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Is Karen Bass Grandma Moses or Ma Barker?


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Just as each person should be judged by their character, judgment of character should generally not be based upon a single event.  After a while, however, people may discern a pattern.  Assessing another person’s character can be complicated, especially when they are subjected to a variety of pressures and outsiders lack all the details.

Is Karen Bass like Grandma Moses, who took up painting at the age of 78, in that Karen Bass began her new career as Los Angeles’ mayor at age 69 in December 2022.  Like Grandma Moses, Karen Bass paints pretty pictures of how she will solve the homeless crisis and have 17,000 housed within the first year.  If she succeeds, LA’ landscape will certainly be more beautiful.

Is Karen Bass more like Ma Barker, who was the matriarch of murderous Barker-Karpis Gang during the early 1930's in the Midwest, i.e., The Bonnie and Clyde Era (1931-1934)?  Ma Barker made her own rules, and she was ruthless in protecting her brood.

Karen Bass, Jason Reedy and the Other Thugs in LA’s On-going Political Violence

Everyone has seen the events, but someone is pulling the wool over our eyes.  Many of us have not divined the connection between the details, e.g. the illegal audio tape of the three councilmembers, the False Narrative that they were anti-Black racist, the successful campaign to use political violence to have a coup d’état, the storming of city hall which the LAPD had to fight back, the closing down of city council sessions, then the constant disruption of the council sessions to try to force another duly elected councilmember to resign, and the stalking, assault and battery of councilmember Kevin DeLeon.  https://bit.ly/3OszX2I August 8, 2023, Substack, The Unnoticed Woker Coup D'état of Los Angeles

Ruby Freeman, her daughter Shaye Moss and Trumpists Attacks

During the January 6th Committee hearings in Congress, we learned about the election workers, Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss.  Trump insisted that Ruby Freeman and her daughter, who were Black poll workers in Fulton County George, were “professional vote-scammer[s] and hustler[s]," blaming them for pro-Trump votes to become missing.  Many phone calls threats came to Ruby Freeman. Some came while she was reporting the situation to the police so that the police heard them. The police did not have to take Ruby’s word for it.  They heard the terrorists’ threats, but law enforcement took no action.  Due to persistent threats of violence and the failure of law enforcement to do provide any protection, Ruby Freeman had to flee her house.   December 10, 2021, Reuters, Two Election Workers Break Silence after Enduring Trump Backers' Threats, by Linda So and Jason Szep. 

It took the Congressional investigation to bring to light the vicious attacks on the innocent women who had done nothing wrong.  It appears that it was more important to the political elite in Georgia not to investigate lest asking questions would lead local politicos’ embarrassment.  The harassment which was inflicted on Ruby Freeman and her family was designed to perpetuate the Big Lie that the 2020 Presidential campaign had been stolen.  

Los Angeles’ Own Ruby Freeman – Former City Council President Nury Martinez

One could take the Reuter’s description of the harassment and threats against Ruby Freeman and apply them to all three Mexican councilmembers, especially to City Council President Nury Martinez and her son.  Nury did not resign from the city council because she did something wrong, but because thugs were threatening her son.  Nury Martinez and her family had to flee her home, go into hiding and resign since LAPD was doing nothing to protect her and her son.  City Councilmember Kevin DeLeon, on the other hand does not have minor children to protect.  Thus, he refused to resign.  We have seen only a snippet on what he had to endure, i.e., the stalking, assault, and battery by Jason Reedy and his hooligans at a December 9, 2022, Children’s Christmas party.   This was not free speech protest, but rather it was part of an on-going politically organized effort to take over the city council by force. The coup has not ended, and Karen Bass is not lifting finger to end it or not protect anyone except her political allies.

Karen Bass’s Role in the Coup d’état

While Trump failed, whoever was behind the weaponizing of the audio tape and the subsequence violence was successful.  Using mob forces and terrorists’ threats to force the city council president to resign is a coup d’état. Karen Bass knew from the outset that the councilmembers were not anti-Black, but to the contrary they were supportive of Blacks.  Justin Wesson, the Black son of Black former councilmember Herb Wesson, was Nury Martinez’ chief of staff, and the blurb that came with the Reddit release of the tape expressly said that Rick Caruso would get rid of Nury Martinez for one reason, i.e., so that Black Justin Wesson would be out of a job.  Also, Karen Bass was on Martin Luther King Day Parade float and she knew that Nury’s story about Councilmember Bonin’s son was accurate and was not in the least bit anti-Black. Bass also had to know members of the Black community, were murmuring about White Bonin’s treating his adopted son like a token.

At the time when the furor erupted due to KNOCK LA’s and the LA Times’ False Narrative of Mexican Anti-Black racism, LA was approaching election day. While Bass was far ahead in the polls, the public is fickle and rash.  At first, resources relate, Karen Bass planned to speak up and say that the narrative was false, but some prominent Black ministers from South LA, allegedly threatened Karen Bass.  A full investigation with subpoena power is required to establish who said and did what.  Karen Bass made a 180 degree turn and called for all three Mexicans to resign.  Does anyone think President Biden would call for resignations without his first checking with Karen Bass? 

Soon Karen Bass and the world saw the violence, but Karen Bass still did not tell the truth. After she was Mayor, she did not tell the truth.  To this day, she has not told the truth.  But now we have good reason to believe that Karen Bass was not merely deceitful and grossly negligent to allow the situation to escalate, but Mayor Bass intentionally used her power to obstruct the LAPD investigation.

What Did Karen Bass Know and when did she know it?

It is unlikely that Karen Bass was behind the KNOCK LA’s and the Los Angeles Times’ False Narrative.  It seems more likely, that it was her myopic political opportunism and lack of integrity. Once Karen Bass succumbed to the alleged pressure of Black ministers, she did not know how to extricate herself.  When the violence occurred, Bass decided there was more political mileage by sticking with the False Narrative.

The Farce that Is the LAPD

The LAPD declared it would investigate the origins of the illegal tape, its leaking and who was behind the political violence and especially Jason Reedy’s undeniable stalking, assault and battery to force Kevin DeLeon to resign from city council.  If overthrowing an election by violence is criminal in Washington D.C., shouldn’t it be illegal in Los Angeles?  One has to be more saddened to the point of despair to see the LAPD become a eunuch.  It lets the Labor Federation conduct the investigation into the illegal tape recording. 

Then, Chief Moore defers to a totally incompetent City Attorney, Hydee Feldman-Soto, who is acting far outside her jurisdiction and in horrendous breach of her attorney client obligations. The public learns via Hydee’s phone call to Jason Reedy and then related by KNOCK LA report Jon Peltz that Jason Reedy will not be arrested. We still cannot find the city attorney’s own announcement.  Talk about zero transparency.  Is Reedy’s non-arrest the deal that Chief Michael Moore struck with Karen Bass – if the city gives the LAPD a great new contract, the LAPD will cover-up for Karen Bass and her thugs?  By the way, that is the definition of bribery.  Because Los Angeles and state courts are terminally corrupt, the public’s only avenue is a special prosecutor.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected]. The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com.)