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Biden Fails to Realize that Americans Hate Wokeism


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Like all socio-political movements which want public support, Wokeism promises to do good things.  Hamas followed this game plan with its social programs for Gazans and its perceived lower amount of corruptionism than Fatah.  German Nazis promised to extricate Germany from the onerous burdens of the 1919 Versailles Treaty after World War I. The Nazis did not start by promising to exterminate of Jews.  (It was not until January 1942 at  the Wannsee Conference that the Nazi’s adopted the Final Solution )

Similarly, Trumpism promised to protect poor and working class Whites from immigrants.  The Whites, or Deplorables as Hillary and other Woke Dems called them, needed help, but the immigrants did not cause the Rust Belt problems – the culprits were Obama and Wall Street. The essence of Nazism, Wokeism, Trumpism is to have someone to hate. When Trump first ran for President, however, he was still seeking financing for his businesses from Wall Street bankers. Thus, he needed a weak defenseless target and he chose Mexicans. BTW, Trump never delivered anything to benefit Whites. In fact, his tariffs on China were so harmful to America that his chief economic advisor Gary Cohn quit. Trump’s only decent policy was in the Middle East, e.g., Abraham Accords, and that was due to Jared Kushner and Ambassador David Friedman.

Currently, Wokeism Is the Most Dangerous Us vs Them Movement

The similarity between American Wokeism, German Nazis, Hamas and Trumpism is that Wokers also divide the world into two groups: Oppressors (White people) and Oppressed (minorities, especially Blacks).  Wokeism carters to minorities, (except Jews – see below) It is based on Nancy Pelosi’ Identity Politics  which is premised on the minorities’ supplanting Whites as soon as the minorities are the majority of the voters.  Thus, Wokeism gathers in all sorts of minorities to try to form the largest voting coalition.  It does not matter whether the group wants Wokers to speak for them.  Gay Rights, for example, are not based on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but on individual inalienable rights especially Liberty, as Justice Kennedy explained in Lawrence vs. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003).  In addition, Gay Rights rest upon individual initiative and hard work and not on Affirmative Action style quotas.

The Two Things Wokers Hate Most Are (1) Jews and (2) Individual Inalienable Rights

Wokeism ideology posits that the sole cause of minority problems is White racism which makes individual effort futile.  Only by following the Woke leaders (always Democrats) can the minorities have the good life distributed to them.  As Pelosi promised, when the minorities are the majority, they will vote away the Whites and take what is owed to them in reparations.  Since the future date when the minorities will be the majority of voters is quite far off, Wokers are demanding slavery reparations now.  Due to our segmented media, the vast majority of Americans have never heard the unrelenting Dem propaganda to replace the Whites, but the extreme Alt Right continuously repeats it along with the racist claim that the Jews are directing the minority take-over. Hence the chant, “Jews shall not replace us.”  Extremists on the Right and on the Left are anti-Semitic, but for different reasons.

Because we Jews have become among the wealthiest of minorities (some Asian groups are doing better economically), we are an existential threat to Wokeism. Because Jews, who have suffered the worst discrimination less than one hundred years ago, founded the most thriving nation in the Middle East and we have worked our way to the top in free societies, our success destroys the Woke mythology that oppression makes people impotent. Let’s be clear, Israel succeeded in a genocidal environment and took in over 700,000 Jewish refugees who had been ethnically cleansed from Arab countries.  Surely then, American Blacks can succeed without Nancy Pelosi. See Journal of Free Black Thought Who saw any Affirmative Action hires at the recent Hip Hop Awards?  On the other hand, the whole world has seen Harvard’s President Claudine Gay, presently the most famous Affirmative Action hire and plagiarist, testify that calling for genocide of Jews may or may not be against Harvard’s DEI “depending the context.”

Harvard’s President Claudine Gay, however, was not lying that at Harvard, calling for the genocide of Jews can be consistent with its DEI Culture.  Harvard’s DEI proclaims to be inclusive, but it does the opposite. Despite Gay’s later remarks partially walking back her remarks, Harvard still supports Claudine Gay one of the architects of Harvard’s DEI program.  No sooner that Harvard said such people “will be held to account,” Harvard unanimously reaffirmed Gay as President. 

Harvard knows that unless Jews can be treated as Oppressors, its racist DEI policy becomes intellectual garbage.  In fact, when the university presidents said calling for genocide was OK “depending on the context,” they unwittingly came perilously close to rebutting Wokeism.  Under Wokeism, a group is either an Oppressor or an Oppressee. Jews cannot be oppressed at one time and oppressors at another, because then by the same logic Blacks can be both oppressors and oppressees.  As soon as one admits that individual actions and not group membership counts, Wokeism is dead. Do not expect Harvard to point out that when the university presidents said that anti-Semitism was contextual, they rebutted the core basis of Woke DEI – Whites and Jews are always oppressors and their actions play no role in their classification as oppressors. Nor, will Harvard admit that Hamas, despite being classified as oppressee, does not merit Harvard’s full and complete support. 

“Depends on Context” is a Small Step Towards Individual Rights

When individual actions determine whether calling for extermination of Jews is good or bad, that destroys the entire Woke dichotomy of Oppressors v Oppressees.  Maybe, Heavens forbid, a university president who was one of the architects of Harvard’s racist DEI program and who has engaged in multiple acts of plagiarism should be judged by her own actions and fired. Rather than relying on Claudine Gay’s actions, Harvard relied on her race to reaffirm her as Harvard’s President.  What’s Harvard’s new recruitment slogan to Blacks? “Come to Harvard where you can cheat.”

The Political Stakes Are Higher Than Morality

Nancy Pelosi’s polarizing Identity Politics, which is the foundation of Woke DEI, is her plan for the Dems to take over the US government as soon as the minorities are the majority of the voters.  If America rejects Wokeism, Pelosi’s decades long plan is dead.  Then, America goes back to MLK and judges each person by their character and not by their race or ethnicity. When it comes to morality vs political opportunism, morality loses, except in rare cases like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney.

Today Biden Makes Neville Chamberlain Look Stalwart

Within the last days, Biden has capitulated to the racist, anti-Semitic Wokers and has turned against Israel, publicly tell Israel that it has to change its unity government so that it adopts the Woker’s demand that the PLO gets to re-establish another genocidal regime in Gaza.  Biden has also sold out Ukraine by adopting the Woker opposition to any funds for our Southern border with the full knowledge that prevents aid going to both Ukraine and Israel.  Even Al Jazeera saw Biden’s political cowardice  and Biden has taken to repeating Hamas propaganda that IDF bombing is “indiscriminate”  

America Hates Wokeism

Biden’s political cowardice is blinding him to the fact that America hates Wokeism.  After the nation saw the vile racism of Harvard and other Ivy League schools, all America is realizing how dangerous Wokeism is to America’s existence.  Less than 15% of the Dems are Wokers; yet they control the DEM, just as less than 15% of GOP are Alt Right; yet they control the GOP.  The Alt Right and the Alt Left cancel each other out in national elections. Presently, however, the 85% of Americans in the middle have no one.  More than anything else, Americans hate a loser. Biden’s caving into the Wokers will result in Ukraine’s loss, in Israel’s loss, and in Biden’s being branded as a Loser.  Unless Biden grows a pair over night and opposes Wokeism, America will turn to a madman who promises to be a dictator but for only one day.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The opinions expressed are those of Mr. Abrams and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com.  You may email him at [email protected])