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We Need Term Limits, But Only for Adam Schiff


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Adam Schiff’s merits to be one of California’s US Senators comprise the null set.  The time is arriving for term limits to excise Schiff.  By “term limits,” I mean, “Vote No as to Schiff.”


Nancy Pelosi endorses him – there is no other factor to more disqualify anyone to serve in any government office including the proverbial dog catcher than Nancy Pelosi’s support with her racist anti-White Identity Politics.  To be endorsed by Pelosi is like a GOP candidate’s being endorsed by David Duke or George Lincoln Rockwell.  Here’s an extensive review why Nancy Pelosi is the Most Dangerous Person on the Planet.  If Schiff had had even uno conjone, he would have stood up to her and Trump would have been Nixonized in December 2019.

The Outcome of His Policies

On June 23, 2023 during Inside California Politics, referring to his fellow Dems running for US Senator, Schiff said, “But we’re all within a progressive range.”  In other words, all the Dem candidates for US Senator support the Dem policies which made Los Angeles the homeless capital of the United States and have resulted in the greatest division between the very poor and the ultra wealthy while driving Millennials and Gen Zer out of state.  Schiff does not have a single idea how to reduce homeless! (Because the Dems suck lemons, does not mean to vote GOP.  My position: All sensible people should re-register as Independents.)

Schiff’s Grand Hypocrisy

Governor Gavin Newsom has gone on record that California’s next US Senator should be a Black Woman.  Dark skin color is rich in melanin pigments. As we all know, the more the melanin pigments, the higher one’s IQ.  Women are naturally superior to men; just ask any husband.  Of extra vital importance when dealing with the possibility of China’s invading Taiwan is what one’s ancestors were doing 200 years ago.  As we all know, Joe Biden so believes in the innate superiority of Black women, that he resigned the Presidency in favor of now President Kamala Harris.  Governor Newsom resigned in favor of some homeless Black lady but her name skips my mind.  Thus, Adam Schiff announced that he is bowing out the Senatorial race in favor of Congresswoman Barbara Lee. (Is that Lee like in Chinese Lee or Lee like in the Lee’s of Virginia?)  As we all know, all the Dem leaders have resigned their posts in favor of Black women.  Chuck Schumer is no long Speaker of the House. He resigned because he is melanin impaired. US Senator (D-CA) Alex Padilla promises to resign, but first he’s checking to see if any of his Mexican ancestors had a lot of melanin, and he claims that trans surgery is always a possibility. In fact, even Diane Feinstein said she is resigning in favor of Donna Sommer, as soon as she remembers from what it is she resigning.  Yep, no hypocrites in the Dem Party. All the old white Dems are resigning so that the far more qualified Black women can take their places. 

When one thinks about the horrible job Congress has done, the nation may very well do better after all male, white Senators and Congresspeoples resign and we  replace them with Black women.  Here’s where the really qualified Blacks have been hiding. 

Schiff’s Stellar Record

After rejecting the idea of his dropping out of the race in favor of Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Schiff proclaimed. “I think there is certainly a valid issue about representation in the Senate and I think voters will consider that and I think they should consider that,” Schiff said. “… But I also think voters should consider and will consider the candidates’ track records. What’s their record of accomplishment? What’s their record of leadership?”  Schiff gets an Olympic medal for speaking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

Then, Schiff says he supports a host of policies, all of which have combined to ruin Los Angeles so that criminally insane people wander the streets wantonly attacking people. They have literally murdered people. They bit off the finger of a police officer! I encountered a nice young man yesterday. He had been released in a daze from a hospital in Hollywood after being attacked and kicked in the ribs and in his left eye socket by a deranged homeless person.  He was disoriented, probably due the pain meds from the hospital, and he wanted to know which way to walk home to Tujunga .... from Hollywood! (Yes, I drove him home.)

Here Is Everything Schiff Has Done to Solve the Homeless Crisis - NOTHING!

His idea of helping the poor is to give more money to billionaires.  Schiff supports giving billions of dollars to developers to tear down rent controlled units to construct Affordable House.  When they say “Affordable Housing,” they mean if they can build an extra 52 luxury units, they will set aside 14 units for poor people.  They claim that Dem Trickle Down Economics will eventually make older housing “affordable.”  Schiff said, “I’ve introduced legislation to create tax incentives to build more affordable housing.” [bold added] Translation from politicalese into English. “I will increase your taxes to give more money to billionaire developers.”

The homes on my street are mostly over 100 years old and worth about $2 Million each.  How many years and how billions of dollars of subsidizing developers will it take for the money to trickle down? My house is so sturdy that it will easily last another 100 years and generate wealth for two or three more generations.

As for term limits:  A nation which relies on term limits has not earned the right to vote.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)


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