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Why the Woke Media Support Hamas’ War Crimes Against Civilians


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Freedom of the press does not guarantee a fair and honest press. The First Amendment merely outlaws the government from controlling the press.  If the press such as CBS News wants to support Hamas’ War Crimes against civilians while blaming Israel for Hamas’ crimes and ignoring the extraordinary lengths the IDF goes to protect Palestinians, that is its constitutional right, but it is a vile moral evil.  NBC, on the other hand, is now not so Woke. 

Why Wokeism is Anti-Jewish and Supports Extermination of Jews

All terms have gray areas around their fringes.  Woke’s core, however, has become clear.  Woke has nothing to do with civil rights or individual liberties, but rather is based on a simplistic ideology that the world is divided into the Oppressed and the Oppressors.  This concept is not novel. It was the core of Nazism, where Aryans were oppressed by the Jews.  It has been part of both Christianity and Islam for centuries based upon each religion’s claim that it alone worshiped the true God, and thus, everyone else is evil and hence dammed to Hell.  Other peoples, such as Jews, Buddhists, and secularists, do not hold an exclusivist claim to possess the truth. While not everyone accepts this dichotomous world view, it has been part of Western Civilization for thousands of years.  The old Conservative bumper stick, “America Love it or Leave” was an example as were the Crusades and 9/11.

The core concept of the Oppressed vs the Oppressors is that the group rights of the Oppressed are paramount.  Everyone who belongs to the group labeled the Oppressors is evil, while bad behavior of the Oppressed is excuse as the product of oppression.  This core Woker belief is 100% contrary to the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution which reject Group Rights in favor of individual inalienable rights where the role of government is to secure these inalienable rights.

A Woker corollary is Intersectionality.  While the term originated in feminism, it more recently means that all Oppressed groups must unite to fight the Oppressor.  Thus, all groups whom the Woke declare are Oppressed must support each other without regard to any other factor.  Similar to Nazism, today’s Woke’s primary division between Oppressed and Oppressors is race.  Thus, the Woke identify endless racial and ethnic groups as oppressed who need the Woke to defend them. In the Woker intersectionality hierarchy, Blacks are the most oppressed, Mexicans in the US are the second most oppressed, and Whites are always the Oppressors.

Here’s the core Woke problem -- Jews destroy the entire notion of the Oppressed vs the Oppressors.  While Jews have been subjected to the greatest “oppression” in western civilization, they have been among the most successful.  The existence of Jews blows apart the foundation of Wokeism.  It is not race which is determinative, but values. In a free society, the values of the individual are a major factor whether people from any group can live a decent, prosperous life.  Despite discrimination in education, employment, in society in general, Jews have achieved one of the highest standards of living in America and in many other western countries.  The answer of the Woke to this fact, which destroys the philosophical base of Wokeism, it to declare that Jews are White and Jews are worst of the Oppressors. Israel, as a Jewish state, is the most oppressive regime on earth and has no right to exist.

Wokers Are Extremists Just as MAGA Are Extremists

For extremists, facts are irrelevant.  For an extremist, there is no fact too well proven that it cannot be denied. Rather, its exact opposite be heralded as the truth.  This modus operandi is mandated for any group which believes that its ideology is the ultimate truth.  Christianity spent centuries burning people at the stake because they rejected Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, which to many non-Christians is an inane idea.  Millions of Muslims would murder anyone who graphically depicts Mohammad, which raises the question, “How effete is Mohammad that he would think murdering people who draw his picture is holy behavior?”

The Woke CBS News Supports Hamas’ War Crimes, NBC Does Not

Taking CBS’s Sunday, November 12, 2023, Face the Nation, and comparing it with NBC’s Meet the Press, one can see that CBS fully supports Hamas’ War Crimes in Gaza, while falsely painting Israel as committing war crimes. 

The law on war crimes is well known and CBS’s behavior cannot be mere carelessness or a matter of being duped once or twice.  The International Law On War Crimes.

When CBS films Hamas War Crimes, it falsely accuses Israel of war crimes.  The CBS first step is to ignore International Law. “The use of human shields is prohibited. CIL Study, Rule 97; CIL Study Practice Relating to Rule 97.” Instead, CBS pretends that any dead civilian is proof of Israel targeting civilians.  The proverbial man for Mars would ask, “Why where civilians at military installations?”  Israel had given everyone in Gaza City three weeks notice to evacuate.  The distance from Gaza City to southern Gaza is between 6 and 8 miles.  Gaza is only 25 miles long; thus the northern portion is about 12 miles long.  There is nowhere in Northern Gaza which is so far from Southern Gaza that the people could not have left.  CBS News, however, will not tell its viewers, that Hamas would murder Gazan Human Shields, who tried to leave.

