Trump’s insanity about the 2020 election.   Outrageous falsehoods are accepted for one reason – the masses are asses and they will believe whatever garbage their side sets forth as orthodoxy.   

Why be so crassly blunt? 

We’ve been bequeathed mankind’s most fantastic government, but like spoiled brats, we treat it like trash and then complain that it isn’t good enough.  

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)