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To the Biden/Harris Team: Your Re-Election Shouldn’t Force Us to Pay for Lawbreakers


ALPERN AT LARGE - Whether it’s those arriving here illegally by CHOICE, those weaseling out of student loans THEY signed for, or enabling Hamas and their supporters who KNOW they’re using civilians as human shields, the re-election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House is turning into a “the law-abiding paying for the law-breakers” strategy:

1) President Biden doling out lots of OUR money to pay for Blue-State cities overwhelmed by the hordes of those here illegally may be a potential relief during the 2024 election campaign, but those of us paying for it (including Black and Hispanic Americans) shouldn’t have to swallow the billions of costs for such an odious policy.

It’s one thing to encourage the sponsorship of foreigners who are not otherwise here legally, but it’s another thing to knowingly pay with taxpayers’ dollars for these millions (have the numbers EVER been this high under ANY president?) gobbling up resources better dedicated to both the homeless and budget-strapped middle-classes alike.

And let’s be honest—if those violating international law to pour into our nation against every one of our laws were going to be Republican, do you really think President Biden would have their back?

And did sending Vice-President Kamala Harris to the border make ANYTHING better? 

2) President Biden probably got himself more than a few political victories in 2022 by catering to poor Millennial students crushed under loans which THEY approved to be responsible…but is it FAIR to other American taxpayers who will have to pay for THEIR loans?

Of course, for those of us who discard the history of Biden being a consummate liar, gaslighter, thief, and gangster throughout his political career (he was twice kicked out of a presidential race for his way of doing things), sooner or later it must be remembered that the cost of housing, health care, and groceries won’t go away.

Just because Joe Biden is a Democrat doesn’t mean he’s being kind, smart, or empathetic to American consumers, voters, and taxpayers (even to Democratic consumers, voters, and taxpayers).

A few technology AI-related companies might be lifting the markets, but overall the manufacturing and virtually all other sectors of the economy are NOT doing well—so for those of us who know the difference between economics and politics, his tactics are merely to be re-elected, and to hell with anyone who burns and crashes as a result.

So let’s be honest, again…if those benefiting from getting their signed-for, agreed-to, loans “forgiven” (a.k.a. other people, many who paid for or did not take out loans because they couldn’t afford them, will pay for these scofflaws) were going to be Republicans, do you think Biden would allow this?

Currently, young people are NOT as supportive of President Biden—so while they might accept the loan bailouts, it’s uncertain that inflation (gas and grocery bills don’t lie), the inability to get good jobs, and a threatened quality of life will ensure their vote this November.

And would Vice-President Kamala Harris be any less of a lying, gaslighting, bumbling moron with respect to student debt, the cost of college, and affordable housing than President Joe Biden?

3) Finally, we have tough guy (gal? gaslighter?) Kamala Harris threatening “consequences” if Israel invades Rafah, which is the last portion of Gaza under the control of Hamas.

Rafah is in the southern edge of Gaza next to Egypt…and there is a monstrous wall constructed by the Egyptians who do NOT want the Gazans access to their land…probably because the majority of Gazans still support Hamas’ slaughter and rape on 10/7/2023 in Israel, and have supported such tactics against Egyptians, too.

So if the majority of Gazans STILL have a philosophy of violence and tyranny against women, homosexuals, non-Muslims, and any who disagree with Hamas, and if they support zealous rules that rank with the Taliban in their extremes, and have been kicked out of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and other Arab nations…can Gazans be pitied?

(Other than the innocent, indoctrinated, and miserable Gazan children, of course, who are being used as human shields and who are being educated of the joys of wearing explosive vests from preschool age.)

THE TRUTH: Hamas and Al Jazeera admitted lying about Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) rapes in a Gaza hospital.

THE TRUTH: Honest Al Jazeera and other Muslim/Islamic journalists and civilians (including the son of the founder of Hamas) know they need Israel, and that they’re being used as mouthpieces to promote blatant untruths by Iran, its Hamas and Hezbollah and Houthi proxies, and other bad international actors.

THE TRUTH: Hundreds of Hamas fighters have been captured in Gaza’s main hospital, and therefore IDF soldiers are fighting at all costs to save civilians’ lives while Hamas is just fine with letting these Gazan civilians die.

THE TRUTH: Netanyahu canceled an Israeli delegation to the U.S. over a U.N. Gaza vote which called for an immediate ceasefire (and the inevitable future deaths of more Israelis in their own borders) and gives Hamas a win…without truly ensuring foreign hostages (including U.S. hostages) are freed.

Forget that the U.N. and the International Media actually had workers collaborating, embedding with, and enabling the 10/7/2023 attacks, and really are just FINE with civilian deaths in Israel.

Forget that Israel and the West are populated with, and engrained in a culture standing for, law-abiding individuals seeking both sides of an argument, and for a memory of actual and historical facts…and who don’t WANT civilian deaths.

And let’s get honest yet again: if Republicans supported Hamas, Iran, and their terrorist tactics, would Biden support Hamas, or even try to balance them against our longstanding ally Israel (who had OUR back after 9/11/2001)?

And is Vice-President Harris anyone to talk to Israel about peace and supporting the rights of innocent, lawabiding individuals trying to protect themselves? 

But if President Biden and Vice-President Harris can send the West straight to hell by gaslighting, indoctrinating and undermining their constituents, all for the sake of getting re-elected, then that’s fine with them.

And if those paying for those here illegally, or breaking their student loans illegally, why should President Biden or Vice-President Harris EVER be considered as forces for truth, the law, and common decency.

It may be an awful choice between an Orange Boor and a Lawless Bully this November, but let’s not forget that those who follow the law deserve some respect and support, too. 

From someone…ANYONE…who will someday occupy the White House. 

(Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D, is a dermatologist who has served in clinics in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties, and is a proud husband and father. He was active for 20 years on the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) as a Board Member focused on Planning and Transportation, and helped lead the grassroots efforts of the Expo Line as well as connecting LAX to MetroRail. His latest project is his fictional online book entitled The Unforgotten Tales of Middle-Earth, and can be reached at [email protected]. The views expressed in this article are solely those of Dr. Alpern.)