Furthermore, “The presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations. GC IV, Article 28.”  CBS ignores all the evidence that Hamas has used hospitals, UN centers, schools and mosques for their military operations.  While Hamas knows that the use of human shields is a war crime, it relies on Woker media like CBS to conceal Hamas’ War Crimes and instead accuse Israel of War Crimes. 

Today’s (November 12, 2023) Face the Nation was a most egregious example of CBS’s protecting Hamas’ war criminals.  It focused on the Al Shifa, Gaza's largest hospital.  When CBS cannot find any evidence of direct shelling hitting the hospital, it reports that there were strikes “near the hospital,” while showing photos of injured Gazans inside the hospital.   The IDF’s fighting near a hospital is not a war crime, but CBS makes its sounds as if it is by showing photos of bloody children. CBS also ignores the fact that Israel has not only guaranteed safe passage of all patients to Southern Gaza, but has also offered fuel directly from Israel to the hospital so that it could have lights and its medical equipment could function. At the same time, Al Shifa rejects both the transfer of patients and the Israeli fuel, it complains about Israel.  CBS is silent the hospital rejected fuel. In addition, CBS is silent that the Hamas military operations under the hospital have fuel which it could share with the hospital.

Under CBS’s News Wokeism, Jews are the oppressors – end of story. Thus, only Jews can be war criminals and Hamas are merely protecting the Gazans.  Even Hamas disagrees with CBS Woke story.  Here’s Hamas’ justification for starting the war.

“In a report published by the Times Wednesday, senior Hamas terrorists said the October 7th attacks on Israel, the massacres of civilians, and the abduction of over 240 Israelis were not aimed at securing concessions from Israel to benefit the people of Gaza, but to “change the entire equation” of the Arab-Israeli conflict, by creating a “permanent” state of war with Israel on each of the Jewish state’s borders.”  This is Hamas’ Justification for the October 7, 2023, massacre of Jews and its criminal abuse of Gazans. 

“A permanent state of war” is Hamas’ Solution of the Jewish problem, which is identical to the Nazis’ Final Solution.  The identity of Hamas and Nazis attitude towards Jews is something CBS does not report as that fact interferes with its Woke agenda – which now includes supporting the extermination of Jews.  Hamas’ Charter Adopts the Nazis’ Final Solution for Jews.

Others have reported on anti-Semitic reporting in the Woke media.   Gaza Reporting Cuts Crucial Context. 

Meanwhile, the Woke media conceals the facts that Israel has gone to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties.  Under international law, once the use of Human Shields is clear, the presence of civilians not longer protects the military installation.  Israel, however, has taken extraordinary steps to protect Gazans.  Even before the IDF had reached Gaza City and had unilaterally opened protected Humanitarian Corridors for a few hours each day, the IDF was contacting Gazans by phone and telling them exactly which buildings where shielding Hamas and would be bombed so that Gazans could evacuate from those buildings.  Under international law, civilians who become voluntary human shields become legitimate military targets.  CBS will not report this fact.   'I’m Calling from Israeli Intelligence. We Have the Order to Bomb. You Have Two Hours'.

After the IDF had boots on the ground so that it could physically protect Gazans from being shot by Hamas as they left, the Woke media instantly stopped calling for “humanitarian pauses” and accused Israel of “forced displacement.”  The Woke media refused to report that with the IDF inside Gazan, the toll of civilians drastically dropped.  The filming of humanitarian pauses showed that no IDF soldiers were forcing Gazans, but rather were directly them to safe spots in western part of Southern Gaza, where Hamas had no tunnels.  The Woker media claimed that Israel would not allow aid to these people, when in reality Israel itself was providing tents and the other material for the evacuated Gazans. Meanwhile, Hamas continues to horde its water, fuel, medicine and fuel, while Israel uses it own material to protect and support Gazans.

NBC Coverage

In contract, NBC’s Sunday, November 12, 2023 Meet the Press with Kristen Welker had Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on for a long segment. She posed vital, hard ball questions so that Netanyahu could present the facts and providing him opportunities to rebut the Woker lies. While true believer Wokers will never admit that their entire Oppressor vs Oppressed scenario is a farce, there are many millions more Centrist Americans who honestly want accurate reporting.  The Center knows that it cannot rely on the right wing media, which has no credibility.  Thus, the burden falls on other mainstream media like NBC to abandon the Woker juggernaut.  Both the MAGA right with its anti-Ukraine agenda and the Wokers with their anti-Jewish animus pose existential international threats to the United States.

The Worst Possible Situation for the Woke and Hamas

Now that the IDF is in Northern Gaza, the Woke and Hamas are desperate for a cease fire before the IDF uncovers all the military installation under hospitals, in UN facilities, in schools and in mosques.  In its quest for permanent war, Hamas has to win this propaganda war that the Jews are the criminals and Hamas terrorists are the heroes.  With the support of the Woke media like CBS news, Hamas may win the propaganda war.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  The Opinions expressed are those of Richard Abrams and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com. You may email him at [email protected].)