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The Leaders of the US Jewish Community Abandon Israel


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Abe Foxman, the former head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), was the last hope that the leadership of US Jewish community would jettison the Dem’s anti-Jewish Wokeism which is pressuring Biden to support Hamas’ destruction of Israel.  In a telecast this morning (April 10, 2024), Foxman refused to reject the rampant anti-Jewish Woke DEI which current ADL leader, Jonathan Greenblatt, imposed on the ADL, and which most of the leadership slavishly follow.  One exception is Jonathan Tobin, head of the JNS, who called for Greenblatt’s ouster back in September 2023. 

“Greenblatt has helped shift the ADL from its former stance as the nonpartisan gold standard for monitoring hate to being just another liberal activist group whose priority is helping the Democratic Party.”  [See Greenblatt Must Go.] 

While some say that Wokeism is derivative from Communism’s class warfare of Capitalists vs. Wokers, US Wokeism actually follows the narrative of German Nazism that the world is divided into Oppressors and Oppressed. The Nazis basis to decide who was an Oppressor and who was Oppressed was racism.  Jews were the Oppressors, and the Aryans were the Oppressed, and thus, Jews had to be exterminated.  Under Wokeism, Jews are Oppressors, and all minorities are the Oppressed, especially the Palestinians who elected Hamas, a terrorist organization to be their government in Gaza. If elections were held today in the West Bank, the Palestinians would elect Hamas. 

Like the Nazis’ Final Solution, Hamas’s written goal is the extermination of Jews.  Anyone who thinks that Hamas and its supporters would limit their genocide to only the area “from the River to the sea” is unacceptably naive. Hamas supporters are calling for the “death to America”, and they make this demand here in the United States. 

In fact, Biden has become so pro-Hamas that he demands a unilateral cease fire, where Israel stops all the fighting, but Hamas is allowed to continue to shell Israel non-stop including firing rockets at Tel Aviv! Biden also demands that Israel resupply Hamas and that it do nothing about Iran’s smuggling massive amounts of weapons into the West Bank.  

The last time any Western government has engaged in such massive anti-Semitic propaganda was Nazi Germany.  Israel is not limiting aid to Gaza; Hamas has been stealing the aid and then selling it to Gazans.  The NGO’s who provide the food for Gaza, then, are reluctant to send more aid. The White House never criticizes Hamas for its theft of the aid, but instead Biden, incessantly blames Israel for not providing enough aid. 

Biden has fallen silent about any Hamas war crimes including its taking and holding of hostages and he never mentions that Hamas is constantly shelling Israel.  Biden never mentions that tens of thousands of Israelis have been forced to move away from the southern and northern borders due to the Hamas and Hezbollah’s constant shelling. Biden mentions the Gazans who have had to evacuate so that they would not be Hamas’ human shields.  Biden bitches that Israel does not provide enough protection for the Gazans. From whom did the Gazans need protection while evacuating from the north? Hamas!  When one looks at the map of Gaza, one can discern the original US-Israel plan to evacuate Gazans southward to Rafah and then into the Sinai so that the IDF could enter Rafah and eliminate Hamas.  See How Biden Trapped Gazans in Rafah  

But Where Is the Leadership of the US Jewish Community? 

It’s hard to find them since they are silent. ADL’s Greenblatt, however, is proud that he got the White House to add Jews to its Woke DEI program which means Jewish enrollment in colleges and universities should be reduced by 2/3rd. Since Jews attend higher education at a higher rate than others, except some Asian groups, under Woke DEI’s proportional representation, Jewish students and faculty need to be reduced.  Jews are 2.4% of the US population but Harvard has 9.8% Jewish enrollment.  Harvard is 33rd on the list have Jewish students at private universities, while Boston University first with 22.6% Jewish enrollment.  According to Wokeism, Harvard needs to reduce its Jewish enrollment by 72%. Wokeism has one and only one answer for any racial outcome – White racism, especially racism by Jews.  

Wokeism’s solution to all problems is to reduce the number of Jews and increase the number of minorities.  In Wokeism, justice is measured by outcome without regard to any other factor.  When the Supreme Court looked at the Woke outcome argument with respect to Asians, it rejected it in favor of merit.  Merit, however, is considered evil under Wokeism. The claim it is a racist ploy to oppress minorities.  Wokers fail to see any contradiction when their desired outcome results in denying admission to Asians. The same applies to Jews.  Since merit is racist admitting any one on the basis of merit is considered racist.  

US Jewish Leadership Betrays America and Jews 

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) is an outlier in supporting Israel, but he too has been mild in calling out Biden’s and the rest of the Woke establishment for the anti-Jewish propaganda.  No matter what happens in Gaza, the White House always has an anti-Jewish spin.  True to Woke dogma, anything that Hamas does, such as killing Gazans in order to steal the aid, is Israel’s fault. It is always the Oppressor’s fault, and Hamas, which has become a victim in Biden-Speak, is always innocence since “The Jews made us do it.” 

What’s Paramount to Woker Biden 

Nothing surpasses wining the November 2024 election.  Although Biden won the Nov 2020 election by posing as a Centrist, he revealed himself to be a died-in-the-wool Woker, comparing people who did not support his Black Voting Bill to Birmingham, Alabama’s White Supremacist Sheriff, Bull Connor, who sicced police dogs on civil rights demonstrators in 1963.  Biden fails to realize that middle America hates Wokeism; they reject its racist dogma that Whites and Jews are inherently evil.  Instead, Biden has aligned himself with a minority of virulent Anti-Semites in Michigan in fear that its 2.11% Arabs will swing Michigan to Trump if they do not vote Democrat.

But the Jewish leadership has been captured by the Wokers and they never opposed Biden’s Anti-Semitic declarations.  Although it has always been the Palestinians who have rejected every two-state solution since the Partition in 1947 and Israel has accepted each two-state deal, Biden beats the drums of the big lie that Israel has refused the two-state solution. Biden falsely claims that if Israel had accepted any of the seven proposed two states since 1947, there would be no problem with Palestinian. Israel accepted each two-state solution, and the Palestinians rejected each time. Yet, the Jewish leadership in America does not utter a peep of about Biden’s horrendous anti-Semitic trope against Israel.  Silence in face of an accusation is an implied admission.  But what’s truth compared to getting cushy chairmanships in Congress or getting millions of dollars from the state of California to physically fortify Jewish institutions or to avoid being culture cancelled?  The last time the Jewish community had such horrible leaders was when Korah, Dathan, Abiram had the Israelites fashion and worship the golden calf.  Wokeism is a modern golden calf at which the leadership worships while forsaking Zion.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)