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LAPD Officers’ Personal Information Published on A “Killercops” Website For All To See


RantZ & RaveZ - Police officers are engaged in a wide variety of law enforcement activities ranging from Patrol Duties and Traffic Enforcement to Narcotics, Sex and Murder investigations along with a host of other Misdemeanor and Felony crimes committed in Los Angeles.  The Motto of the LAPD is “To protect and serve” all the people of Los Angeles.  That includes residents, business owners, tourists and a host of other individuals who live, work, and play in the city.  This also includes the homeless population that has for the most part negatively impacted every neighborhood throughout Los Angeles from the San Fernando Valley to West Los Angeles and from San Pedro to East Los Angeles.  All 472.93 sq miles and the 3,908.705 residents and thousands of visitors.  All exposed to the dangers and hazards sadly known to occur in a large metropolitan city.  Danger like the 51 Murders, 234 Rapes, 1633 Robberies, 3761 Aggravated Assaults, 2837 Spousal Child/Spousal Abuse and 236 Shooting Victims that have been reported in 2023 as of March 18th.  Each case has directly impacted a person and their families, friends and the lives of the officers and detectives who have investigated the constantly growing cases.  Cases that often make headlines and cause the suspects to sometimes take revenge on the police personnel that investigated the case and brought the suspect to justice.  Cases where a police officer or his or her family member was victimized by the suspect or a member of their gang or associates.  

I remember a number of years ago receiving a threatening letter at my home following an investigation I was involved in.  The letter caused great stress for my family.  The matter was investigated by Robbery Homicide Division.  While we were not harmed, the stress had a direct negative impact on my family that I will never forget. 

Certain governmental agencies permit police officers and others to file “Confidential” on specific records to provide safety for officers and others engaged in certain governmental services.  With that in mind, why would then City Attorney Michael Feuer permit the release of LAPD Officers personal information to the “Killer Cop” website?  While the LAPD is responsible for maintaining the personnel records, the release of the information approved by Feuer was irresponsible and reckless.  The information was turned over without a challenge by the City Attorney’s office or LAPD management officials.  An example of how ineffective the City Attorney’s Office was managed under Feuer.     

A suit has been filed by the Los Angeles Police Protective League and the matter will proceed to court.  In the meantime, officers and their families need to be cautious due to the reckless actions of Feuer and LAPD managers and supervisors.  

The latest LAPD personnel stats reflect the continuing departure of veteran officers and lack of interest in joining the LAPD in spite of the Department’s aggressive recruitment efforts.  As of March 11, 2023, the number of LAPD sworn personnel is at 9,134.  The personnel numbers continue to drop month by month.  The LAPD was at 9161 personnel on Feb 25, 2023.  The downward trend continues with recruitment efforts failing to maintain a strong police force to protect you, your families, and your business.  

Will the LAPD be prepared to maintain a safe city with all the challenges associated with the 2026 World Cup and 2028 World Olympics and fewer officers?  Only time will tell. 

How about a Rave for a positive change.  With all the bad news, how about a Good Old BBQ restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. 

The “All American BBQ” recently opened at the corner of Platt and Vanowen in the far west San Fernando Valley at 6719 Platt Ave.  There is an outside cooker used to BBQ the variety of meats and chicken.  The place has been voted “Best Ribs and Tri-Tip in the valley 3 times in a row.  Try it out and let me know what you think. 

(Dennis P.  Zine is the author of RantZ and RaveZ.   The column is published every two weeks to keep you informed of political and associated activities in and around Los Angeles.  Dennis is a retired member of law enforcement and the L.A. City Council.) Comments can be Emailed to Valley News [email protected]