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GenZ’s are Resurrecting Osama Bin Laden.  Shame on You


ABE WON’T BE SILENT - Not sure if you’ve heard about the latest catastrophe that has befallen our social media landscape BUT, Gen Z has decided that their new hero is Osama Bin Laden. Yes, that one. Some desperate antisemitic student, I mean, jerk, found Bin Laden’s “Letter to America” from twenty years ago that expressed his hatred for Jews and America. This idiot then decided that OBL was justified, shared it on TikTok, and like a spark in the California forest, it caught on like wildfire. Countless Gen Z crybabies have now lumped Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, and all the garden-variety Muslim terrorist organizations together to honor their service. They spew this nonsense, “Well, Osama Bin Laden is not all wrong.” And what that says to any person of sound mind and body is that these Gen Z morons need to be bitch-slapped and spanked as much as we know they would love that. But it is what needs to be done to them.

My message to these helicoptered bastards is: Hey, Gen Z, because of your newfound obsession with that 9/11 mastermind, along with your love and cooing over Hamas, you should know that the perception — which is reality — is that you have lost the positive message that Gen Z earned which WAS that you’d be the ones to save our democracy. But now, in light of your overt hatred towards Israel and out-of-the-closet disdain for Jews, you have lost the moment and that reputation.

Your stance, which is presented with anger and wrath, is not a winning proposition. Gen Z risks jeopardizing your future in this country by threatening not to vote in the 2024 election or voting 3rd party, which is as good as not voting at all. Perhaps you might enjoy the 2016 Bernie Bro bullshit act and cast a vote for that orange, gross baboon that will seal the fate of brown people in this country altogether. You would be napalming all the people you say you’re marching for. And you’ll love the smell of a Muslim Ban in the morning. Perhaps then, you could move to the Middle East with your brethren. Not Israel, of course, because you won’t deserve to live in a democracy having given up the one here at home. 

It would be off to the 12th century for you bleeding hearts far-left liberals to spend the rest of your days. The women will be clad in burkas, cooking for your 5.5 kids per household, or is it shacks, caves, whatever? As for the men, you’ll be sipping tea and doing nothing while the elders live like kings. In fact, you all can become terrorists since that’s the only job they accept women for.

And as for my gays, well, it was nice knowing you. Enjoy the discos in hell; I hear there are a lot of hot guys down there.

Have fun!

(ABE GURKO is the executive producer of a documentary “Won’t Be Silent,” about the extraordinary Women of Protest Music. He's an Opinionator who hosts a podcast, "Conversations From the Edge of Democracy," that discusses the current state of our fragile political landscape. Abe is a contributor to CityWatchLA.com. Abe’s opinions are his own and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com)  [email protected]

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