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Gaza – The Day After Plans

Gaza at Egypt border


THE VIEW FROM HERE - In order to demand that anyone provide a Day After Plan for Gaza, first one must solve this math problem, and if he/she fails, they must sacrifice their first born to Moloch.  What is X + 2 + Y, where X and Y are unknown? 

The Hamas’ Solution But in Reverse

The IDF pushes all the Gazans into the sea.  This plan is the most honest since it is the one which the Gazans have always favored.  Hamas supporters in the US have been chanting it daily since Oct 7th.  “From the River to the Sea, Palestine shall be free.”  Yes, Gaza needs to be free of Palestinians.  I suspect that the Palestinian Authority (PA) which runs the West Bank will not be too happy since “from the river to the sea” includes all of the West Bank.  On the other hand, if the policy only applies to Hamaistan-Gaza, the West Bank PA will gladly help drive the bulldozers.

Egypt’s Objection 

Egypt, however, objects to this plan.  The sea’s currents run from north to south, and the Gazans will simply float south a few miles and come ashore in the Sinai.  Since the Sinai’s climate is the same as Gaza’s and it has only 46 persons per square mile and 23,000 square miles, the Sinai has more than enough room for all the Gazans.  Egypt does not seem to care for Gazans since it has closed the Rafah Gate so that Gazans cannot come south into the Sinai via land.  Sinai is only one inch from Rafah, Gaza; thus, the trek from Rafah to the Sinai is quite easy.  Egypt has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Hamas sprung.  See History of Hamas One can understand why Egypt does not want the Gazans to come “by land or by sea,” as the British Redcoats did with us. Besides, Gazans cannot help Egypt build its new capital city in the desert since Gazans only know how to build tunnels. At least we Jews built storehouses. Hence, Gazans are persona non grata in Mizraim (מִצְרַיִם. ). 

Air Lift Gazans to Iran 

Since Iran and Gazans both love Hamas, simply airlift them to Iran, using out of service, uninspected Boeing 737 Max 9 jetliners.  Oops, Hamas destroyed the only airport in Gaza. Long story short, after 2007, Hamas attacked Israel which responded by bombing the airport.  See How Hamas Ruins Gaza Airport

Move Gazans to Lebanon 

In the early 1970's, Jordan moved all the PLO followers from Jordan to Lebanon after the Palestinians tried to overthrow Jordan’s government. The US government has conveniently spent $300 Million US tax dollars to construct a humanitarian aid floating dock in the Mediterranean next to Gaza. We can reverse the process and load Gazans onto the humanitarian ships and sail them north to Lebanon where Lebanese Christians will cheerfully accept them, or maybe they won’t. 

Joe Biden’s Plan 

Re-arm Hamas and leave Hamas in control of Gaza.  Hamas Joe thinks that the Palestinian Authority will help Hamas form a coalition government.  Yeah sure, and let’s also ask Gay American college students help in Gaza. (Gay Rights are anti-Woke ) Perhaps Hamas will have a nervous breakdown trying to decide whom to throw off buildings first -- the Gays or the PA.  As Hamas Joe has oh so realistically proposed  – “cease fire now and a demilitarized Hamas can be part of the government.”  This lunatic idea was debunked in the 1968 song, The Snake by Al Wilson (“"Take me in, oh tender woman ... But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite “).  Hamas is the Snake 

Reality: The One Ingredient Which All Day After Plans Lack 

1) Palestinians do not want and will not accept any Two State Solution. To claim that Israel rejected the two state solution is merely a form of Anti-Semitism, e.g., an outrageous lie about Jews such as the Passover Blood Libel. 

2) Hamas was not imposed on Gazans; both the West Bank and Gaza would elect Hamas if the election were held today. 

3) Israel is not an apartheid state.  Anyone who so claims is engaging in anti-Semitism. An opinion which is merely wrong but reasonable is not anti-Semitic, but claims totally contrary facts are anti-Semitic. 

4) US Wokeism is inherently racist and particularly anti-Semitic as it classifies Whites and Jews as Oppressors without regard to individual actions.  US Wokers target not only Israel for destruction, but oppose the core American values of inalienable individual rights of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Wokeism divides the world into two parts: The Oppressors and the Oppressed. Its ideology parallels German Nazism in that it claims that all the world’s problems are due to the Jews so that the German People (in America the minorities) are repressed by the Jews, who need to be eliminated from the nation’s institutions.  

5) US Woke DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) programs seek to replace Whites and Jews with minorities without regard for merit or individual character.  Sad to say, far too many American kapos still support DEI. Under Wokeism, one is judged by the group to which he/she is assigned and not on his/her deeds as an individual. There is an exception for Whites who may claim Victimhood through intersectionality but still remain subservient to people of darker skin hue. There is another exception, i.e., Blacks and other minorities who dissent from Wokeism. As race traitors, they too must be excluded from institutional life.  See Free Black Thought Journal  

6) Since no one knows who will win the November 2024 election, it would be folly for any country to engage in any US inspired Day After Plan prior to the November 2024 election.  No rational country would trust Hamas Joe.  Not only does he seem to have some secret deal with Iran, but he’s a back-stabber.  Considering the extent to which most Americans hate Wokeism, the more the Woke Dems side with Hamas and stand with the pro-Hamas college protestors, the more likely Trump will win. 

7) With an anti-Semitic Woke Administration in Washington, Israel cannot turn over control of Gaza to a US led coalition, and Israel does not want to administer Gaza. 

There is one rational route – Israel destroys Hamas, the way the Allies destroyed the German Nazis.  Hamas Joe, however, is committed to Hamas’  survival.  As the saying goes, “Houston, we have a problem.”

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)