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America’s Terrible Horrible Awful Very Bad Days


THE STATE OF THINGS - "We've been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems. But at some point, maybe we will wake up and recognize that it was politicians who created our problems". Ben Carlson

We all ignore it, reality. We sit there like protestors crazy-glued to the interstate, afraid to oppose corruption, legal abuse, and the squandering of our tax dollars on unworkable solutions. Why is it so hard to move, to change course? Are we so stuck in a propaganda model from the Washington DC’s Deep State uni-party that makes it a mission impossible to eventuate rational change or think our own thoughts? It’s as if we are standing on the Francis Scott Key bridge as that freighter hits the critical support structure, yet we go about our daily routines thinking things won’t collapse. We won’t admit our worries to one another.

We live in a post-constitutional society, a low-consequence society for select chosen classes. The rule of lawfare has replaced the rule of law. Has the corruption of our political system reached such a point that it needs to be replaced with a different system? Is the acquisition and execution of power and money the only morality that matters? 

It's as if the country is being governed by a malevolent AI that is intent on the destruction of all that is, classic American values The latest 2024 national General Election poll from Quinnipiac Polling shows Biden and Trump in a dead heat. Two men who are too old and carry so much baggage that neither should be in contention for leading this country out of the swamp, at the bottom of the chasm, inside a gorge that "we" have gotten ourselves into.

The way elections are conducted in this country is a joke. There should never be any doubt at anytime, anywhere in America, about the outcome of an election. But politicians love to spend other people's money, and they do that with the utter abandonment of a trust fund baby on their first spring break. Our "responsible" leaders have hired big data companies to compile and tabulate the votes in the least transparent, most clandestine way possible. Therefore, anybody, at any time, can always think that the elections have been rigged, fixed, and predetermined. It's possible to prove these machines are corruptible except in a court of law, where you have no standing as a voting citizen.  And finally, almost three and a half years after the fact Fulton County Georgia is reprimanded for miscounting ballots in the 2020 presidential election recount. What will Fani Willis DA say and do now?

The election in November is bearing down like a runaway freight train filled with 50 tank cars full of Dixon. As we all stress about who will be the next President, a more important question is, does it matter? How much presidential power does the President really have? Or is all the power being held by three letter agencies and their officials who make rules, mandates, and official policy without congressional approval.

Trump's first impeachment was caused by a minor national security official, Colonel Vindman, who became a whistleblower because he believed President Trump was not following official US Foreign Policy when asking the Ukrainian President to investigate payments to the Bidens. This begs the question of who sets foreign policy. Is it the deep state? This is a grave question. We do know that following Trump's election, a significant number of people and officials in the executive branch of government never accepted Trump as their duly elected President. They resented his brash and intrusive style and did everything possible to have him removed from office.

The Biden Whitehouse, with the blessing of Soros, elected DA, and unelected bureaucrats, often called the Deep State, created this endless drama of election interference to support a second term for old feeble Joe. Not only are they trying to deny Trump being on the ballot, but the Democratic National Committee is doing everything it can to keep Robert F Kennedy Jr. off the ballot. The Biden Administration is purposefully trying to put RFK  in harm's way and perhaps his supporters by denying Secret Service protection. Stifling political opposition is a key distinction of a government turning to totalitarianism.

Here is a partial situational review on the eve of the election:

We have a corrupt media only telling one side of the story due to coercion from the Biden White House. We know this because, on May 1st, a 98-page report was put out by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. We have radicalized educational institutions now being run by plagiarists, Marxists, and Hamas sympathizers. We accept weaponized intelligence agencies as normal, even when it comes to spying on US citizens at home, here in America. We now demonize free speech and the First Amendment, especially when it does not conform to the official narrative.

We have created unsustainable debt, inflation, and out-of-control government spending, which leads to unaffordable housing and the ongoing destruction of the middle class. We have outrageous tax proposals coming down the pike, to pay for our profligate ways, including a plan to tax unrealized capital gains. How do you pay for unrealized capital gains? 

