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Hurray for Centrism


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Differences of opinion do not require polarization.  We used to have a political system where issues were resolved by the Center. In fact, unless the nation, state, and city are governed by Centrists, the country will tear itself apart.  That is the reason Abraham Lincoln gave his House Divided Speech. A nation divided against itself cannot long endure for the simple fact that when an extreme element imposes its agenda on everyone else, it has to use force.  Prior to the Civil War, the South knew that the entire Western World was turning away from slavery as an institution and a majority of Americans were opposed to its continuation. Rather than allowing slavery to be ended peacefully, they fired on Fort Sumter and started the Civil War.  Lincoln had no choice but to fight to preserve the Union.  That is why Nikki Haley’s answer about the causes of the Civil War was 100% accurate, but Wokeism had not use for facts.   

Haley answered, the war was about government and “the freedoms about which people could and couldn’t do. ... I think it always comes down to the role of government.” Historically, Nikki Haley’s hit the nail on the head, but Wokers went berserk because she did not endorse the absurd dogma of Oppressors and Oppressed.  Haley’s comments during a Republican campaign was not where Centrists would rush to her defense, but in December 2023, when the three Presidents of Ivy League universities stuck to the Woke Party line, there was immediate push back.  First the GOP objected, but slowly the Woke support for Hamas’s Oct 7 pogrom against Jews in Israel and the continued rise of vicious anti-Semitism in the United States, the Center realized that Wokeism was a threat to the entire nation. 

The main reasons Center of America did not rise up  against Wokeism earlier were: (1) The GOP response was so far right wing partisan that it alienated the vast majority of the county, and (2) average Americans did not comprehend what had been occurring. After seeing the Congressional debacle and the Pro-Hamas students supporting mass murder of Jews and calling for the extermination of Jews, Center America realized there was a significant threat.  American Wokeism was main streaming the Islamic goal to exterminate all Jews everywhere.  As more Americans learned that Wokeism did not mean to treat people fairly but its ideology divided the world into the Oppressors (Whites and Jews) and the Oppressed (minorities), the more Americans saw it as a racist polarizing force. 

At the other extreme, the MAGA GOP was basically a cult which adopted the same dogmatic approach, demanding that all GOP adhere to its position, which was subject to daily change according the whim of a mentally ill charlatan.  Trump’s main asset was that he promised to save the average American, while Hillary Clinton had called white Americans, “A basket of Deplorables” and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi promised to replace White people with minorities as soon as the minorities were the majority of voters. Then, Pelosi en-enforced her attack on Whites with the absurd propaganda of White Fragility, White Privilege, and The 1916 Project. 

Trump’s narcissistic hizzy fit over Ukraine should have driven moderate GOP to abandon Trump, but they were thwarted by the Woker control of the Dems.  After Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy had placed country ahead of the irrational demands of Trump and saved the nation from financial disaster and passed the budget, the Woke Dems stabbed him the back and supported the MAGA extremists and voted en mass to remove McCarthy, which the Dems knew would doom the passage of aid for Ukraine and Israel – Wokers detest both Israel as it is Jewish and Ukraine as it is White.  Moderate GOP had no where to go. The Dems Party was devoid of a single Centrist. 

Extremists will not tolerate compromise as they are true believers who demand purity.  For the GOP, this meant that even Reaganites were closed out. In 1987, President Regan declared, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!," while in 2024, Trump calls on Putin to attack Western Europe.  But the control of the racist Wokers over the entire Democrat Party was too strong for any moderate GOP to find Dem allies. 

However, after Iran’s missile attack in Israel, the backlash against Wokeism began. See Has Backlash Against Wokeism Begun?    It was not so much that Iran attacked Israel as it was Jordan’ and the Saudis’ supporting Israel by shooting down Iranian drones. 

The Move Towards the Center Gains Momentum 

Congress’ calling the President of Columbia and two Board member to testify went somewhat differently than with the three Ivy League Presidents.  While Columbia’s President equivocated, the Board members did not – anti-Semitism was contrary to Columbia’s Code of Conduct.  The next day, when the pro-Hamas anti-Jewish protestors set up an illegal tent city, Columbia’s President called the police and had them arrested. She had the precedent of Google’s firing 28 of the pro-Hamas demonstrator who took over Google offices and interfered with business.  Then, came the Woke fiasco at USC which had selected a racist anti-Semite, who believes that Israel is an apartheid state, as its valedictorian speaker. USC had 100 students from which to chose.  Wokeism was so ingrained into USC’s administration that it never occurred to them that selecting a speaker on the basis of Woke criteria of sex, religion, and race rather than individual merit was a bad idea.  

Congressional Centrism

Finally, the Center decided to buck the extremist MAGA and the extremist Wokers and vote aid for both Israel and Ukraine. It may be too little too late for Ukraine. Marjorie Taylor Greene and two other extremist promise to bring the motion to vacate against Speaker Mike Johnson.  Whether or not they bring it, they’ve lost. This time the Wokers are being sidelined and Centrist Dems will support Speaker Johnson.  Thus, the Trumpists know that bringing the Motion to Vacate will strengthen Johnson’s Centrist coalition. 

Centrists Kill Two Vultures With One Stone 

The great thing about Centrism is that each Centrist victory slays both extremists at one time.  Trump is furious that Zelenksyy will get any help and the pro-Hamas Wokers are furious that Israel will get any aid.  Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had sent a letter to Biden urging him not to send Israel military aid which Congress had already passed. 

Here’s the Latest Woker Anti-Semitic Ploy 

The US should send Israel no offensive weapons.  OK, each idiot woker write your alma mater and demand that its basketball team only play defense and make no offense plays. Guess who will win! 

What’s the Greater Threat to Biden? 

The Arabs in Michigan who shout “Death to Israel, Death to America” or the inflation caused by the Houthis’ shelling of international shipping? Also, Egypt is in economic straits, and Biden’s failure to wipe out the Houthis due to his kowtowing to US Wokers endangers Egypt’s entire economy.  Egypt is losing tens of billions of dollars due to the 40% drop of shipping through the Suez Canal.  Without Suez Canal, shipping costs zoom upwards for the entire world as it costs more time and money to go around all of Africa to get to Europe and the US. Those extra costs are the reason the US saw a rise in inflation and not a drop.  Rising inflation is more a threat to Biden’s re-election than college Wokers calling for Israel’s destruction. 

Biden’s Choice Is Simple 

Biden can join the American Center and fight against Wokeism, rush aid to Ukraine, and allow Israel to wipe out Hamas, while the international coalition including the Saudis decimate the Houthis in order to restore safety to international shipping. Or, Biden can submit to the whims of Nancy Pelosi’s Identity Politics, defund Israel, slow walk aid to Ukraine, and advance the Woker agenda against Americans.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])