We have open borders that strain the social services safety net like never before. And lack of border enforcement feeds and supplies the fentanyl and opiate crisis. Which sustains and creates the endless homeless problem. Also, the new infinite supply of unlawful border crossers puts a squeeze on available housing for Vets and poverty-level families. Now hospitals are crying foul as they buckle financially due to the strain of having to take care of tens of thousands of illegal border crossers.

Then you have the problem of sanctuary cities and soft-on-crime, Soros-funded District Attorneys like George Gascón. Add in the mix defund the police, mayors, city councils, and county officials. Presto, you have a recipe for societal breakdown, lawlessness, and an excessive amount of pain and suffering for ordinary people. What better example is there than the departure of business from Downtown San Francisco? Even more shocking is the bankruptcy and closing of 99 Cent Stores. An enterprise you would think that would thrive in this economy. They are closing, in large part because of rampant theft from their stores, and under California Law, there is almost nothing they can do about it except call the police. Rarely do the police arrive in the nick of time, and even the police must practice catch and release due to Prop-47.

We have insider trading by politicians and Federal Reserve board members. We have support for forever wars that are unwinnable—see the Ukraine, the Middle East, and soon, maybe, Taiwan. We have tens of billions of dollars flowing out of the country to the detriment of our crumbling infrastructure, borders, and public schools. The war on Homelessness and the Ukraine war are popular with elected officials as they are great for campaign contributions, and after retirement, cushy employment opportunities.

Corporate bailouts, bank bailouts, and helicopter money are printed out of thin air to prop up a faltering economy. Our central bank can't be audited, and nobody knows how much gold is left in Fort Knox. We have a Defense Department that can't pass an audit that's lost over a trillion dollars. Civilization's thin veneer depends on keeping the printing press full of paper and ink, spitting out likenesses of dead presidents.

We have unaccountable pharmaceutical companies without liability for their allegedly defective vaccines. We have an autism epidemic. And now we have Munchausen by proxy epidemic of adults telling vulnerable school-age children that boys can be girls and girls can be boys, and boys can play women's sports if they feel like girls. We serve up surgeries and dangerous life-altering chemicals to youngsters who are not of legal age. We put pornographic books in public schools and promote drag queen story hour to young children whose only coping mechanism is to normalize such behavior. What happened to protecting children?

Add the now discombobulating of America’s colleges under the bootheel of Hamas and sympathizers. It's bad enough that the college loan grift has made college unaffordable, and we'll keep most students in debt during their most productive years. Add two decades of DEI professors teaching and promoting worthless college degrees that will never have value outside of fantasy academic constructs. What is exceptionally dismaying is that the majority of the pro-Hamas college supporters are young women who are supposedly 3rd generation feminists. Why in the world do they support a religious-political organization(s) that criminalizes homosexuality to the point of imposing a death penalty on LGBQT people and, at its best, treats women as chattels hidden under whole body covering Burkas and  Hijabs.

We demonize affordable fossil fuels and efficient and reliable nuclear energy. We promote and subsidize the least efficient forms of energy, which, truth be known, present even more significant ecological problems than the problems they're trying to replace. We covered the sky with chemtrails. These sprayed chemicals eventually fall back to earth, polluting what we breathe and drink and ending up on the ground which are taken up systemically by the root systems of plants for all living things to ingest.

Till the dermatitis of bad ideas is lifted and there is real skin in the game for politicians’ bad bills, punishing taxes, and mandates, nothing will change. They always get their paycheck and their generous pension. We get the tax bill.

The thought of a savior has a very strong appeal that absolves us from the responsibility of demanding and fighting for change. The race to be President is like watching Rodan and Godzilla battle it out, and everything in their path gets crushed in hopium. Can one man put us back on the right path and repair the damage in a meager 4 years?

(Eliot Cohen has been on the Neighborhood Council, serves on the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council, and is President of Homeowners of Encino. Eliot retired after a 35-year career on Wall Street. Eliot is a critic of the stinking thinking of the bureaucrats and politicians that run the State, County, and City. Eliot and his wife divide their time between L.A. and Baja Norte, Mexico.  Eliot is a regular contributor to CityWatchLA.com – [email protected])